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  1. Foils in Boosters
  2. Gold Sinks - What Are Your Ideas?
  3. Guild Features in HEX! What’s important to you!
  4. Keep Raids: How Do You Envision It?
  5. Mysterious package in mail
  6. Graphic design issue
  7. Hex Idea - Defend the Guild Keep!!
  8. Alternate art skin packs
  9. Newbies and guilds
  10. Thank goodness an update!
  11. Comprehensive Auction House and Currency Resource
  12. UI Requests for priority passing button
  13. Dragon*Con
  14. GenCon
  15. Questions on Equipment
  16. Message to Hex Gameplay Designers
  17. A couple questions...
  18. Spotted something in the latest twitch video
  19. Question regarding card multiples/deck editing
  20. [iPad] iOS version compatibility
  21. Twitch feed....
  22. Cards you wish had alternate art
  23. Prize Splitting
  24. Make sure to do extensive playtesting.
  25. Dungeons
  26. [Suggestion] Sound effects on cards?
  27. Will there be debug tools in Alpha?
  28. day and night cards
  29. Alternate Formats to Test in Alpha.
  30. Another twitch stream...
  31. Bear Fight 2013
  32. Hello, graph question!!??
  33. Clarification on Project Update #41 sought.
  34. [Suggestion] "Until end of turn" text color
  35. HEX at PAX?
  36. Slacker Backer worth it?
  37. Equipment for the cards from Gen Con Decklists
  38. Ruby Gem Major - Hex Site
  39. [Suggestion] Game Replay Teaching Tool
  40. About the last mercenary revealed
  41. Trading Plat for cash
  42. 2on2
  43. Why Hex?
  44. GenCon Roll Call
  45. Yoss' views on Saniks' forum guidelines.
  46. GenCon & Hex - Stories, Pics, and Video
  47. PvP cards gained through PvE
  48. Daily Log-In Rewards
  49. Recruitment rewards: an idea
  50. [Suggestion] Nods to the Past
  51. Mitigation of "Pay to Win" in PVE
  52. Well, with Hearthstone being released tonight...
  53. Player keep-dungeons?
  54. Impaled foot, looking to kill time
  55. Another option for a mor comfortable play on PC
  56. Hearthstone, Solforge or Hex.
  57. Idea! Difficult-mode PvE sanctioned by CZE
  58. Alpha in a few weeks
  59. Gencon prizes at Dragoncon?
  60. Buy a Gax on ebay......sigh
  61. GenCon Rewards Issues
  62. Digital mechanics brainstorming.
  63. Hex meetup at Dragon*Con?
  64. PvP ranking system
  65. Locking Necro'ed Threads
  66. Different user names for Alpha?
  67. PvP Ladder Tournaments
  68. Will alpha have an NDA?
  69. Murder Inc. Art Contest - Win ALL of the Gencon promos!
  70. PVE Guilds and PVP Teams
  71. Confirmed: CZE hired an economist!
  72. Hearthstone vs Hex
  73. alerts idea..
  74. Hex demo at gencon.
  75. Hex T-Shirt Has Arrived!
  76. Cory Jones, you escaped me and my people this time!
  77. Time to Let Others Know of Hex!
  78. Gen Con demo UI feedback
  79. The people behind Hex
  80. Pay it forward
  81. Gen Con Hex promos up for trade
  82. New Champions?
  83. How long do you have to redeem kickstarter tier
  84. Off-Topic: Discussion on Generosity
  85. Idea: Dungeon tournaments!
  86. Dungeon Concept: Permanence
  87. Did you miss your chance at Gax and Portensio? We are giving some away.
  88. Timer discussion and request
  89. So they are really gonna call it "Set 1", "Set 2", etc?
  90. Off-Topic: Rhymes of Late
  91. It's Friday! Where is the update?
  92. Friday Update is Here -- Big News!
  93. Aaarrrggghhhhh!
  94. Elo and PVP
  95. Do players want a metagame dominated by combo decks?
  96. A bit worried on PVE "could be" Magic 2014 mechanics
  97. FedEx lost my Hex T-shirt
  98. Gencon Rewards
  99. regarding the forums
  100. Question about Guilds and Factions
  101. Question about drafting
  102. Penalties and the ability to report players.
  103. Minority
  104. [Off Topic] Video Graphics/Animation/Production/Editing
  105. Cards in a pack
  106. Emulating a physical card disibution foolish?
  107. Idea: Dual Resource
  108. Query: State of the game, completition percentage, possible release date'o alpha/beta
  109. Understanding what Alpha means
  110. Should the cards from Starting Deck be tradable after some time?
  111. Let's Have Some Fun
  112. GenCon client question
  113. How good are Hex's Lawyers?
  114. Game design and Synesthesia
  115. Wtt gencon merc for hs beta invite
  116. Troll accusations
  117. Suggestion for the forums
  118. resource screw and flood need to go! why and how.
  119. Query: Forum Games?
  120. Where's the Beef?
  121. Will Crytozoic going to do "a Hearthstone"??
  122. Forum Game: Three word story
  123. A Brilliant Mulligan Improvement
  124. Suggestion: Wars
  125. For PC, what OSes will be supported?
  126. Feature Suggestion In-Game Hex Compendium/Rule Book
  127. HexTCG @ DragonCon: Spoilers/Coverage/Roll Call
  128. Kickstarter Article 44 Live
  129. This town deserves a better class of criminal
  130. Is anyone at PAX?
  131. Resource Card Representation a bit counter intuitive?
  132. Which way do you swing?
  133. Raid Healing Idea
  134. I heard you like spoilers, here's some from PAX
  135. Kickstaster Overcommit Strecth Goals?
  136. Beta months not weeks after alpha.
  137. Hex card list on PDF
  138. "Extra" Alpha and beta invites.
  139. What do you guys think about putting digital cards into a 'physical' space?
  140. Ruling question about transform.
  141. Deck Archetypes too strong?
  142. Custom tournaments?
  143. BossHoss Finally Did It!
  144. Dragon*Con PvE Panel - Presentation Notes
  145. Booster pack boxes
  146. Early Alpha?
  147. Please do not rush the game.
  148. Social networking in game?
  149. House Rules
  150. Card Graphical Design
  151. Poorly worded cards?
  152. One-Player-One-Account: Faction-specific Guilds? Multiple Keeps? Conflicting updates
  153. I can't bring myself to play hex.
  154. Hex at Baltimore Comic Con?
  155. New CCG Quite Similar To HEX in terms of its kickstarter
  156. Sealed Deck Mode - An Anecdote
  157. Drafts and Current Rares
  158. Where will it be illegal to play for prizes?
  159. Hex or Hearthstone help a newbie in need :)
  160. Off-Topic: Random Videos
  161. Upcoming Mozu Report, interview with Cory Jones
  162. Getting PvP content with PvE rewards?
  163. AIDA and Tournaments
  164. Why Hex makes Friday the worst day of the week
  165. Update speculation
  166. SUGGESTION: Statistics Page
  167. Using the same card in multiple decks
  168. Hex Update 45 is up!
  169. Alpha on Mac?
  170. Limited Idea: Lowering variance
  171. Extra rounds for Draft Losers
  172. Getting people grouped together
  173. Pax video about dTCG's (including Hex)
  174. best way to use my kickstarter pledge
  175. translated German ?
  176. Card Border Discussion
  177. Paid Time Off For Alpha?
  178. Telegraphs, way to see what your opponent is doing.
  179. How are you going to increase the amount of Hex playtime you get?
  180. YouTubers, least painful way to record/upload vids?
  181. Equipment effects reflected on cards
  182. VIP Program deck tools?
  183. Small Tooltip: Collection Stats in Draft
  184. My (almost) Greatest Concern
  185. Is it illegal to share an account?
  186. Primal pack value?
  187. Mechanics: Random
  188. Slacker Backer question
  189. Guess Alpha's start date!
  190. My biggest concern: LAG
  191. Steam compatibility
  192. What will people use as Shard abbreviations?
  193. Anything interesting happened in the past months?
  194. Whats your budget going to be?
  195. So we all know that it's very important for a TCG...
  196. Exporting Data from the game (would enable better community features)
  197. Handicap Accessible?
  198. What's the Worst About Being Opposite the Globe From Crypto?
  199. Hearthstone Tested and...
  200. Communication policy about international press
  201. Mana destruction - an alternative
  202. hexdb site with mouseover links?
  203. YouTube approval
  204. Trading for Hearthstone key
  205. Virtual tickets for next year's events?
  206. Multiple account VIPs
  207. Sept 13th Card Preview is up!
  208. multiplayer options I would like to see
  209. Where to get info on HEX???
  210. What are te numbers in cory's hands??
  211. Looking for card templates.
  212. Dual purpose shards
  213. A few Pack / Draft questions
  214. User Interface - Priority and Optical Phases
  215. Comic book faithful prepare to cry.
  216. Taking Hex Booster donations for Hearthstone Account
  217. 3D Models, Animations?
  218. Has there already been tests?
  219. How much is it going to cost to play PvP in this game.
  220. Game Mode
  221. Can cards get nerfed when they are already released?
  222. p2w and PvE
  223. game change idea
  224. Controller Support?
  225. Alpha Meta
  226. Limiting guilds to one faction? Why?
  227. How would you feel about cryptozoic selling unused kickstarter packages?
  228. Alpha/Beta Keys
  229. Long time reader, first time poster!
  230. Customizing card layouts
  231. Private Leagues
  232. Blizz shutting down Diablo AH
  233. Allowable user name characters for Hex
  234. I tried explaining Hex to a friend and got shot down..
  235. World Firsts?
  236. Gem questions and stuff
  237. Is the internet cafe the digital card store?
  238. What is the cheapest Tablet I can play HEX on smothly?
  239. Isn't it crazy?
  240. Official Rules
  241. Hex going to be able to handle the traffic?
  242. Chromecast support?
  243. Do you expect HEX's spending structure to differ from other F2Ps?
  244. Anyone has a list of terminology for Hex?
  245. Will Hex PvP have formats like magic? (Type 1, 1x, 2)
  246. Games to wait with.
  247. Beta testing Set 2
  248. Who is hitting F5 now?
  249. Make it possible for a person to join multiple guilds?
  250. October 8th! NOOOO :(