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  1. How faction/race locked are cards?
  2. NO PVE in ALFA?
  3. Petition: Card spoilers daily or in large batches before Alpha!
  4. Just curious: why most people dont want anymore (common) cards spoiled?
  5. Gold Spammers
  6. Mechanics Suggestion ~Trap Card~
  7. Hex or my wedding?
  8. Alpha Sign-ups? (from Kickstarter Article)
  9. Coyotle, Elf, Necrotic and Vennen
  10. Deck Sleeves
  11. Balance testing of Set 1 in alpha?
  12. Assorted Questions
  13. LF Raid Leader KS Backer(s)
  14. Inspire Rules Questions for CZE Staff
  15. Unique Troops Rules Questions for CZE staff
  16. How will Hex advertise itself?
  17. Alpha duration
  18. Hope for Hex Crafting
  19. Anything the community can help to bring this game to GER?
  20. Spectatormode, Beamer and Laptops/Pads on the Couch
  21. Does the Slacker Backer include the following rewards?
  22. Keep system, any word on what cards?
  23. For Each wording question.
  24. Blind Speculation: Raid Rewards
  25. A twist on draft
  26. I have a question!
  27. getting most of KS rewards
  28. Will there be Sealed Deck formats? Pre-Release Events and the like?
  29. Suggestion: One-time chance to upgrade your KS choice by one or two levels.
  30. Reddit user produces a really basic hex simulator.
  31. 2013 October Pumpkin Carvn'
  32. OMG I can't wait!!
  33. Draft Deck Size?
  34. CZE - Please provide shadowelf with a modbot suit: Community Petition
  35. new spoilers are up
  36. Alpha Update is out!
  37. Anyone else want Keep Names and Usernames Separate?
  38. Alpha/Beta Banner
  39. Merging Pledges with different emails?
  40. What will you be?
  41. Problem with Character name - Keep name, offensive combos that you can't filter.
  42. More Important than Names - Alpha is on Track
  43. Game on 2 platforms at launch, but alpha is just on one?
  44. Can we please get the client download before alpha starts?
  45. Customization Idea: Personalized Nicknames For Your Cards
  46. What is the role of a beta (alpha) tester?
  47. Tablet version of HEX
  48. Murder Inc. Art Contest - Top Three Prize Winners!
  49. Special package deals?
  50. P2p launcher
  51. I was gone all day.
  52. Card previews in Kickstarter update?
  53. Boosters in alpha
  54. What are your Alpha Supplies?
  55. [Mechanics Idea] Champion Equipment Cards in PvP
  56. Resource Symbol / UI
  57. How do you think Wizards will react if HEX is a success?
  58. Hey Hex! You need a keyword for double strike?
  59. some alpha activities
  60. Card Modifications (or Attachments and the Digital Space)
  61. Guild Name & Creation
  62. Suggestion Regarding Honorifics and Keep Names
  63. Keep Name question
  64. Dev Tracker With Alpha Release?
  65. Rage effect
  66. Digital subtleties - Why this isn't MTG
  67. Buying boosters with in game gold?
  68. PVE Champions
  69. How do you name your keep?
  70. PvE Merc/Champion idea
  71. Alpha Status
  72. New Idea: Hex Fighter Mode
  73. Countdown to Alpha
  74. Card Achievements and Experience // Guild Pool
  75. Keep Defense based on Ranking?
  76. Card Ideas and Concepts
  77. Starter decks in Alpha?
  78. Ideas: Survivor Series and Limited Gauntlet
  79. Socketed cards in Draft play
  80. Controversial, but please change priority
  81. when will slacker backer end? will we be notifies beforehand?
  82. Who else is extremely excited for the upcoming update? :)
  83. Allegiance: A Realm Divided Kickstarter
  84. Great mini game/alternate play mode idea
  85. Shadowelf for hex community manager
  86. Why announcing release dates, is benelvolent, even Saintly.
  87. Does the ai play or follow a path in PvE
  88. HEX System requirements
  89. Question about unobtained cards
  90. Invite order and concerns...
  91. Alpha started?
  92. Should I buy an additional Slacker Backer?
  93. Weird card interaction (is this griefing?)
  94. Once hex is out, where will you spend your hex time?
  95. Happy Hex Eve! How to celebrate....
  96. Old site updates vanished?
  97. AI functionality question
  98. Ideas: How to integrate Tablet users and PC users
  99. How does Alpha work?
  100. Why merging slacker backer accounts is bad
  101. Hex Alpha subforums!
  102. The time has come!
  103. How many players a day being added?
  104. I'm confused anyone know the answer?
  105. What were some of your casual game modes you played?
  106. Rule Book
  107. Hex and Steam?
  108. Player Hosted Tournaments
  109. Alpha Release
  110. Please Read before asking questions like "When does alpha start" and "Who gets in1st"
  111. Coolest/Most Inventive Keep Names
  112. A few rules questions
  113. Client Download
  114. Stream time?
  115. Chocolate & Peanut Butter
  116. People chilling in twitch stream chat
  117. Will Any MTG player streaming HEX?
  118. competitive matches
  119. Stream turnaround
  120. Super stoked for alpha launch today!
  121. Happy Streaming Day!
  122. Hex & Streaming
  123. Notes from Alpha Launch Stream
  124. Hex Alpha stream not recorded?
  125. The streaming and some comments :)
  126. Something I find exciting...
  127. Getting it right.....
  128. The spoiler is here!
  129. Slacker Backers a few weeks... and a big Thank You :-D
  130. Favorite Art Spoiled So Far?
  131. Patience required: Delayed until tomorrow, an Alpha PSA
  132. spoiler list as XML please?
  133. Build difference??
  134. No Mac Alpha?
  135. Can't find the replay of alpha steam
  136. Wow my kickstarter never went through.
  137. Biggest nerf revealed so far?
  138. Carrion Ooze - inconsistent wording
  139. Alpha in 45 minutes!
  140. RSS Feed
  141. Gems and Sets
  142. Kickstarter Tiers
  143. Card Question
  144. Grand king but have not received invitation yet
  145. Alpha is here!
  146. from Twitter...
  147. Any streams to watch amaizing HEX alpha?
  148. Is this the legit client download?
  149. Surname format regulations & limitations
  150. Forbidden from selling virtual assets for any value outside of game?
  151. Stream
  152. Not an exagerration that the last "10%" takes forever
  153. For Chris Woods (I think...)
  154. Those of us who donated $500 or more through multiple tiers
  155. My first game of Hex alpha was with Cory!
  156. Twitch Stream Observations
  157. Hex Alpha Stream?
  158. Hex client problems not all bad news
  159. Mana Screw
  160. Extended art for all cards
  161. this has to have been asked but I can't find it...
  162. commentator views
  163. Hex at SPIEL in Essen, Germany?
  164. Hey guys i'm going to be streaming for a while
  165. What about the rest of the people?
  166. Text and font
  167. Second wave, when will it be?
  168. streams
  169. Separation from MtG
  170. Which card expresses your deepest inner feelings?
  171. Collector's AA cards
  172. 4 of a card enough?
  173. Youtube Monetization and Caps/Streams
  174. What games are you playing while waiting for your Alpha Invite?
  175. Off Topic - Shadowelfisms
  176. First Impressions: I LIKE it!
  177. I think your using that card wrong....
  178. Idea to fix mana flood/screw in limited play
  179. [Suggestion] Game Mechanics / Cards
  180. Forum Thread Reply Notifications - Broken?
  181. Deck Saver Tool?
  182. Underpowered Cards
  183. Any possibility of late kickstarter tier upgrades?
  184. Why hasn't any game really done this before?
  185. This game is awesome.
  186. Alpha Icons?
  187. Just want to say this is an awesome community
  188. Alpha Access: Impatience and Entitlement
  189. wave two breakdown
  190. Question: Eternal Youth
  191. Any efforts to clarify card icons?
  192. Not everyone acts impatiently, many of us are happy
  193. Booster size
  194. Question: Rule about Swiftstrike
  195. Ok, here is my opinion after a few games
  196. Anyone know a joke?
  197. A Fresh Perspective :)
  198. Escalate, a question
  199. Shady Marketing
  200. I'm new to TCG's and Hex looks amazing. An intro to me, and a question
  201. Escalate and Raptor limits
  202. Props to Cryptozoic, today has been amazingly stable!!!!!! Thank you :)
  203. alpha / / Beta rewards: thoughts?
  204. Colorblindness and Gaming
  205. Real World Hex TCG
  206. Chat channel for Hex Shop Talk? Vent or similar?
  207. Good alpha twitch streams
  208. Cards in the Starter
  209. What to play meanwhile?
  210. A plea of fansites!
  211. Mana Screw idea
  212. Induction Coil vs Surge Mechanism
  213. Opinions: Threshold vs Resources
  214. Alpha testers thoughts about release date??
  215. Minimum and maximum number of cards in a deck
  216. A new set every 4 months might be too ambitious?
  217. The Appreciation Thread!
  218. Card spoiled so far
  219. Inspire rule clarification
  220. Set 1 and beyond
  221. KS Rewards and the policy of not changing cards
  222. What An AMAZING Bunch of People at CZE!
  223. About merging pledges/accounts
  224. The dark side of Online TCG games
  225. Some Methods for Being Tactful
  226. Suggestion to improve the "revert" mechanic
  227. Question about Mimic
  228. Hex & Hearthstone: What we can learn from both
  229. Achievement Based Keep Name Idea
  230. Off Topic: GDC Next...
  231. Hey Cryptozoic, there a little something missing from your website...
  232. Cory's Note Speculation
  233. Request for properly formatted JSON in data files (for Hex Devs)
  234. Suggestion: Middle Zoom View Option
  235. Suggestion: Card of the Day
  236. Suggestion: Triple Achievements
  237. Demoralise as well as Inspire
  238. Is Hex a "troubled kickstarter project"
  239. why "revert" instead of "purge all power"
  240. Suggestion: Separate deck for resources
  241. I think it would be great to start Beta before Christmas
  242. Haiku contest! Win prizes!
  243. Authenticator support time line
  244. I was wrong. I now want daily quests.
  245. Where to go to promote Hex?
  246. Total Biscut Cencorship
  247. Content, Gating and Dailies
  248. MMO Sociology - Will multi-boxing raids become the norm?
  249. "Special announcements coming this week"
  250. Hope you don't want a refund