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  1. An Unofficial Card Idea Thread - Feel Free To Post Your Own As Well
  2. Keep Names: Copyright Etc
  3. Q: Bone Warrior mechanics
  4. Apple Tablets? Which one ?
  5. Party PVP - Questions
  6. Storytelling - Suggestion
  7. Overwhelming List of features still to come.
  8. Balancing PvE, a suggestion
  9. The point of Surge Mechanism?
  10. example basic network and services infrastructure at CZE 'datacenter'
  11. Why you can't have your Alpha invite right now
  12. Idea: Energize
  13. How will Hex handle infinite loops?
  14. 23 Legendary in Set 1:
  15. Will the game support 2560x1440 resolution?
  16. Irrationality
  17. NEW article is up !
  18. Thank You Cory: Thread
  19. Best Way to Contact Cory Directly?
  20. Apprenticeship (from Cory's message)
  21. Some worries about Gameforge and being a european...
  22. Sharing alpha-invite
  23. To the $250 backers
  24. Did anyone got their invite on Paypal backer?
  25. Any Good news?
  26. Smooth Sailing - well done
  27. Glad to see the CoD players are here.
  28. Keep Name Compendium
  29. Yeti Dungeon
  30. the music is beautiful - more choral
  31. Some concerns about separate markets
  32. How does the Alpha Invite Wave works?
  33. superiority complex from backers?
  34. Suggestion for set 3: Gem Necklaces
  35. Welcome Alan Comer and Tyler James
  36. Received my HS beta key day after Hex's worldwide plans announced. Coincidence?
  37. Gem Threshold?
  38. Chris Woods… Superstar
  39. PvE only Collectible Gems?
  40. Pass what to whom now?
  41. My opinions on the alpha gameplay and other news..
  42. Release the Shinaire!
  43. What if "famous character X" was a Hex card?
  44. Thoughts on new comment? [Gameforge/Mac client]
  45. Keep-names and titles.
  46. Walled Gardens
  47. Want to be a good graphics designer.
  48. Will we be seeing more form the CZE youtube channel?
  49. Will event prizes/rounds scale to the number of entrants?
  50. Game Music
  51. Opinion on Hex streams?
  52. Could Extinction be made more unique?
  53. PVE is Awesome! Death to the Vennen hordes!
  54. Cryptic Card Symbols - What do they mean?!
  55. Happy Halloween HEX Community!
  56. HEX + castAR = I need new pants
  57. Alpha completion percentage - Why friday updates stopped and what is going on?
  58. Compare Hex to MMDoC
  59. Making a Case for Keep Name Spacing
  60. Drafts next patch ? Yes you read it correctly!
  61. My thread got deleted unfairly by a moderator
  62. Hacking MMOs
  63. Take it with a grain of salt
  64. Customizable Card Art. Imagining, problems.
  65. Gem news direct from the man himself
  66. Please create a sub-forum for locked threads
  67. TCG Game Design: Eliminating the Chaff
  68. Almost Monumental
  69. Hex and Arachnophics
  70. Warm Fuzzy
  71. Incase you didn't know. Third wave of invites sent out today!
  72. HEX Card (Graphic) Re-design
  73. Is the effect "one-time" described in the quick start guide?
  74. Multiple Alpha Invites
  75. Appreciation and accolades thread
  76. Game Menus and Immersion
  77. Suggestion: Custom Flavor Text
  78. Several Keyword Icons Far Too Similar
  79. Apprentice Program
  80. Heart of the cards!
  81. Our thoughts to those in the Philippines
  82. Phases and Combat, how it should be (possible to change in the priority settings)
  83. hearthstone adding pve content?
  84. EPIC Rarity
  85. That awkward moment when....
  86. A New Keyword Idea
  87. Hex and the pace of the game.
  88. Free2Play Suggestions
  89. What if battle hoppers were 1/1
  90. How to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors
  91. Is the Hex AI really going to cut it?
  92. escalation to strong atm
  93. Best part about HEX so far socially
  94. CZE - Points to consider when a large tournament crashes
  95. Stack Idea: Pass Priority Toggle Button
  96. Let's talk about murder
  97. Females portrayed in artwork
  98. Concerned about tournaments and fees (Gambling)
  99. Hi-Res/Large Faction Logos
  100. So the expectations involving development stages were "largely" exaggerated...?
  101. A"Foundry" for Hex?
  102. How important is having the option to bluff?
  103. Stack Idea: Change Resolution Instead of Initiation
  104. This week update... CZE forgot something?
  105. Thank you.
  106. Time For A Reality Check
  107. Pick the winner of the first ever Hex tournament!
  108. Customer Service Issues at CZE
  109. Strange Happenings
  110. Everyone is in
  111. Serious Question
  112. Now that everybody is in let's talk PvE
  113. Please send something like tis to anyone who you know who may be interested
  114. Podcasts
  115. Champion....no invite?
  116. Hex with a Playstation 3 gamepad (working)
  117. $2.5 Million BUY BETTER SERVERS
  118. Upgrade Kickstarter Tier
  119. Can we get a Favicon for hex.com?
  120. Get your mind right people. This is Alpha.
  121. Hex you finally managed to upset me
  122. Keep picture
  123. IP allow range
  124. General Recommendations - Make this game even better
  125. Words of Encouragement
  126. Relative power of Troops vs Actions thanks to ability stack interaction changes
  127. On the stack (or not)
  128. Ticket response times?
  129. Amazing patch! (815b) and appreciation for CZE
  130. First Complete Games! Laptop tech tips?
  131. Turn Timers
  132. Time Line of Hex
  133. Priority Window feedback
  134. Alternative resource besides shards
  135. KS Update 11/22
  136. Mulligan is a game-ender.
  137. Suggestion: Updated Card List PDF
  138. My Observations.
  139. VOTE: Trigger/Chain Change - Good or Bad?
  140. HEX Playtesting Report - 1: Pacing & Fluidity.
  141. Thought about Fist
  142. Effigy of Nulzann and the Gem: prime ruby of destruction
  143. Increase to thresholds
  144. So about Blue....
  145. An alternate idea I had for mulligans, check it out and post what you think...
  146. Your Hex Stories
  147. Promoting Slacker Backer (suggestion to CZE)
  148. Misplay Collection
  149. Blood starting costs.
  150. Idea for a new constructed format aimed for rogue deck builders
  151. A look at Mulligans
  152. Suggestion: Make Demolition Stronger
  153. A quick mock up of how the board could easily be cleaned up...
  154. Hello All
  155. Artifact for anti flight
  156. Health Resetting
  157. Victory Logo
  158. I've got that 'synching' feeling
  159. Black Friday purchase of a tablet...help me pick
  160. Anyone up for a 1v1 draft tonight
  161. Holy Trinity Possible
  162. One free re-draw
  163. Probably The Best Card Ever......
  164. Make an in-game tutorial that is mandatory.
  165. Should CZE put on a tournament for alpha just before the beta?
  166. Kickstarter reward cards??
  167. Normalizing triggered effects
  168. Patch
  169. Macs and Beta: A Slightly Selfish Request
  170. Epic game that I lost
  171. Gameplay idea regarding resource srewage
  172. Happy Thanksgiving CZE
  173. Kickstarter Update
  174. Opinoins on the stack (design)
  175. Creating Value: A online game design must.
  176. Hex api
  177. Faction Restrictions?
  178. Escalation...what if....
  179. Minor mistake in Quick Start Guide
  180. The Gargoyle Cards are pretty thematic +1
  181. feedback & suggestions. where should we post?
  182. Update to Cards per Set
  183. Inspiration Engine
  184. X / X Creatures & Diamond; the all-purpose shard.
  185. For the Holidays....
  186. [Suggestion] Integrating a HEX client in other games
  187. Pass Priority after opponent's draw phase?
  188. Mulligan system is unfair
  189. Tablet Support
  190. Hex and its similarity to MTG
  191. Updated Card Image PDF
  192. Menacing Gralk, wording?
  193. Question about Gems
  194. Steam Greenlight
  195. How many boosters will you bank?
  196. List of all HEX sites, databases, blogs, youtubes, streams, podcasts, and more!
  197. Suggestion: Combination Gems
  198. Ghost Drafts and Print Runs
  199. How is Lifedrain supposed to work?
  200. What happened to one of the sockets
  201. Idea for Forever Packs
  202. Suggestion for shuffling algorithm
  203. My idea to improve the speed of the game, with no downsides! :)
  204. Suggestion - Cardtext highlighting
  205. Mesmerize artwork
  206. Servers are humming today!
  207. Have the daily Alpha Notes stopped?
  208. Shards of Fate and Resource Variety
  209. A simple solution/suggestions for Shards of Fate (UI and bug issues)
  210. 8-man constructed queues Wednesday!
  211. Still haven't gotten alpha access
  212. Lost alpha invite
  213. Tournaments really?
  214. [Suggestion] Deck Export/Import
  215. So. Much. Fun.
  216. Double Back: Major Concern
  217. I'd appreciate an update on some of the PVE content
  218. Rewind Feature
  219. Sacrificing cards for temporary mana
  220. Gamespot stream
  221. Tournament Time
  222. Cory Jones live on Gamespot
  223. More than PVP
  224. PVE idea: Classic Card Games
  225. The possibility to add shock-shards
  226. Faction decks, an idea?
  227. Beta at Q1 2014?
  228. Battle Beetle Boost is permanent?
  229. Hex Balance List
  230. Tournaments today (not in-game queue)
  231. Meta VS Balance
  232. Forum Skin Help
  233. Suggestion for the Deck Manager
  234. Suggestions to Mitigate resource screw
  235. Escalation should scale in cost when it escalates or start off much weaker.
  236. Did I just win my tourney?
  237. Procedures for refund?
  238. Use of Hero Abilities
  239. Kudos
  240. Master of Time or Chaos
  241. Suggestion: Make Debuff Creature Death Go To The Stack
  242. Escalation Thought
  243. alpha access
  244. Ideas for Threshold
  245. A List of Suggestions from a Veteran Online TCG Player
  246. Hex and Poker
  247. CHRIS worship thread
  248. Wild can get pretty silly with its creature generation...
  249. Schedule for Top 8 of Streamers Tournament - see decks u can use to win in the alpha
  250. End Phase