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  1. HEX Refund Policy - Updated 4/1/2014
  2. Shuffle
  3. Can i raise my kickstarter pledge yet?
  4. Okay, I'm over not ever getting the higher KS tiers (friendly closure post)
  5. About Further Supporting Hex
  6. [Suggestion] Resources is too hard to type quickly when enraged.
  7. HEX Scares Me
  8. ShadowElf
  9. The unused Champions
  10. A little "commercial" I created for HEX - would like to get some feedback :)
  11. PAX East?
  12. Hex PVE with in-game Character ala Wizard 101
  13. Suggestion: Previewing PVP cards in PVE
  14. The "Permanent" mechanic
  15. Deck Building for PVE
  16. Priority Window thoughts - and future game design
  17. Suggestion: A Way to Show You Supported HEX from the Beginning
  18. Merry Christmas to all at the Sausage Factory
  19. Idea for DLC art
  20. Tournament Idea
  21. Corrupted Afterlife
  22. Set 1 needs better resources
  23. Hex shard History
  24. Windows 8 - RT Tablets????
  25. Lost Password
  26. Remove 100% unneccesary pass priority prompts
  27. bad GameForge support experience for Slacker Backer gift
  28. how many dungeons
  29. 31% of our Tournament games were affected by resource screw
  30. Missing cards
  31. resource idea
  32. GenCon Starter
  33. Triggered abilities is one thing, activated abilities must come back
  34. Reasons why I don't have much faith in Hex (And possible solutions to those problems)
  35. Persecution working as intended?
  36. Tournaments and AFKers
  37. A Question about the 2 un-done champions. Final?
  38. I want to make Hex videos for my channel
  39. Pauper format - anyone interested?
  40. Resource Screw...how it will never be completely fair.
  41. Possible to set a new default deck?
  42. Happy New Year
  43. A Oath to Hex
  44. Question about Kickstarter rewards starters
  45. help
  46. Friend Zone
  47. Refund
  48. I give up.
  49. Use a parametric "modifer stack" for pass priority rather than linear phase tracker
  50. Is this worth while?
  51. HP loss for Mulligans
  52. Furious Taskmaster - Discussion
  53. Should the life total be changed?
  54. Menacing Gralk Poorly Implemented/Worded
  55. Is the Crown of the Primals representation of the Equipment in HEX?
  56. Current state of the game?
  57. Hooray for Shaggy
  58. HEXCON - When is it going to take place?
  59. Keep Question
  60. First Card Banned
  61. Server down? Way to see server status?
  62. offline/browser based Deckbuilder
  63. In here we look up artists, we'd like to see do stuff for hex
  64. Quick question: how does eldritch shield (spellhield) work now?
  65. Is deathtouch in the 1st set...???
  66. Invented Game mode: All or Nothing
  67. Will CZE do Beta's for future sets in order to balance cards
  68. Evan Erwin - The Magic Show
  69. Casual Game Mode Concept: Underworld Incursion
  70. Slacker Backer Price Negotiable?
  71. Hex on Raptr?
  72. FInaly bought slacker backer- NO CONFIRM EMAIL ??
  73. Flexible Phone Screens = Hex on Cell Phones with Tablets
  74. MTG Movie(s)!
  75. Introducing a new backer !
  76. Download Game
  77. PVE experience may be on the horizon, but what about classes?
  78. Thank the gods for Hex!
  79. Hex got number 14 on mmohuts most anticipated f2p games 2014
  80. Question about the backer
  81. Prep Phase is coming back!
  82. CZE Level With Me, Fish Hands
  83. When do we combine Kickstarter accounts?
  84. I want to play HEX.what i have to do?
  85. Best Match so far
  86. What to expect from sealed mode
  87. Nobody Expects the Hex Inquisition!!!
  88. 3D Animation
  89. What has been confirmed about the Hex auction House?
  90. Thoughts on Mono Green
  91. Do you have questions for CZE?
  92. Game login failed
  93. Different Mulligan ideas?
  94. Shards
  95. I'm new to TCGs but...
  96. Gathering of sealed pool data
  97. Game looks pretty amazing.
  98. Sorting in Sealed
  99. Any new PVE champion data?
  100. Why did everyone neglect to mention.....
  101. Card Alterations
  102. What are cool things in fantasy/fiction you'd like to see?
  103. How does the Guild Feature work exactly?
  104. What kind of cost we looking at here?
  105. Gameforge for Europe ?
  106. AH discussion
  107. What if sealed/drafts were always free?
  108. Card Mouse Overs need to be much better...
  109. Wow, been away for a couple of updates, but everything is looking/feeling great
  110. PvE Dungeons Solo only?
  111. Think they'd add in Cube Drafting to Guild play?
  112. Can I donate twice to the Slacker Backer for Two Alpha accounts?
  113. Some questions :)
  114. Offical HEX Moderation Program
  115. Questions About Game Night at CZE
  116. In Game MP3 player interface
  117. It's time to stop making excuses for Hex.
  118. HEX vs Hearthstone
  119. Help Recording HEX
  120. Any chance of an off-topic Hex sub-forum?
  121. An open letter to Cory
  122. What do you value in a card?
  123. Mercenaries trade able
  124. Hex Grand Auction LIVE: Where the cool stuff gets sold
  125. Tri-Force Championship
  126. Unofficial Hex TCG - Deck Builder App for Android Released!
  127. A Pass-Priority tedium request: Using tech already in the game.
  128. Sealed Format..
  129. Will in HEX Russian language as in the Might & Magic Duel of Champions ?
  130. why don't you change black color HEX forum. on the color page as http://forums.crypto
  131. Blood is too strong (dat advantage) my thoughts...
  132. Mercenaries when combining KS pledges…
  133. Random Statistics question for you guys
  134. Community voting?
  135. Interview about the Hex score
  136. Patch this week ?
  137. Last week's CZE visit info
  138. New art for basic resources?
  139. A question for the engineers.
  140. Concerns for a PVE-less open beta launch
  141. 2vs2 3vs3
  142. mechanic idea: Burrow
  143. Unable to start game
  144. alternative names for Mulligan
  145. HexTechs Dual View TODAY at 4:30PM EST (GPrime vs. Mantic)
  146. [Question] Whats the difference between a necrotic and a zombie?
  147. Change your KS Password(s)
  148. What do you guys think about an ingame notepad?
  149. Unofficial Hex TCG App for iOS
  150. first impressions from a TCG "noob"
  151. windows tablet and dedicated keyboard idea
  152. Tournaments
  153. So maybe you can hire Blizzard to make your client?
  154. Since we are getting out Kickstarter stuff in Closed Beta, can we...
  155. Co-release beta on Steam?
  156. Any chance for a refund?
  157. New card borders tommorow!
  158. If the Hex Kickstarter launched today...
  159. Kickstarter Backer Deferral for PVE Deferral
  160. HEX Set 1 Side Board Discussion
  161. The New Card Borders
  162. Can the day for Content Patches be changed to Tuesdays??
  163. Reimbursement Policy
  164. Holding on to faith while navigating the fog.
  165. Update Out - Zombies, Unity Posting, Hextcgpro.com Tourn, and Hidden Easter Egg?
  166. Suggestion: Customizable Card Design
  167. Few Questions
  168. Can I get an official ruling on card owner vs. controller?
  169. Vanity Cards
  170. Received a strange email today
  171. Kraken's Gold
  172. Hex TCG Deck Builder App for Android - Patch 1.2 Released
  173. Beta update.
  174. Patch tomorrow?
  175. Idea From Duel of Heroes
  176. Comprehensive Rewards List?
  177. Unity Dev Conference in Seattle Aug 20-22 2014
  178. Pack Opening Video
  179. Primal packs in sealed or draft
  180. Customization options for the pack opening experience?
  181. Feeling like your in an MMO, with other people
  182. Tri-Force Championship - Starting soon!
  183. Tri-Force Championship finals in about 30 min!
  184. Question for the Streamers
  185. How do I collect my kickstarter stuff?
  186. Your thoughts on Random effects on cards that have rotated out?
  187. Sleeves for keeps?
  188. Password protected tourneys
  189. Collectors Exclusive Alt Art
  190. Let's Talk About: Hex In Brick and Mortar (again)
  191. Estimates time: your take on the upcoming features
  192. Obligatory thread: Is there patch coming today?
  193. Let's Talk About: Make Your Own Hex
  194. (Another) Idea For Fixing the Resource Problem
  195. Hex Store
  196. Long term question: Player created PVE?
  197. Quick Show of Hands...DragonCon
  198. HEX ESRB rating?
  199. Protectorate Defender - Taken before his time
  200. Sun Needs Nerfed
  201. The Next Patch
  202. What's going on with this game?
  203. Hardcore modes?
  204. Feature Request: Toggle on/off for looking for challenge in proving grounds.
  205. Thoughts on the tourney tab interface
  206. An idea for the Keeps
  207. What exactly is this? Not sure how to fix
  208. Save deck in Sealed and Draft shouldn't mean "ready".
  209. It's not about the refunds
  210. Suggestion: Keep "Beta" tag until PvE launches
  211. Payment question
  212. Why does the loser not go first????
  213. Weekly drafts and lotus gardens
  214. Are there foils or equivalent planned?
  215. Making Starters something people would want
  216. NewbieLam and stiii had a deal for $1 booster trade
  217. Fonts and Art?
  218. some more screen resolutions would be great
  219. Let's make Hex "moddable"!
  220. Do Shin'hare need a buff?
  221. Equipment Question
  222. The Rise and Fall of the Shards
  223. Referral Program!?
  224. Help plz haha
  225. Should I slacker backer?
  226. Is Hex Down Atm?
  227. Mr Jones are you blogging today?!
  228. Name of set 1?
  229. (Fun) Speculation on tomorrow's patch
  230. PVE what IS the time frame?
  231. Down time?
  232. Mortar Strike: Exactly what is 'bury'
  233. More 2-drop common troops are needed
  234. Oath of Valor
  235. New cards yea :0
  236. New to Hex but not TCG games, but have a question...
  237. Can't Log In
  238. Unique tag gone?
  239. dwarves/robots complaint
  240. Hex Con??
  241. Question about Lixil and similar card details
  242. New Windbourne Acolyte Art?
  243. Quick Action Inner Conflict
  244. Hey corey and the team a question RE: windows tablets
  245. That space between swiftstrike and regular damage...
  246. Flock of Seagulls Request
  247. Face downs: Why is this exclusive to Yu Gi Oh TCG?
  248. Is the slacker backer still worth it?
  249. How will the game cater to "less-pro" players?
  250. Finally backed! :D