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  1. QoL feature
  2. Auto-Opening Starters
  3. Why the lack of female champions?
  4. Suggestion : Yearly Grand Prize - Create a card
  5. Better support for Nvidia Shadowplay and Performance of client
  6. Let's talk Trading.
  7. Help! Who is in charge if Gameforge....
  8. Vampire King too Strong?
  9. Baby Yeti
  10. The Pre-Trading Trading Trader Thread
  11. HEX to non-backers
  12. so 17 days and counting for emails to be changed.
  13. VIP question.
  14. Thinking that it wouldn't hurt to ask...
  15. MTGO does something right
  16. Disappointed with Starter Pack pricing - Math
  17. Tournaments you can run right now
  18. Do you need offline mode?
  19. Got any tips for beta keys?
  20. Do you think Shop Bot prevention is necessary in the AH ?
  21. [Suggestion] Training Arena Raid
  22. Double Shrine of Prosperity
  23. Completely new idea: Trophy room
  24. Alternate Art suggestion for The Triumvirate.
  25. More Casual Competitve Modes
  26. Feature Request : In Depth Game tracking stats
  27. Hex Parody Set (Unglued/Unhinged)
  28. Anyone have a spare key?
  29. Beta Key Please? [Shameless Request]
  30. Has anything definitive been said about tournament prize support yet?
  31. Hex Day Giveaway!
  32. Feature Request: Manual Shuffling
  33. Player-made decks for "Mixed lot" trading
  34. Tournaments are now available!
  35. Feature Request: Starter Deck configurator
  36. Unofficial Features & Milestones List
  37. $15 - per month VIP Program, make it Happen
  38. Hextechs site is live! (with a set 2 spoiler!)
  39. Can't play anymore since last patch
  40. Using gold in Game - The Money Sink Vs The Hoarders
  41. Ashahsa, windborne alcolyte mercenary
  42. Play First or Draw First in draft play
  43. priority stop optimization
  44. When was Pro Player Sold Out
  45. rares that love you
  46. Support Abuse
  47. Hex at Gencon?
  48. Guy running for US Congress gives HEX a shout-out
  49. Donate. Still possible?
  50. Rebate for Platinum bulk purchase
  51. Graphics for the Hardware Impaired
  52. Is Hex now Fiscally Solvent?
  53. Best draft articles/videos?
  54. Cory, hex is going to need a sidebar with additiona addedl rules mid-game.
  55. Giving Away Beta Key and Packs!
  56. Let's talk about champions
  57. Patch v0.9.1.003c on 5/13 at 3 AM Pacific
  58. Drafting UI Element Suggestions
  59. Updated Set 1 Collection Excel
  60. Current downtime ETA
  61. Where in media is Carmen... err, Hex TCG?
  62. Still Unsatisfactory Mac Support
  63. Is this possible with something like HEX
  64. Lifetime Draft perk now stacks with 1-year draft perk codes?
  65. Why do server status updates appear in the 6th sub-forum?
  66. Swiss 3 wins isn't 3 packs. working as intended?
  67. Proposal: Exclusive Mercenaries
  68. Heads up for those that used Gameforge and PayPal in the first couple weeks
  69. We (Gameforge) screwed up!
  70. Why are people saying set 1 will not be worth much?
  71. Suggestion: Add in-game drafting tips as a toggleable option for players.
  72. Stacking commons - Largest number of a card you can own in your collection?
  73. Is there a possibility for a huge TCG fan to somehow aquire and Beta key?
  74. The art of hacking and slashing your favorite cards
  75. AH Proposal: Rentals
  76. Wheels of fate gold rewards - make them scale
  77. Plans for game/tournament history?
  78. Hex sued by MTG
  79. Hey CZE you can offer new people the chance of an exclusive!
  80. support
  81. Not one penny of my money would have gone to Hasbro/WOTC if HEX never existed
  82. Sealed Thursday?
  83. Crafting Ideas: Regarding PvP, Alt Art, and Consumables.
  84. Card Shrinkage
  85. Possible legal fund for HEX
  86. Any Info on Booster Draft Format when set 2 hit?
  87. The many differencees between HEX and MTGO
  88. Would it at all be possible
  89. Different ticket colours
  90. What is VIP?
  91. Petition Hasbro to drop the lawsuit
  92. What do we do if Hasbro wins?
  93. MTG Failure to defend their
  94. Is Hex down right now?
  95. Hex is not Cryptozoic?
  96. How to dodge patent trolling in one easy step.
  97. Entire set one cards
  98. Cory?
  99. How to avoid the tapping suit
  100. [Discussion] Resource Screw
  101. We are getting Sued Sealed Party
  102. Thank you WotC!
  103. Scientists at WOTC prove evolution is NOT real!
  104. Total silence from CZE since May 14th?
  105. HEX Statement
  106. Games over so quickly.
  107. Finished with this game.
  108. Let's troll hasbro
  109. Article outlining the many differences between HEX TCG and MTG
  110. I love this game and the people!!!
  111. about PvE
  112. Coyotles & Resources
  113. I feel so poor after running out free draft tickets
  114. She had a dream
  115. Official and Unofficial Hex events at Gen Con
  116. Contest - Design a Card!
  117. Kickstarter Rewards - can someone please help me adding it up?
  118. 500 beta keys
  119. Where's our generic lawsuit statement?
  120. Lawsuit Settlement Update
  121. @ the hex team
  122. So, uh...how's the AH coming along?
  123. So many bunnehs!
  124. Received a Closed Beta Invatation Code
  125. supporting again
  126. anyone else not get their code?
  127. Hex Currency?
  128. Let's talk about: new player package
  129. Mysteries of the Well Unvelied
  130. Feature Request: Rule Sub-Forum & friend notification
  131. Wave of beta keys at same time as pending lawsuit?
  132. For Those Looking For Beta Keys!
  133. I have to say...im very happy but at the same very let down by the game...
  134. What does "revert" do to incantations and creatures created from Construction Plans?
  135. Hex Set 1 Debate!
  136. 'battle' mechanics.
  137. discussions on mtg similarities should stop
  138. I am writing a letter to WOTC, tell me if this is professional enough
  139. Anoyne got another key left over?
  140. [Community Sponsored] Beta Keys - Request Here
  141. Initial thoughts (long)
  142. Take This, Hasbro!
  143. Scam beta key site, something might need to be done about it?
  144. Twitch streamers need the auction house
  145. Every Day Should be Sealed Day
  146. Proxy Deck Building Discussion
  147. VIP tournament
  148. PVE - The Vision
  149. in game mail to email
  150. Penny Arcade on the Hex lawsuit
  151. #they can take our lives but they will never take our Hex
  152. Is Hex Dead?
  153. Freedom of speech
  154. Multilanguage Support
  155. Set & Card Numbers - 'Collector's No.'
  156. HexCon dates? Please as early as possible!
  157. Excitement Guaranteed - EVERY TIME!
  158. a few rules clarifications
  159. Need Chat Moderators Now!!
  160. Hex Twitter List
  161. Brace Yourselfs Blizzard may sue Hex too for similarity!
  162. Wow these Tourney Timers
  163. Rewards from Tournaments.
  164. Friday KS update?
  165. Funny random HEX reference in Diablo III
  166. VIP Program
  167. Idea For Crazy Game Mode That Would Make Hex Really Popular eSports
  168. Auction House coming soon... What shape will the economy be in?
  169. Excess Sleeves
  170. Draft Data - need help in interpretation!
  171. anyone want a beta key?
  172. Fun hypothetical:What if you had to draft with exactly 5 playsets of cards?
  173. Set 1 card list
  174. Spare Beta Key
  175. HEX for PS4 and XBOX One
  176. Will I ever stop hearing about f2p players?
  177. Auction House: What features would you like to see?
  178. Drafts: not fun, See also Hex: not fun
  179. Draft Archetype statistical analysis thread
  180. AH chest prices?
  181. split the final
  182. How do you deal with losing streaks?
  183. [Beta Key] Are you REALLY interested in HEX?
  184. Ideas to make hex more watchable
  185. Why if I do live in SOUTH America, I must pay in EUR?
  186. Are permanent PvE bonuses Kickstarter exclusive?
  187. When AH goes live - these are the cards I am missing to have full Set 1 Playsets
  188. Asynchronous Draft?
  189. Chest Primer?
  190. Today marks my first month of vip :)
  191. HEX Feedback gathering - Live!
  192. Buying Plat with Gift Cards: Anyone done it?
  193. Access Social Panel while in Tournament Mode (between rounds)
  194. Is there still a way to buy/back the game?
  195. Question regarding payment.
  196. Please Add Sorting By 'Quantity' and...
  197. Draft Timers
  198. Is merging accounts possible?
  199. Suggestion: Saving Drafted Decks
  200. Reversing the Gold reward structure for Tournaments
  201. Cards U Hate to see in your draft pack
  202. HEX Patch v0.9.1.006 June 3rd
  203. New patch incomming...
  204. Lawyer's look at the lawsuit
  205. to Draft or to open
  206. Gentler mulligan rule
  207. Gaussian Shuffler Algorithm & Analysis
  208. Let's speculate: What cards are gonna be heavily demanded?
  209. Is CZE collecting Meta Data on Hex games?
  210. Opening up those Hex Chests
  211. Do you take more pride in your deck or your play?
  212. Will we have (and be able keep) "Misprints"?
  213. why no number in names?
  214. Vip whats its about?
  215. Mercenary Idea: Cultist of the Forbidden Words
  216. Starter decks beware your in for a scare
  217. A bit of feedback for Cory and the team
  218. Which Races and Classes do you plan on using in PvE?
  219. Friday Update Live!
  220. Probably Asked a Million Times Already
  221. Looking for information on PvE
  222. Friday Update - The near future
  223. Open beta questions
  224. what is a primal pack worth?
  225. So who has just opened a pile of packs after this week's update?
  226. Construct tourni on now! 1 pm GMT Saturday come on in!!!!!
  227. Public Service Announcement: Don't Be A Dick!
  228. Want to Trade
  229. Crippled Droo's Transformed into a War Hulk - Retained Negative Attributes
  230. Choosing your champion's power
  231. Any HEX happenings at PAX Prime this year?
  232. Guy playing two games at once
  233. What other games are you playing?
  234. Draft Tracking Spreadsheet
  235. Incantation cards - Ranked!
  236. Remote playing on tablet
  237. Would a 16-person draft work?
  238. Real Money and PvE
  239. I loaded Patch but can not loggin
  240. Server status
  241. Future kickstarter rewards delivered to account or to email via code?
  242. Draft win rate
  243. Game Perfromance
  244. HEX Info Links
  245. Full sets of uncommon, etc
  246. Shards count in the Card Collection?
  247. back out of queue with ticket?
  248. Print-Run Data Entry
  249. So... we may have gotten a little out of hand with replicas...
  250. New Sound Effects???