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  1. Weekly Brainstorm: Races
  2. (Realistic) discussion of what features are most likely on the horizon
  3. How much customization for fun?
  4. Creature-Tuesday Today: The Void Society
  5. Hearthstone PVE is....
  6. Just a funny Idea
  7. HEX Child's Play Charity Stream - 1st of August 0:00 PDT
  8. ETA on 128 player sealed events?
  9. What does HEX PVE need to keep you going?
  10. 8 Minds - 1 Draft - Extensive Write-up - Need Community Help.
  11. In other news, we passed 10.000 paid Tourneys today
  12. Real Solutions to Resource Flood/Screw
  13. Shout-out for good sprortsmanship!
  14. Lawsuit update: Initial Disclosures and Joint Status Report
  15. HEX Code of Sportsmanship
  16. RIP patch with features
  17. Let's get Sealed going!
  18. [IDEA] Scheduled Drafts
  19. Free Tournament - Saturday, July 26th at 11 AM Pacific (18:00 GMT)
  20. Text system for Tournaments?
  21. Two Questions. Lawsuit and new UI
  22. The Major single thresh diamond gem
  23. Small time investmensts
  24. [Request] Notes, notes everywhere!
  25. Hearthstone has a single player adventure
  26. So there's a free tournament tomorrow... Who's in?
  27. What Constitutes Cheating or Exploiting? - A Draft Story
  28. Constructed Swiss, Test Your Decks for Today's Tournament
  29. Will chests reduce cost barrier for pvp?
  30. Spinning Wheels Sleeves
  31. Renewed Lack of Faith in Hex
  32. Suggestion for communication in chat
  33. Is all data stored yet?
  34. Svenn Topdecks Like a Pro
  35. Any update/confirmation on 'Gen Con Gifts' in August?
  36. KickStarter Round 2
  37. Weekly Brainstorm: Classes & Might
  38. When's the next update? and How many people are still playing?
  39. ultimate bunny gambit :)
  40. Set 2 release queue
  41. Prediction: I'm expecting a big announcement this week.
  42. MTG fails again
  43. Gozzog's Ruby Eyes and Knight Tier Kickstarter Sleeves
  44. First (Beta) Tourney
  45. We need the few, the proud, the ... volunteer Chalice of Hues DMs!
  46. A Digital Event for a Digital TCG
  47. Authenticator ???
  48. When loosing feels good
  49. Chest contents to reflect true rarity
  50. Spore Stalks anyone?
  51. Set 2 and Chests-Spins
  52. Set symbols??
  53. So will Cottontail Recruiter's spoiling devalue Ritualist of the Spring Litter?
  54. Michael Kirchoff stops by the Child's Play stream and drops some Hex lore info
  55. Ninja Shin'Haar?
  56. where can I see the Cory Jones interview?
  57. Numbers in Game Names?
  58. Request: Tapatalk Forum Access
  59. Socketing Debate
  60. The future will belong to the TCG game with apps and android/iOS versions.
  61. Artwork praise
  62. Summary of Cory Jones interview for Child's Play
  63. Lawsuit Update: WotC's Amended Complaint
  64. Authentification Server Temporarily Down
  65. A Johnny in the wild...
  66. HEX Store
  67. Sealed Tonight? (8/04)
  68. Charity Stream Prizes and Winners
  69. Promo rewards for events/queues?
  70. How is your collection coming along?
  71. Lawsuit Updates: Response to Motion to Dismiss and Minute Order
  72. Summary of Ben Stoll Interview on Child's Play stream
  73. So I think rare tier mana fixing cards will seriously hurt this game.
  74. Weekly Brainstorm: Sleeves!
  75. Advice / guidelines on selling commons / uncommons / rares for gold.
  76. Chalice of Hues Open Beta starts on Fri Aug 15th - get yourself a team!
  77. Can we get some sort of content soon
  78. Limited Constructed Tournament for TUC and friends Fri Aug 8th, 1900 GMT
  79. Lawsuit Updates: Time Extension
  80. About Communities and the Game Industry
  81. Statistics data request: tournament info
  82. Paying for luck?
  83. Still no Third party platinum traders?
  84. Anyone else just having a lousy time?
  85. An important and 100% serious petition to CZE and those holding highest power therin.
  86. Hex at Gamescom?
  87. We need to stop putting up with jerks and elitists in chat.
  88. Pro Player Tourney Concern
  89. Weekly Brainstorm: Formats
  90. They really need to fix Angel of Dawn
  91. Did mana weaving save MTG (and how this affects hex)?
  92. Interrupt Mechanic
  93. A couple questions on hidden game mechanics
  94. PvE UPDATE! From Gamescom - Cirouss featuring Cory Jones with a big interview!
  95. Gen Con spoiler thread
  96. Hats & Posters?
  97. Charging into Shattered Destiny
  98. Is there a list of all gems with their names somewhere?
  99. I don't like "this"
  100. New UI
  101. Regarding Card Aesthetics
  102. Drafting set 1 post set 2, when and if will we be able to draft again
  103. I was told to post this card idea on here. Tunnel of Love.
  104. Event Staff
  105. Set 2 Shinhare - Or why I love Hex
  106. Do Packs opened during Gencon contain special cards?
  107. graphic representation of Tunneling cards
  108. Your favorite card game convention moments - GenCon and elsewhere
  109. Gamescom promos not yet redeemable?
  110. 3d Real Life Hex Cards
  111. Please do forgive me for being an ass
  112. B^) Fish Hands, Its A Thing (late)
  113. Not a fan of the new in-game UI (the heroes and timer bits) post your thoughts...
  114. Idea for a new ability/keyword
  115. It'd be nice.....
  116. Should we do away with sideboarding?
  117. What's Your Favorite Feature in Hex? (Eldritch Dreamer Canvas Print Contest)
  118. VIP Tournaments
  119. Shattered Fate - Known & Projected Card List
  120. 2014 Gen-Con compared to 2013 Gen-Con
  121. Estimates of release schedule after Gamescom & Gencon?
  122. Community Growth Opportunity: Spoiler season, time to step up
  123. Gamescom and and Gen Con promo codes - Redeemable soon
  124. Hex TCG World Team Cup 2014
  125. Primal packs and set 2
  126. A concern about Open Beta
  127. Daily Quests
  128. Low Hanging Fruit Suggestion: Suggestion Subforum
  129. PvE only, loot based gems?
  130. Concerns about Open Beta before PvE and Set2
  131. Hail to Kog'Tepetl - what's up with the Arena?
  132. Patch notes ;)
  133. Did anyone take a picture of the Hex posters at GenCon?
  134. Shards of fate are now sellable! I posted the first one at a terrible price! Yay!
  135. Seems the purpose of closed beta was AH
  136. The Big Picture
  137. Ranked ladders/Pay to win stigma
  138. Will the music be available for download?
  139. Weeklies
  140. I Hereby Challenge CZE for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
  141. Dragon's blood still containing Uruunaz after the long wait?
  142. Should Cryptozoic Sell Weekly Tournaments?
  143. Will Hex have it's own webshop?
  144. HEX Support - Pro Players
  145. Lost the tutorial
  146. was in a draft game and opponent randomly afked in middle of doing something
  147. Speculating Impact Of Set 2 On Draft
  148. Is tutorial available without beta key?
  149. Received Weekly Draft Ticket as Purple not Red. Is this the new norm?
  150. BoardGameGeek Hex Gen Con Coverage
  151. What the hell is that?!
  152. Winning decks after set 2 launch
  153. Chests: are they set specific?
  154. So MtG is taking something from Hex...
  155. Weekly Brainstorm: Double Backs
  156. 8Minds 1Draft - Extensive look into the draft experience from 8 players perspective
  157. Can you still buy into beta?
  158. Hotfix - 8/26 at 3 AM Pacific
  159. Methods of obtaining a beta key?
  160. Patch Today...
  161. [Giveaway] Two Keys Hidden
  162. Podcast Of Interest?
  163. post Gencon 2014 patch giveaway
  164. Just got Beta, Really excited to play but tentative to invest due to pending lawsuit
  165. PAX Prime Badges
  166. Big concerns about this game.
  167. PVE deck example, please.
  168. Gortezuma cares not for your defence...
  169. HEX Update Free Tournament This Saturday
  170. Multiple People, Same House & Concerns
  171. Gen Con: ErrantSquire's PvE Interview With Drew Walker
  172. Consider dissolving 8 player Q?
  173. World Team Cup 2014 - What would you like to see?
  174. Rip vip
  175. Set 2 delayed
  176. All Hail the Exalted One!
  177. Is new champion not using charge power?
  178. RE: Big Tourney, Beat Rush, Join Early
  179. Purchasing VIP
  180. Lawsuit Update - CZE's Answer
  181. @HEX team: Status on matches in proving ground?
  182. Hi !!!
  183. VIP: Fix It, not Nix It
  184. Kickstarter Redemption Code Questions (VIP & Drafts for a Year)
  185. Look both ways before chatting.
  186. How to report a Toxic player ?
  187. If i buy VIP sub today or tommorow...
  188. Prep Phase Penalty
  189. Champion's Race/Class be part of global effect?
  190. Servers and Coding Big Tourneys, someone explain?
  191. The truth about Cory.
  192. Is there a comprehensive guide to the rules yet?
  193. Didn't get a code with my GenCon poster... help?
  194. Will HEX ever go for Steam?
  195. A word against developer abuse
  196. Funny tournament moments
  197. Weekly Brainstorm: Mercenary for hire!
  198. List of Known Dungeons and Raids
  199. War of Attrition: How to win the lawsuit
  200. Quakenet IRC channel for Hex anyone?
  201. The most important features before Open Beta...
  202. Sim City with HEX
  203. Small patch right now?
  204. September 4 Hotfix
  205. How can i get a beta invite code
  206. Where is the Friday update?
  207. Any decent updated fansites/communities?
  208. Friday Update
  209. View : The initial PVE content will disappoint most veteran players
  210. tournament suggestion..?
  211. Confused on whether or not to open packs
  212. Consider implementing PvE before or with Open Beta
  213. Mercenaries: The Key to Make This a Billion Dollar Franchise
  214. The Hex Nobles are stellar!
  215. Impressions from a PVE focused player
  216. Stepping down from the wiki
  217. The Two Color Aggro problem.
  218. Hex Community Rock League
  219. Noob confusion - When will we have a gamerule PDF?
  220. End of VIP - Hex team gets an F for their handling of this.
  221. Suggestion: Collectable Gameboards/Playmats
  222. Dear noreply@gameforge, let me fix that for you...
  223. A Feature Suggestion - Ghost Drafts
  224. P2P turns me down hard
  225. Alternate art gralk & xentoths don't count
  226. Suggestion on Double Backs
  227. VIP - How many sign the Plat 1 yr add-on to their current 1 yr gold - 2 yrs total
  228. Future VIP Solution
  229. Wow really?
  230. Weekly Brainstorm: Guilds
  231. VIP tournaments
  232. Kickstarter rewards still to come: Patch in or Code?
  233. great article, very clear...
  234. Hex Trademark Contested?
  235. AFK Wall of Shame
  236. Noob question: Am I breaking etiquette in random matches?
  237. Content Suggestion: Interactive Landscapes
  238. Estimated investment for full play set in future Sets Or 443 opened packs later
  239. Small Things You'd Like Changed
  240. How many games before I can legitimately complain about screw/flood
  241. Complaint: Shard Screwed/Flooded
  242. Dungeon Crawler Equipment
  243. Overzealous Moderation?
  244. Banning instead of nerfing
  245. ill start the qq for today already!
  246. Changing heroes in sealed
  247. Hex Article on Massively
  248. Attracting and long term motivation for people new to TCGs
  249. Refund my King tier Kickstarter Due to no PVE a year later
  250. So... Arena looks fun.