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  1. Figured out what the activate symbol is
  2. 1 VIP per account limit @crypto
  3. Defend the keep mode question
  4. Please make Equiping Equipment part of Deck building.
  5. Multiple Champions per account?
  6. When does the lifetime drafts and login-Lotuses begin kicking in?
  7. Single card, multiple decks
  8. Lotus Garden and the Collector's Tier
  9. Twitch.tv
  10. Collectors Trophies
  11. Let's be friends! - Join the Hex Player Communiy on Steam! Share your Battle.net ID!
  12. Card Database
  13. Alternative to "just turn cards sideways"...
  14. How does Crypto know that I've contributed and how do I claim my reward?
  15. Funny templating error? "Te'talca..."
  16. Deckguard (possible variant mode)
  17. PRESENTATION - Get to know the Community
  18. Because of multiple perk stacking.....
  19. 540k stretch goal just went past. (when incl paypal) <no additional info in post>
  20. League Play
  21. This has to be one of the most consistent Kickstarter campaigns ever.
  22. Easy to read spreadsheet of backer rewards
  23. The PvE end game
  24. Collector tier clarification please. CZE repsonse requested
  25. Wannabe Producer, but...
  26. Feature request: Cube drafting from guild bank.
  27. Pvp card question..
  28. 540k stretch goal reached, VIP Program in!
  29. So how would you want AH to work?
  30. Spectral Lotus Garden - Stacking Questions
  31. Weekly And Monthly Tournaments
  32. Responding to your own spells - CZE?
  33. Non- basic ressources: yes or no ?
  34. ? about Shrine of Prosperity
  35. Two New Cards Posted on Main Website
  36. PvP <-> PvE trading/selling?
  37. HARDCORE card sink tournament
  38. New KS Update (#8) - 1:45 EST, 5/16
  39. Potential for Card Art Contest?
  40. Doubling Down on Stretch: Why it doesn't matter
  41. So I turned my Hex obsession into a modest little blog...
  42. Cory's podcast minutes
  43. VIP Tournaments
  44. Suggestion/Request for Casual Draft mode
  45. When paying in currencies other than $...
  46. OT: PAX Prime meetup
  47. How do I get in Alpha?
  48. Moment of Glory
  49. Spoiled Cards - Mechanics Question
  50. How is in-game messaging?
  51. Tapping cards to activate
  52. Merging multiple Accounts
  53. Party System question/concern for PVP and a guild suggestion
  54. [Must Listen] Cryptozoic's President Cory Jones in Podcast
  55. I bought pro player tier through paypal, what if it sells out on KS?
  56. Draft Format - Best of 3, or Single Elimination?
  57. How have you told people of Hex?
  58. Some noob questions
  59. Card text and symbols.
  60. Lifetime VIP?
  61. I think we require a benchmark/build before KS ends
  62. Spreading The Word
  63. You got me...
  64. Record the livestream
  65. Pro Tier Disappearing Fast (and how to stack rewards)
  66. Multiple Account support - Not pledge-stacking-related
  67. Mechanics Question: Reverse Engineering And Spectral Lotus
  68. CZE Has Had Failures. That is Why I Trust Them
  69. Raid Leader Bonus?
  70. Crafting thoughts
  71. Multiple Account Question
  72. Cory, My Boss Wants to Speak With You
  73. Odd thought on the number of cards and drafting
  74. Shortcuts [discussion]
  75. Multi-Pledgers (willing to pledge $1K or higher)
  76. Feature request: Voice comms.
  77. ***WARNING*** Paypal Sales Will Significantly Drop Current Kickstarter Availabliity
  78. Layout Change?
  79. Vanity Cards
  80. So Pro vs King
  81. Draft Entry Fee?
  82. Note on Pro Player tiers
  83. Pro Player Tier
  84. in honor of today's live feed, I became our newest Dragon Lord.
  85. Twitch.tv Developer Gameplay (includes mirror-recording download)
  86. Permanent PvE Choices?
  87. FYI: Pro tier is now CLOSED on PayPAL
  88. Draw Again / Card Mulligan Limit?
  89. Hex Memes!
  90. New Tier Idea - Free Sealed League for every set for like
  91. PvP Incentives?
  92. it was me.....
  93. Pro Tier Is Gone
  94. Quick Questions
  95. A request for API access
  96. Suggestions [Gameplay/Interface]
  97. "Join as Party" in Draft Tournaments?
  98. Please Please Please, put a short cut for the "passs priority" buton
  99. Suggestion: Artist credits on the cards
  100. Already cleared the next goal!
  101. Hex Comprehensive Rules
  102. Point of Factions?
  103. ELO, and Byes
  104. Alternate Art Cards
  105. Suggestion: Make a Guild Library as well
  106. Pledge reward balancing Ideas
  107. 13 Dragon Lord spots left
  108. Did anyone else notice the change in the last update
  109. Joining multiple drafts at the same time
  110. Starter Decks
  111. Tourney Drafts
  112. Driving the support train!
  113. Backers badge for the Kickstarter?
  114. 3d Models for a stretch goal?
  115. Spell effects
  116. Sideboards, how do you feel about them for this game?
  117. Timed Priority?
  118. A Plead to Cryptozoic
  119. New Stretch Goals Released (#10)
  120. Real money trading
  121. I'm Done--I'm Out. Just Sent Back Grand King
  122. That feeling of horror...
  123. Dragon lord cards?
  124. I am the final Dragon Lord!!
  125. Tournaments that allow all PvE content!
  126. Dragon Lord is Gone!
  127. Pro Tier Opens Up again
  128. How about 3rd person view for Stretch Goal?
  129. Only 569 Grand Kings left!
  130. Question on Stetch Goals
  131. Any chance we could get the deck list's from the stream yesterday?
  132. Card rarities...
  133. Remove a KS reward?
  134. My problem with Primal
  135. Stretch goals lowering value of higher tiers (blank tier and up get this)
  136. Digital TCG "Foil" cards?
  137. When and Why did you choose your pledge tier?
  138. I'm a Pro Player
  139. Original Soundtrack
  140. Free PvP tournaments?
  141. So I just did the math
  142. Spectator mode + Video recording options
  143. Larger tournaments
  144. If I'd only know how awesome the stretch goals would be...
  145. Gameplay question
  146. Grand King + 660k stretch bonus
  147. PvE Speculation and Clarification
  148. Is Common Equipment Rare?
  149. BETA vs Retail
  150. Dragon Lord tier sold out :-)
  151. What are the Masters - lets speculate
  152. Sabotage or Booby Trapped?
  153. In Game Errata/FAQ
  154. Rule Book / Glossary of Words
  155. VIP mode ... Can we elaborate on it pls?
  156. Twitch Stream Opinions
  157. Storage question
  158. Will this work on a tablet with Windows RT ?
  159. Necrotic
  160. A peek into madness.. Thoughts on AIDA and a Fluff based example of its implementatio
  161. How can I donate more with PayPal?
  162. Card List so far
  163. Forums Need Updating
  164. Questions
  165. Account Security suggestion(s)
  166. AIDA: The Best Thing to Happen to Hex Thus Far
  167. A plea to Cryto with regards to PvE
  168. Once's Combo List
  169. Draft & Boosters
  170. Win percentage
  171. Update #11 - Merging accounts
  172. I feel guilty...
  173. Who is interested in getting a Pro Tier?
  174. Payment system
  175. Multi man raids.
  176. Custom tournaments?
  177. Trade cards?
  178. Dragonlord Tier Alpha Access
  179. Mercenary Trading
  180. Account Security Requests
  181. How is this AI going be as good as they say?
  182. Real Money Auction House
  183. Grand King and above
  184. Set 1 for an year? (Beta to Summer 2014)
  185. lifedrain and other card abilities?
  186. My Thoughts and Suggestions about the Current Tier Imbalance
  187. How long will a booster draft take
  188. How would you feel about rare/legendary resource cards?
  189. The Hex TCG Wiki
  190. Someone help convince me not to double dip please
  191. Just hit 860k stretch...
  192. Forum Avatar question
  193. International play?
  194. Background card art and fonts... are... ugly?
  195. Letting go Pro Player
  196. Kickstarter Campaign Trending Towards 2M+
  197. Do we get KS rewards at Beta launch or Real launch in 2014?
  198. Show off your Hex Desktop/Phone/etc.
  199. Projected Stretch Goals and Other Data
  200. Steam Support
  201. My idea for a stretch goal: A community thank you
  202. Card Collection UI
  203. The case of the disappearing dwarves
  204. Revealed cards so far - Sapphire
  205. Issues viewing this forum using iPad
  206. Best place to view videos?
  207. Opening a digital booster pack
  208. Things that have me excited so far
  209. Ruby Major
  210. Add Ons
  211. Suggestion: Alternate Choice to Consume Free Weekly Draft
  212. Will there be wipes during beta, before retail.
  213. Suggestion: Let Weekly Free Draft Rollover to Next Week if Unused
  214. Question about the three draft we got in the goal
  215. Forum suggestion: Purpletracker
  216. Mods/Addons/Third-party software
  217. What do you plan to do first?
  218. Digital only rule variants
  219. KS update?
  220. Late pledges?
  221. Draft Rewards
  222. Thank You!
  223. Botting?
  224. Which comes First?
  225. Group/Guild Collection and Trade Binders?
  226. Update #12
  227. Update #12 - More Stretch Goals
  228. Stretch Goal #12 is up!!!
  229. Gen Con Dragon Lord's and up Dinner
  230. "1 Million Dollars" sleeves
  231. What do you think the last Stretch goal is?
  232. Overpowered?
  233. Keep Defence
  234. Uses of in-game Gold?
  235. Solo-Queue?
  236. Final stretch goal: Don't ever sell out to EA, Hasbro, Blizzard, MS, etc.
  237. Collector's Tier clarification
  238. a couple suggestions, open to community critisms and input
  239. what is the easiest KS combo..
  240. Well, it's slowing down now...NOT!
  241. Player-driven raids?
  242. Discussing the dilemma of pay to win mindset in tcg games
  243. Raid Leaders
  244. Thinking of going Grand King + King x2. Couple quick questions.
  245. Ninja Kitties!
  246. another KS question for someone new to ks...
  247. Are Guild, Raid & Dungeon Master Bonuses purchasable in future?
  248. Idea: Random Deck Option!
  249. Only 23 Primal Tiers left!! Who is next??
  250. Giving a pledge tier to someone