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  1. Any control over champion appearance in PvE?
  2. Will Hex Games be fast?
  3. Looking to upgrade to GK (pp currently)
  4. Deck types and Cards
  5. Only One Tier
  6. Best implementation of Priority Pass?
  7. I want a "like" button.... do you?
  8. What's the best TCG you've ever played? How does HEX compares?
  9. am i seeing things are are people running from dungeon crawler?
  10. Minimum Cost Saving Analysis by Tiers Part I Kings, $250, and Grand Kings
  11. Rules Questions
  12. Playstyle and Strategy Advice [Calling all Experts]
  13. Looking to buy a Grand King slot from someone
  14. WRUP until hex releases?
  15. Kickstarter stretch goals errors? (on pictures) - plz clarify
  16. The big problem of the Raid leader tier & “Partially merging accounts”
  17. Worst card so far? (PvP)
  18. In Game Kickstarter Title
  19. Wiki and multiple types of the same guy
  20. Booster Open Speculation
  21. Lend Card / Guild Library Feature
  22. Alts and cards
  23. Internal Economy
  24. Any Idea On Hardware Requirements?
  25. Grand King sleeve art - why not add a crown?
  26. Watch other players open boosters?
  28. Minimal Saving Analysis Part II ~Squire, Warrior, Captain, Knight and Champion Tiers~
  29. Grand King - Primal tier
  30. Nonbasic Resource Idea
  31. I love you Cory!
  32. +1 Producer
  33. Anyone interested in watching me stream opening 1200 booster packs during beta?
  34. One reason why shirts bundled with promo codes may be a bad idea.
  35. Head Games: What do you think?
  36. Could we get a referral system?
  37. Coyotle remind me of Nasus from League of Legends
  38. Hex team when you are setting up Authenticator support please use the Google standard
  39. Pledge Confusion
  40. Wii U
  41. Referral system!
  42. Digital game that drops physical goods!
  43. Keyword: "permanently"
  44. Bites nails!
  45. Non NA players
  46. Which Tier is better?
  47. PvE cards
  48. Let's Speculate!
  49. ? about cards that create "tokens"
  50. Least liked artwork please change
  51. Wild Wild West is going to be a very popular format.
  52. Question about new cards
  53. Anybody else worried about the difficulty of PvE Dungeons/Raids?
  54. Sacrifice System in HEX
  55. Custom game modes!
  56. The combo I can't get out of my head ...
  57. Cards Rarity
  58. GM sales boost idea
  59. Suggestion: Multilingual Boards
  60. Name and guild reservation?
  61. Developer insights
  62. No Auras in Hex?
  63. 2 kings, or a collector?
  64. Suggestion: Dungeon Evacuation abilities (EQ1 style) and Death Penalty.
  65. Suggestion: Card Trophies (from Kickstarter comments)
  66. Primal question
  67. Extra mercenaries from KS?
  68. Hex Playmat
  69. Cost and Threshold
  70. Represent your country!
  71. Solo raiding, think it'll happen?
  72. Pulse Sponsored Stream To Give Away Kickstarter Packages
  73. donation question
  74. The impossible 251th Early Bird King!?
  75. New Tier
  76. New Hex TCG database website - hextcgdb.com
  77. Speculation on The starter decks
  78. GK and the Guild Master tier
  79. So, guildmaster no pack of beta invites?
  80. Drafting vs AI
  81. speculation: dual resource
  82. Cards or Mechanics from other TCGs you'd like to see in HEX
  83. Dates
  84. What monster themed decks would you like to see?
  85. Card Templates
  86. LFG looking for group .. Have gearscore over 9000!!!
  87. 100
  88. Trade Binder and misc org
  89. Best female artwork so far
  90. Trade binders
  91. Detachable Chat Boxes
  92. Looks like a very fast rotation.
  93. Socketing question
  94. Offline functionalities (for mobile at least)
  95. Where's all the water themed cards at?
  96. Can we merge support tiers with our main tier to get beta invites for friends?
  97. Trade Pro for Grand King?
  98. I don't know where I stand anymore... Help
  99. Sources
  100. Question / suggestion re: "Friend Codes"
  101. Memorial Day Custom Card
  102. How easy will trading boosters be?
  103. The combo I can't get out of my head ...
  104. Gifting Kickstarter Pledges
  105. Crypto: Update the Kickstarter page
  106. Spirit Dance equipment?
  107. Getting feedback for demand of boosterpacks upon game release!
  108. Missed the DotP sale :(
  109. Dwarves the Creation Destruction Dichotomy
  110. Crafting
  111. Update 20 is up
  112. Experience bonus for cards? Anything official?
  113. Hello everyone. I will be playing Hex.
  114. Double Blocking?
  115. Could we get an "Off Topic" forum section just for Hex?
  116. How do I choose another tier when i pledge more?
  117. Phantom Draft and F2P
  118. Learn from Diablo 3's RMAH mistakes
  119. Artist Recognition
  120. CRAZY idea for a replacement for the RMAH
  121. So I want pro player tier but they are gone.
  122. Can anyone suggest a digital TCG?
  123. Top Notch Programming.
  124. Android & iOS support
  125. Dragon's Blood Starter Deck
  126. Design a Dungeon
  127. Brainstorm! Binder Cover and stickers!
  128. just a quick question about paypal backer
  129. 'Voiding' target card
  130. Suggestion: Balancing Booster Pack Winnings
  131. free year of drafts
  132. Seeking Clarification: Set 2 Release with Beta considerations
  133. Question about the +1 additional copy of every Kickstarter Exclusive PVE card
  134. There needs to be a way to feel improvement in competitive PVP
  135. What kinds of articles/content do you want to see on a Hex Fansite?
  136. The "mulligan" system !
  137. Just bought the king tier :D
  138. so how will pve be balanced for free players vs founders?
  139. Starter Decks and Boosters question?
  140. Can someone confirm the source of Raid Tier +1 can add up?
  141. HEX Kicked Forward
  142. Languages ​​and Translations
  143. Permanenet
  144. Long-term Free2Play in HEX
  145. Extra-Legendary Stretch Goal? One easy step to 2-2.5million!
  146. IDEA for CZE - An easy way to manage different merged accounts for KS-Paypal
  147. Where is Twitch Video from Monday's stream?
  148. Raid Leader Pledge - All Non-PVE Content?
  149. 500$ Budget, If I cant snipe a GK, how to spend it?
  150. Why are Pro Players tier limited to 913 on KS?
  151. Question for CZE: Will we be paying to Beta test?
  152. Non Card Specific equipment
  153. Trading PVP Cards
  154. Physical items you would love to buy as an addon on KS
  155. Having 2 Accounts
  156. Extra pro player kickstarter
  157. Why do you think people are favoring Dungeon Crawler over Collector?
  158. A Cowardly Tactic
  159. Will deck sleeves be tradeable?
  160. Hextcg.gamepedia.com updates: Tooltips!
  161. Alternate Art
  162. Curse frontpage article
  163. Less than 45k away...
  164. Vanity items...
  165. Minor Feature Request:
  166. DragonLord and above Vanity cards
  167. Sliver of the Immortal Spear
  168. probably asked before
  169. Which race do you want featured in Saturday's Kickstarter Update?
  170. The Inverse Value of Collector Tier
  171. Artifacts Spoilers Video (PvP)
  172. Kickstarter Update #21 is out!
  173. Feature Suggestion: IRC Integration
  174. Tablet support questions
  175. Some needed* keywords?
  176. Primal Tier Questions
  177. Should I Be Feeling Guilty?
  178. Our Own Give Away
  179. extra beta invites?
  180. Request for Beautiful Nubian Goddesses in Hex.
  181. Overlap between PvE and PvP?
  182. Keep your packs Drafts
  183. Will KS tiers be reserved in case of payment error?
  184. My immersion :(
  185. All wings report in (Star Citizen Hex backers)
  186. Request account to different email?
  187. Inspire
  188. Wooohooo, Thanks Cory... You make me feel like a KING!!
  189. Dependence on a card being in opening hand
  190. Pay to win??
  191. What if this game fails?
  192. Tablets....
  193. Tokens and threshold
  194. We have achieved LEGENDARY status!
  195. Which $250 KS should I get? Aaaah!
  196. Talk me out of Producer...
  197. My final stretch goal request (Sealed)
  198. Merging Accounts versus Gifting an Account
  199. New Database Layout
  200. At last i am the King.
  201. Need To Know ASAP
  202. Will there be exclusive content for dungeon/objectives and other events?
  203. Stacking Spectral Lotuses
  204. Could Hex be sued for copyright by WOTC
  205. The Guild Bank
  206. Hello Everyone! New To The Community And Super Excited To Try Out HexTCG
  207. How I became a believer in hex.
  208. Where is the WTFOMGBBQLEETSAUCE post/announcement?
  209. Idea: Add New Tier (Grand King+)
  210. May 30th Article up
  211. Wild West Multiplayer
  212. I have bought somthing.
  213. Bebo - Parts
  214. Update #22
  215. 1.8 Million Hex Alpha, lets make it happen!
  216. Update #22 - New Stretch Goals
  217. HEX ALPHA ACCESS! Next stretch goal.
  218. 1.8mil Goal - Name Reservation Request
  219. Speculation on the last 2 stretch goals?
  220. Cryptozoic store - No EU shipping and no PayPal?
  221. Gamasutra Article
  222. HEX wont have referral system?
  223. New Card - Eye of Creation
  224. Handling of Future Promo/Exclusive Cards or Items
  225. On Power creep and better systems then block rotations.
  226. Getting Brick and Mortar Stores Involved
  227. What happens if...
  228. Card Suggestion - Hexigram
  229. Pledge question
  230. Question on the Server and how it handles during Alpha/Beta/Launch
  231. How the free drafts for a year work?
  232. Duels of the Planeswalkers (Original) - Now Working on Windows 7
  233. Prizeless drafts for those of us that are not allowed to win prizes?
  234. opening a digital booster
  235. 2 Quick Questions
  236. The stretch is hiring a book writer?
  237. I'm looking to donate/pledge more
  238. Card Ideas
  239. Dungeon Crawlers
  240. Guilds and factions
  241. Mechanics Ideas?
  242. Concern - please no exclusive stuff for live events
  243. i want to buy my friend a warrior tier
  244. What is your favorite card revealed so far?
  245. Concern about Network Connection to Asia
  246. White Green Blue Red Orange
  247. Dave Farland/Wolverton for Author!
  248. 350 cards in the first set alone. how does that effect draft?
  249. To the (ex)snipers..
  250. Raid Parties for Loners