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  1. Lifedrain/Lifesteal is pretty awesome!
  2. Opinions about Stream 5 June
  3. I'd like to do the math
  4. HexRealms.com
  5. Adamanthian Scrivener's ability needs to be re-worded! Currently misleading.
  6. Dungeon Crawler+ Primal on Paypal
  7. A better way to "fix" manna screw
  8. Dungeon Ideas (again)
  9. A few questions.
  10. Why make it complicated?
  11. Upgrade Question
  12. Keep Defence - Lets Add Some Lore
  13. Quick breakdown of what you get in first year if you pledged GK
  14. Already King, talk me into collector.
  15. Based on feedback from Scrolls, a concern for Hex's release
  16. The Multiplayer in the MMO of this game ....
  17. Collector 2x Lotus Garden
  18. Faction Linked to Account Concerns
  19. Can we get clarification on what gold and platinum will be used for?
  20. Getting PvP cards
  21. Who Remembers the Poke'mon tradeing card game (GBA)
  22. Looks like all the GMs jumped ship...
  23. Booster opening experience
  24. Upgrade Paypal Pledge?
  25. Dragon's Blood Deck.
  26. VIP Program
  27. New interview with Cory
  28. IDEA: Making Player Keeps able to function like player-made PVP Dungeons !!!
  29. Digital is great, but...
  30. Hex Wiki
  31. This is it! Final call! 25 Dungeon Crawlers left!
  32. Trying to do my part to get more players before KS ends
  33. Reminder if you want to pledge DC do it RIGTH NOW
  34. Hex DB : New Deck Builder Interface
  35. Posting Alpha Content
  36. Some questions
  37. Board Art & Gameplay
  38. No last minute changes!
  39. Ala HEX stream: Optional Integrated Video Chat option in client
  40. Multi Pledge Question
  41. Ben Avatar of the Death - Use it for the last KS hours! ^__^
  42. Question about Inspiration Engine
  43. Happy Birthday (Princess) Cory!
  44. deck making on hex.potion-of-wit.com
  45. The Happy Birthday Cory thread!
  46. Character name reservation, priority for forum username?
  47. Rage Stacking?
  48. Suggestions for Stream 6/5
  49. Exahsting with summoning sickness
  50. Special reward for final stretch goal request to crypto
  51. Is anyone else multi-pledging this way?
  52. Balancing changes still happening in Set 1 looks like
  53. Question about donating with paypal and future account login
  54. Champions and PvE Mercenaries
  55. Silly Keep Names
  56. Rare Drafting - MTG:O example
  57. UI Features/Requests
  58. Oh, oh, neat idea for special cards...
  59. Gemming Question
  60. Ghost / Free drafting?
  61. PSA: The Yasi problem - What you can do to let the troll hang himself.
  62. So did they ok multi-boxing in the stream?
  63. Convince me of Collectors Tier!
  64. crafting info
  65. Have they and will they stop the daily update of the site?
  66. The Mushwocky mystery (Terrified Battle Hoppers?)
  67. RAID DETAILS! - New Update on the Main Site
  68. What happened? You missed Black Tiger/Lotus questions.
  69. Update 28
  70. *Official* UI Features/Requests Thread
  71. cards, games, and bears
  72. Cory streamed interview RIGHT NOW
  73. Anyone want to trade their GK for a PP?
  74. Mana Screw ~ This is why designer favor it ~
  75. Hex Rewards Calculator
  76. I would really love to see some PvE
  77. Dungeon Crawler SOLD OUT!
  78. Dungeon Crawler buff working in raids
  79. 250 tier year of free weekly tourney entries question
  80. Dungeon concepts
  81. Question about Tiers
  82. What's the ceiling on HEX?
  83. Suggestion to Streamline Stack Resolution
  84. Three colour decks. Are they viable?
  85. Guild Websites & Links
  86. hit 2.1 lets see new stretch goal!
  87. Hex on cryptozoic.com
  88. multiple tiers question
  89. Remove Basic Lands completely and change Resource into what Hearthstone has?
  90. Can you claim multiple KS pledge rewards on the one Hex account?
  91. Suggestion: Current Deck Composition Viewable During Play
  92. Choose A Side!
  93. Please allow the stacking of one year free drafts for merging multiple 250+ tiers
  94. Questions about Ninja Training
  95. Further Keep Questions.
  96. Does anyone think it's odd...
  97. Producers and Primal Last Call!
  98. Offline or Download Collection
  99. cory jones interviews
  100. Race for World First?
  101. Set 1, 2 and 3 Boosters?
  102. Man do I want to build a full set of Princess Cory
  103. Just a Clarification
  104. Clone zone!
  105. Is Hex really an MMO?
  106. My BIGGEST wish for final stretch goal!
  107. Artist names on cards
  108. Add a King or Not?
  109. Want a grand King, willing to pay premium...
  110. Staying one step ahead: Provide Translation.
  111. Differance between PVE and PVP card
  112. Summary of Today's Q&A Twitch
  113. Idea for the Final Stretch Goall: Crowdsource a Mercenary
  114. Talk me out of adding collector
  115. Player's Keep Card Poolr
  116. Drafting?
  117. (Feature Request) Ardent Vrs Underworld Capturable Dungeon/s
  118. Which tier to pledge? New to TCGs
  119. Quick question about dungeons & raids
  120. Only 12 to 18 Legendaries in Set 1?
  121. Looking to buy a Pro Player pledge. Paying premium
  122. Is the raid leader bonus too much?
  123. Sharing Cards in Guild Bank
  124. World Map?
  125. Hex irc
  126. Digital medium and set rotation
  127. Hex Table Top RPG
  128. Account KS identifications
  129. Mass confusion re: Dungeon Crawler 100% loot bonus and Raids
  130. New Article on the Main site
  131. Pro Player tournament
  132. Deck building tool needs this!
  133. Question: Can you have different faction troops in the same deck in PvP? PvE?
  134. will there be a basic numbered edition each year?
  135. Changing cards after release
  136. Guild Chat / Achievements
  137. Is 20 life enough?
  138. Can I just get into early alpha now?
  139. Why the limit on the tiers exactly?
  140. Deck Builder more feature request
  141. Priority and Stack Depth, or Why Magic is Successful
  142. Finally a game I can Enjoy!
  143. Who is your fave merc/champ spoiled so far?
  144. Sorting Idea Personally Named Folders
  145. Just missed the last Grand Master snipe
  146. Dawn of the Final Day
  147. RSS Feed
  148. Kickstarter Numbers
  149. Allowed to buy accounts?
  150. Hex Booster Draft Simulator?
  151. Raiding question
  152. Q from a TCG Noob - Any good reason to drop EBK from GK and add Collector?
  153. *** Community Call Out ***
  154. 24 hours left and I still can't decide to back or not!
  155. And the primal tier is gone!
  156. Update #29 - The Final Countdown (and stretch goal)
  157. This just in!
  158. HEX CON in Las Vegas!
  159. will it be frowned upon...
  160. Im the new guy
  161. HEX Con... EU Backers = Live Stream Access?
  162. FIRST time a stretch goal is ACTUALLY a stretch
  163. contact via paypal website?
  164. Why 2.5m?
  165. Pledged for my wife thru Paypal, myself on KS -- do we get serial keys later on?
  166. Hex Con Facts
  167. The 2.5 Mil stretch goal
  168. just wondering
  169. HexCon Hotel Rooms
  170. HexCON for the 1%
  171. Deck Editor Idea
  172. OK even I backed this
  173. Dragon Lord to Producer: Put Name to a oon-to-be Face
  174. Reminder: we don't "deserve" HEXCon
  175. PAX Meet Up?
  176. I looove the Stretch Goal :D
  177. Captain to Knight upgrade?
  178. Musing about 40-man (or other large number) raids...
  179. Hex T-Shirts on EUCC
  180. To: The multipledgers who will have a ton of acess PvE excluse cards.
  181. Project Update #30: HEX Con Digital Items For All
  182. Update #30 on Kicker!
  183. Question about Raid Leader's +1 card bonus and Hand limit
  184. Buy multiple tiers with 1 pledge?
  185. Inquiry Please help
  186. 1 Dragon Lord about to be released maybe?
  187. Fun Guild Boss Idea For Casual Players That Is Like A Real Raid
  188. How will Cryptozoic handle the Beta invites?
  189. Can you pledge multiple times with one PayPal account?
  190. Why I love this community!!!!!
  191. Spectral lotus garden
  192. Is it just me or are the shirts kind of meh?
  193. What about [Raid Leader] and Solo Raids?
  194. How much is a complete Playset worth? (Primal Tier Question)
  195. Collectors! What do you want to see?
  196. Tournament Deck Privacy!
  197. Dungeon Crawler One spot open
  198. Releasing 2 PP in the next half hour
  199. Bets on Collector selling out?
  200. "+1 additional copy of every kickstarter exclusive PvE card"
  201. So I own this store...
  202. Data Editor Related Request - version for use during drafting?
  203. Off Topic Discusion:
  204. 2 Dungeon Crawlers Available
  205. Custom image playmat background?
  206. To make our goal today we need to make 180,000 Before 2PM GMT-5
  207. A heartfelt thank you.
  208. The Final Push
  209. Digital TCG Experiences
  210. My plea to Cryptozoic to offer larger size T shirt
  211. Warlock Inquisitor + socket
  212. PayPal tier upgrade
  213. Debating on donating up to 30k
  214. Alpha question
  215. Extended Kickstarter?
  216. How Exactly Do We Stack Reward Tiers?
  217. Duels where you can place a Bet
  218. Starting tomorrow after it's over...can we talk about Collector's?
  219. Sniping for PP on PayPal?
  220. Tease/Terrible Luck
  221. Hex Academy Guild Idea
  222. When Alpha comes out, are we able to stream?
  223. Squire tier
  224. First video in my series... YAY CONTENT!!!
  225. Your name in the credits
  226. I donated 2.3m thank me later.
  227. I wrote a song to sing at a fine establishment about said started kicks.
  228. Do Beta Invites Stack?
  229. Deck sharing codes
  230. How does character creation work?
  231. PVP Cards
  232. German speaking players
  233. A supporter here :) I got a question about redeeming.
  234. Stacking Tiers
  235. A few last Questions before Kickstarter end
  236. Alfa
  237. Confusion on number of starter decks
  238. So, this is pretty deep, what names will you scoop up?
  239. What are "champions", "mercenaries" and "character" ?
  240. Don't expect to reach 2.5 mil
  241. Final stretch efforts
  242. Did any of you play the lotr tcg by Decipher?
  243. Its the end of the line. Buy 2 collectors or risk buying PP 2nd hand market.
  244. Question on Equipment
  245. HexTCGPro.com is live!
  246. Screw it, I'm going collector!
  247. ???? whats this about merging accounts
  248. Got my PP w00t
  249. Chances of getting any form of $250+ tier after KS?
  250. Twitch Countdown