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  1. Animated Cards for AA?
  2. The Journey of Natty Gann
  3. Changing Tier
  4. Looking to Trade my Pro Player for a Grand King.
  5. I got 4x Kings Anyone Want To Trade Me Their 1x Grand King?
  6. PvP Champions
  7. donation problem
  8. 1 primal is open
  9. Backing options
  10. 1 DC currently opened up.
  11. It's the Final Countdown
  12. If everyone wanted to band together in a show of good sportsmanship
  13. Free Contest (Not Hex related, but CZE related)
  14. A newbie's guide to formats!
  15. Update 31
  16. Slackerbackers count towards stretch goals
  17. Primal -> Immortal -> Producer Sleeves Clarification
  18. Funded
  19. Question about Paypal payments and registration (I guess)
  20. Any last minute decisions?
  21. Payments - Succeess and Failure
  22. Alright Fellow Collectors, We Can All Cackle Madly!
  23. Alternate Art Card Numbers
  24. How long does it take for you to get charged for backing the game?
  25. Drunk/High Ben
  26. Trading up from Collector to Grand King
  27. Looking forward to Hex Con.
  28. Congratulations Cory and the Cryptozoic Team!
  29. We did it! How did you get here?
  30. HEX at E3
  31. Linuxclient request
  32. Did you know Ben Stoll was famous before CZE?
  33. Hex-Themed Youtube Channel - Jax the Hexer
  34. Where my fellow Raid leaders at??
  35. Beta exclusivity for a time?
  36. Exclusive Cards in circulation
  37. @ People who leave streams early.
  38. Goodbye everyone. I will not be playing HexTCG.
  39. List of terms for those new to trading card games
  40. Has anyone compiled a list of what's included at each tier?
  41. there is no free pvp?
  42. Make a difference to magic the gathering
  43. Equipment
  44. Economy Question: How will Gold and Platinum Interact?
  45. The social Pro Players thread
  46. More subscription levels and post kickstarter offers
  47. Facebook Card Preview Album
  48. Suggestion for annual event: Rescue Princess Cory!
  49. I would like OFFICIAL beta/alpha dates.
  50. Anyone else bought into this who hasn't played a tcg?
  51. Anyone excited about the novel?
  52. IS there any other way of getting packs to play in draft other than buying them?
  53. Playing a card based on how good it looks looks rather than how good it it...
  54. Will Kickstarter backers be able to register their Keep names before Alpha starts?
  55. Aternate characters?
  56. Hex will have some work to do preventing 1st turn raid wins
  57. Ranked Queing
  58. Winston/Winchester draft?
  59. Dragon's Blood Starter Deck - tradable?
  60. [Giveaway]1x King Tier
  61. Confirmed, Early alpha acess starts in 2 weeks.
  62. Mono Blood Control
  63. [H] Dragon Lord [W] Grand King
  64. Could we get 1 PvP Card revealed each day untill Alpha/Beta start?<3
  65. Something that's been bothering me since the first reveals...
  66. Hex Canada Community
  67. What are some of your Hex aesthetics pet peeves?
  68. So if you click the BACK Hex banner on the homepage. you can pledge open tiers still
  69. Feature Request: AI Deck Versus
  70. no more effective bluffing
  71. Set names
  72. kenlau82 this is a message for you buddy
  73. My Hex Tcg Blog! What do you guys think?
  74. I have a GK and a Collector for...
  75. Custom sleeve
  76. OP kyle on a closing spree, well done
  77. I made a little video for you all just now. Talk to you soon <3
  78. pom cards.
  79. whats the total
  80. Question about Eye of Question mechanic, need official ruling
  81. A Couple Random Ideas
  82. Quiet thanks.
  83. Have nothing better to do at 2AM in the morning so I theorycraft decks
  84. Info about the artwork on cards
  85. Unglued / Unhinged
  86. What ONE thing are you looking forward to most?
  87. Card Analysis: Wretched Brood
  88. PAX Australia
  89. Missed kickstarter by a day..
  90. We need webcam/VoIP integration!
  91. This is all I see..
  92. I know you have plenty on your plate but.
  93. Paypal (in time) but payement failure!
  94. Would you reveal your OP strategy?
  95. Game Idea For Guilds
  96. Looking to forming a gaming group
  97. Lotus Garden / Free Drafts - Reset or Cooldown
  98. Equipment/Gems For Multiple Cards?
  99. PvE - Pack Raptor Artifact
  100. Hex Community - Teamspeak Server (Online)
  101. Server - NA/EU ??
  102. Concerns
  103. How long do I have to pay my paypal pledge?
  104. Economy predictions, will it imitate a paper TCG?
  105. What is with this stupid resource system!
  106. When will we leave these 3rd world forums?!
  107. Card Creation - Forum Game!
  108. Pvp and Pve differences
  109. Slacker Backer - Alpha Access Only?
  110. kickstarter payment problems
  111. IRC Channel for HEX
  112. Copies into Collection Question
  113. Quick Card Question...
  114. Question about Possible Heroic raid/dungeons
  115. How many basic resource per deck?
  116. Tricky Question
  117. Idea: Could we have 'donation boxes' for unwanted cards in Guilds and Keeps?
  118. when do you think alpha will be released?
  119. Raid Loot versus Dungeon Loot Power Level
  120. End Game Raiding
  121. Stupid question.
  122. Achievements!!!
  123. Trial of Faith/Time Bug/The Transcended Combo
  124. A bit premature, but can we have a forum for discussing cards and decks?
  125. Player base predictions
  126. question about bone warrior mechanic
  127. Guild vs Guild tournaments
  128. Double resources cards
  129. A long time from now. (Block rotation)
  130. Shin'hare Deck Revised
  131. Trying my hardest not to spend money in MTGO while waiting for Hex
  132. Alpha will have PvE!!!!!!!
  133. How many cards in a Booster pack?
  134. End of KS - Lotus Garden Analysis
  135. Socketable cards
  136. Help! Trying to convince friend to play.
  137. KS exclusive cards
  138. Questions on Keeps
  139. Do Collectors get unique AAs for Set 1?
  140. Things you miss because you're not in the IRC Chat
  141. Booster Draft Simulator?
  142. FREE Booster Pack Daily @ HEXRealms.com!
  143. Question about merging / maintaining separate accounts
  144. Hex Scrolls community?
  145. [video] resources & acceleration... YAY!
  146. IF hex wants the most support!
  147. What will we receive and when?
  148. Fun for Everyone?
  149. Latest JtH Video - Feat. A Powerful PvE Combo
  150. Interview With Ben Stoll
  151. Pass priority suggestion
  152. Anyone with a new playable race idea hit it up!
  153. Too creature-centric?
  154. Spectral Lotus + Doppelgadget - Possible exploit
  155. Unfulfilled Kickstarter Tiers - Put Them Up for Sale ?
  156. Noob questions thread
  157. I may be developing a content-production addiction... (new vid - card analysis)
  158. Champion Rules Clarifications
  159. Wild/Sapphire Raptor Control?
  160. Match Making in Hex
  161. Redichaos - 200 Subscribers
  162. Inspired Angel Cleric Artifact PvP Deck
  163. Card questions
  164. Zombie Plague: Great Sideboard or Greatest Sideboard
  165. the N-th question about merging
  167. GenCon 2013 Hex Dinner Giveaway!
  168. Blood/Sapphire MillDeath
  169. 2nd screen idea from twitter
  170. PvP Zombie Apocalypse
  171. [PvP] Eye of Creation/Pack Raptor Combo
  172. Powerlevel - Multiple accounts - Multiboxing - Considered Exploiting?
  173. Flier mechanic
  174. Faction question
  175. Please keep the Saturday Race Previews coming
  176. Primal Pack Odds
  177. Castle/keep defense
  178. Serious question on multiple KS accounts in general.
  179. Idea for unlockable and customizable play-fields.
  180. If merging tiers into 1 account, can extra alpha/beta invites be given out?
  181. Hello World & misc. from a newbie
  182. Keep defence attacker AI or Human?
  183. Level 1 Mercenaries
  184. Equipment Questions
  185. veteran of online TCG's and online games in general and the nerf cycle.
  186. HEX will work on my Netbook?
  187. Threshold?
  188. Will we be able to do intra-Guild drafts?
  189. What could you live without?
  190. Splitting?
  191. Backer + Alpha
  192. So how do you guys feel on the whole about resetting card stats?
  193. HEX Podcast
  194. What cards would you like Alternate Art for?
  195. In-game communication
  196. Idea: Birthday award
  197. port to consoles?
  198. An idea for the current card stat Problem
  199. foils?
  200. New article up on HexTCGPro.com!
  201. Just bought slacker backer
  202. Sigs: Restrictions to be in Place?
  203. I WAS waiting for hearthstone...
  204. Test
  205. Hex Demo at WoW TCG NACC this weekend
  206. hex shards crash at card stores
  207. When some new subforums get added...
  208. Suggestion - Rating as a survey purpose
  209. Summary of all costs?
  210. I miss the KS...
  211. Completely Missed the Opporunity, Willing to Back $590.00
  212. How much would it cost to wrap gift cards in foil packaging?
  213. API Hooks for 3rd Party add-ons
  214. If the past is any indication of the future...
  215. Any Chance for an upgrade.
  216. Inspiring Troops
  217. New JtH Video - Soothing Breeze + Eternal Youth Card Analysis
  218. Trade Feedback / Trade Counter
  219. Since we have keep defence, how about.. "Territorial wars"?
  220. Why is there no dev tracker/ "red post" flag?
  221. Ideas for Expansion Content
  222. My attempt at two Eye of Creation decks
  223. HEX kickstarter - the black hole edition?
  224. Some question about double donations
  225. Hex @ E3
  226. Is this going to be a true alpha/beta cycle?
  227. Daily Articles?
  228. Blood/wild raptor deck.
  229. Warlock Inquisitor card review
  230. L.I.F.E. (Lessons In Finding Enlightenment)
  231. Blood/Ruby Aggro Deck
  232. Let's Talk About Gold Value
  233. PvP may be too inaccessible for many
  234. Gencon 2013 Get Together?
  235. Marking the occasion - special content release - The Champions of Hex!
  236. Do you think that the only way to get equipment for the PvP cards will be...
  237. Is it just me....
  238. PvP - Life Gain Deck
  239. Sorry to steal Cryptozoic's thunder BUT...
  240. Will there be a trade option?
  241. So what are we REALLY?
  242. Upcoming Update on Friday
  243. Have there been any updates?
  244. I believe we may have found a solid answer to the transforming/permanent ability qu.
  245. kickstarter
  246. Casual Hex - new Hex website!
  247. Better names for game mechanics?
  248. when will alpha be out?
  249. Free weekly card rotation
  250. Official petition...