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  1. Spectral Assassin functionality
  2. Are you Raid Ready?
  3. VIP Talk (Ideas and such)
  4. If i go android will i be able to play vs PC?
  5. Boost Draft Tournaments: explain how you build the deck pls
  6. A pvp co-op / training idea! I think this would be great for Hex
  7. Buffing cards
  8. Do I bring my own booster packs to a draft tournament?
  9. Is Dollar the currency unit we will use ?
  10. So latest news on Alpha is "mid to late August"
  11. Is it possible that we can have a beta test?
  12. Video Update - What we're playing at HEXTCGPro before HEX beta
  13. Carte is closing
  14. Latest JtH Video - Super Drafting 101
  15. Make EVERYTHING tradeable
  16. Platinum - The League of Legends Approach to in-game $
  17. Created a HEX Wallpaper
  18. Are the Kickstarter rewards still available?
  19. HEX Wallpaper
  20. Let's play a game... with a prize.
  21. HEX page on mmorpg.com
  22. Is there a way to change Kickstarter tiers?
  23. Questions about this game.
  24. [18th Card Breakdown Video] - Subscriber Giveaway and Upcoming Channel Milestone!
  25. Booster Pack Treasure Chests and Drafting
  26. Free draft for KS people thought ...
  27. I can not believe it took me this long to ask this
  28. About card information and rarity. Pls explain :)
  29. What brought you here?
  30. Dissappointed with Lack of Updates
  31. Combat - Tap attackers to right !
  32. Tournament PvE
  33. Noob question.
  34. Awesome looking game, but
  35. When people ask about/demand more KS stuff, PLEASE...
  36. Please Help
  37. The (far) future of hex
  38. Hex and Virtual Reality
  39. $50 dollar cards
  40. How will you draft?
  41. Set one timeline Vs. Beta
  42. New subforums.
  43. You should protect us from Manaflood/Manascrew !
  44. Free draft giveaway ... and more!
  45. Mobile Hex vs Computer Hex.
  46. Something completely random
  47. Grissnap's blatant self-promotion thread (Youtube and Blog stuff)
  48. Non-basic resources.
  49. Xbox one?
  50. A few specific questions
  51. Skills on cards written in green and white
  52. Crappy Orc with Fireworks Victory Screen
  53. Hand re-draw limit?
  54. Does Faction Matter?
  55. Just bought Slacker Backer but how do they know my account?
  56. treacher chest set?
  57. Slacker Question
  58. [Video] Tips for the aspiring drafter
  59. Familiar Cards: Part 2 (blog post)
  60. Equipment of Interest
  61. Mailbox system?
  62. TCG Mentoring/Tutoring
  63. How can you tell if a card is PVP or PVE?
  64. Spoilers tommorrow??
  65. Mobile Devices
  66. [ARTICLE] Deck Type Classifications Part I - Aggro Archetype (HCRealms.com)
  67. Question to Alpha/ Beta invite
  68. Free Draft/+1 Card in raids/100% extra dungeon loot for "Life" question.
  69. All players in Raid play simultaneously
  70. The value of pro player tier?
  71. What are the play styles of the five different color groups?
  72. [20th Card Breakdown Video] - Plus giveaway winner link
  73. Video deck tech - Blood based decks
  74. State of Emergency here in Calgary.
  75. Why blood and wild cards don't have that metallic strip?
  76. Latest JtH Video - Wild Root Dancer Analysis (+ a PSA)
  77. High threshold/Low mana cards
  78. "Celebrity" Hex players?
  79. Hex Shuffle - More Content! Better Organization!
  80. hex tos
  81. Concern about Keep Defense
  82. Friday update
  83. How will Hex be released? On steam or independent or something else?
  84. Update 34 - we have retired on the KS Proceeds
  85. Does Slacker Backer VIP stack onto KS VIP?
  86. Todays Card update!
  87. Nice updates, but where is the kickstarter update
  88. Off Topic: Shamelessly promoting my friend's Fantasy eBook.
  89. What do we know about eSports so far?
  90. UnderWorls Champions + something extra :)
  91. Guild question concerning mixed faction.
  92. What happens if a troop dies while it's in your deck?
  93. HEX: Use of Copyrighted Art by Fans/Players???
  94. Spectral Lotus Garden alternate art
  95. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions
  96. Kickstarter Equipment
  97. Ipad/Mobile Hex...
  98. Rewards Email for Primal, Immortal, or Producer?
  99. CZE mark the threads you have replied plz
  100. Keywords: Rage (blog post)
  101. Soothing Breeze - Worth Playing?
  102. Who do I contact to find our the Hex details about Gencon (for non-dinner attendees)?
  103. change the way of the free draft reward works
  104. Pop Quiz!
  105. Def = 0 = Dead?
  106. MTG Grand Prix Las Vegas
  107. Has anyone ever played this?
  108. How long is the Slacker Backer going to be available?
  109. Wrenlocke / Dream Dance combo
  110. Mandatory Authenticators? Yah or Nah?
  111. What to do after backing Hex?
  112. Jax the Hexer Vid - Champions of the Underworld (+200 Subs!)
  113. Replicator's Gambit/Unique card
  114. Hexcon Vegas!
  115. Open Letter to Cryptozoic (to thank them for creating Hex)
  116. Socketed Gem Limits Per Deck
  117. Regarding Alpha/Beta testing
  118. Champions in Draft?
  119. Questions regarding Names/Keep etc...
  120. Did you pick Champion Tier?
  121. Hex will be available on tablet, will it be available on smartphone too?
  122. What Deck will you build
  123. TheDailyHexagame - Oh Champion, My Champion
  124. These Are Our Requests to CZE
  125. Any hope for 3v3 sealed deck tournies ?
  126. [Video] Champions Explained
  127. Hex Oracle
  128. Rarity info
  129. KS Tiers as In-game Titles
  130. Request: Make account login different from in-game name
  131. My first TCG-deck needs feedback
  132. They wouldn't , would they?
  133. C'mon CZE, you know you wanna...
  134. My worries about artifacts/constants
  135. Lets engage in rampant speculation of player numbers!
  136. Familiar Cards: Part 3 (blog post)
  137. Champions of the Underworld - New Article
  138. Long List of Q/A
  139. Wipe after Alpha
  140. The Illusion of Symmetry - my first article over at Utopian Chaos
  141. Alpha exclusive?
  142. HEX & E-Sports: Pay to Win & Tournament Accounts
  143. Yeah this kinda NEEDS to happen ...
  144. Deck Concept: Lifesucking Zombies
  145. Slacker Backer Code?
  146. 20 or 25 starting life?
  147. Hot Topics: Recommendations for CZE
  148. Do we know the PvE Class types?
  149. Magic 2014, now on Android!
  150. Role Call!
  151. What books are you reading?
  152. Hex Hobby/Card Store Implementation
  153. Question about Spectral Lotus and Garden cards.
  154. PvE Booster Packs? Yah or Nah?
  155. Chlorophyllia card analysis -- HTP card of the week
  156. PvP champions come in booster packs?
  157. [Video] Murder vs Menacing Gralk
  158. I'm starting to regret buying Slacker Backer...
  159. I could use your social media assistance...
  160. Multiboxing allowed or not? What do you think?
  161. Hex Shuffle - Sate your hype-thirst on more Hex Content!
  162. Anyone here played Granado Espada ang play/gamble in the Golden Well
  163. Are the forums acting slow and generally terrible?
  164. Broken PVE cards. Will they be Nerfed or Banned?
  165. Hex World Championship Tournament ?
  166. Poll: Best Card, Favorite Card, Hate Card
  167. When is early alpha acess starting?
  168. Some Questions about Hex
  169. Hex Guild Chat and Game Chat funtionality?
  170. 25th Card Breakdown Video - with bonus math!
  171. Paranoia vs. the proliferation of Hex sites
  172. An idea about PvE starter cards for new accounts.
  173. Guild Vs. Guild
  174. Hex Data Mine Community
  175. Trial of Faith - Worst TCG card ever?
  176. Hex AI
  177. How popular is "Mulligan" in competitive card games?
  178. Questions regarding equipment for the Kickstarter cards
  179. Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons!
  180. Videos about drafting..
  181. What Format do you want that won't be there at Launch?
  182. CBB - Keep your guild solicitation to guild forums...
  183. Any chance hextcg will work on my phone?
  184. Am I the only one bugged by the Hello Kitty sub-theme?
  185. Dear Clan Blackblade
  186. S-Backer account confirmation
  187. What are you planning to Buy/Sell/Trade once available?
  188. Hex vs Magic 2014 ipad version
  189. Guild Size - Should it be Capped?
  190. Idea/Suggestion: Let us partner up with mercenaries for raids
  191. dying in raids
  192. Deck Building ideas
  193. My concerns now about HEX....
  194. Is "Exploiting" the game okay in PvE?
  195. Anyone from Australia actually managed to buy T-shirts???
  196. This Week's Updates Posted!
  197. How Important is Interface
  198. Endurance Booster Format
  199. Stats I'd Love To See Listed While Drafting
  200. on champions and drafting...
  201. T-Shirt Card?
  202. Jax the Hexer - Making A Splash (Special Holiday Vid!)
  203. Pulling the trigger on purchasing platinum
  204. Free T-Shirt?
  205. Card Replenishment (Spectral Lotus)
  206. A little underwhelmed by the last 2 updates
  207. Ardent Champions (and also hats)!
  208. Will there be scheduled Daily/Premium Events like MTGO?
  209. Replay speed
  210. unsure about the kickstarter first couple of lines
  211. New Raids and Dungeons introduced "on the go" means extra cards for sets?
  212. Why is there no competitive PVE - or - Why there is no competitive PVE
  213. Can I fart multiple times?
  214. Guild Rapport - To Unite the Community or Not?
  215. Hex Savvy: Your source for Hex news, articles and community.
  216. PvE consumable buffs
  217. PvE Faction Alignment
  218. Will all cards be spoiled before Alpha?
  219. PvP and Guilds
  220. Hexonomics Part 2 - The Effects of Mass Drafting
  221. Pauper in Hex
  222. [FunktionFails] Diamond Champ Breakdown
  223. Keywords (Abilities/Status Effects) that should be considered for HEX
  224. New Tool to Play Around With
  225. Capitalizing on digital: What is ok and what is not ok with us?
  226. Hex Shuffle - Content Update - More Stuff For Your Entertainment
  227. Hex and streaming thoughts
  228. Global distribution
  229. Realms Rewards is Live!
  230. How do I access the Alpha/Beta?
  231. Looking for CZE feedback - Do tokens gain inspire effects?
  232. Deck builds?
  233. Unsure about account setup after backing
  234. Games to play while waiting for HEX - is infinity wars any good?
  235. rss feed?
  236. [Giveaway] 2x "Boxes" of Hex Booster packs
  237. Hex Launch Parties?
  238. VIP - Are You?
  239. Rogue Legacy - A PC game to play while you wait for Hex
  240. Alpha/Beta on tablets?
  241. [FunktionFails] What's the pick #2
  242. Please throw us a bone
  243. Slacker Backer Proposition by a KickStarter Backer
  244. [ARTICLE] HEX Profiteering - General Strategies (Part 1) @ HEXRealms.com
  245. [COTD] Wild Growth @ HEXRealms.com
  246. "Out of Print" Decks
  247. Mini-game format, what you think ?
  248. Wild Speculation, and a competition to win some boosters! | Casual Hex
  249. People of Hex
  250. Card animations and sound effects