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  1. Guild Size
  2. Utopian Chaos
  3. So I thought maybe...
  4. [CBB] Clan BlackBlade - Competitive PvP / Organized PvE
  5. The Elven Dominion
  6. Synchronicity of Dusk, Guild Recruiting
  7. The Spiral Guild
  8. Filthy Savages - A Place to Make Friends
  9. No Remorse Gaming
  10. <<Dashites>>
  11. Public shout out
  12. Murder Inc. - Strong PvP / PvE - Professional Leadership
  13. A request from the public to guilds and their leaders...
  14. Looking for a Guild? Post Here.
  15. The Unnamed Council's brainstorming thread
  16. Seeking PvE raid Guild Leader <<Applications wanted>>
  17. Bad Boy recruiting PACIFIC time zone
  18. Murder inc. Discussion thread... for now
  19. bat country [recruiting?]
  20. Dragonborn
  21. Insomniacs .. PST Guild Looking to Expand
  22. Source
  23. Ephemera (russian community)
  24. Two veteran EU TCG-players looking for mature guild
  25. Swedish guy looking for guild!
  26. Pulse Esports - Pro Gaming Org. Starting Guild For Competitive and Casual Alike!
  27. I'm looking for a guild
  28. ATTN: Time zones don't matter!
  29. The Syndicate Recruiting
  30. The Bank of Ireland Guild
  31. Nethergarde [PvP/Competitive PvP/End Game PvE] - Professional Grade
  32. Raven Corps Guild Recruitment
  33. The Unnamed Council - Relaxed yet Organized PvE
  34. Guild Recruitment - Shadowspawn
  35. Haven [Casual & Competitive PvP/PvE]
  36. Thoughts on 'joining' a guild now, or waiting until beta/release?
  37. Oceanic Guild!
  38. Steadfast now recruiting for PvE and PvP
  39. Bonjours je cherche du mondes pour une communauté Francophone.
  40. Can you join multiple guilds?
  41. Australia / NZ come here! Guild recruiting :)
  42. Dungeons: Confirmed Normal / Heroic Modes
  43. Rogue Squadron - Competitive PVP
  44. I am looking for a guild.
  45. Looking for guild :)
  46. Alea IActa Est (AIE) guild forming on the AIE forums
  47. LF Guild - X Multi Gladiator in WoW as well as Top 20 PvE guild experience in raids
  48. The Cornerstone - For geriatric gamers
  49. German guy searching for a Guild.
  50. How Come...
  51. LF Czech/Slovak PvE Guild or Players
  52. The Guild That Should Not Be
  53. Guild Websites & Links
  54. Utopian Chaos - Hex Guild Charter and Community Discussion
  55. Looking for a small, casual, european PvE/PvP Guild
  56. Any Chicago based guilds out there?
  57. PewPew Research
  58. 3 Experienced Players looking for Guild
  59. Angry Joe's Army
  60. Looking for a Guild
  61. Looking for gaming group
  62. Recruiting for dimension5. Join meh.
  63. Allegiant Gaming Community
  64. Looking for italian players !!!!
  65. Looking for a smaller guild
  66. The lotus exchange
  67. Elementary [Oceanic]
  68. Looking for a small pvp guild
  69. Busco jugadors catalans!!
  70. The Z Aristocrats
  71. Hexpandables: The casual 'casual'
  72. A guild with no name........... yet
  73. An Italian community
  74. Group of players searching members/guild (EU)
  75. German Players !?! guild building ?
  76. Do we know how this combo is going to work yet?
  77. Just informed them interested folks on the gamespot live stream.
  78. Recruiting for dimension5! West Coast, pacific time zone, though any gamers welcome!
  79. The Faceless Men - recruitment
  80. Busco jugadores ESPAÑOLES!!! Looking for Spanish players!!
  81. A Dutch speaking community: Tangodown
  82. A german community
  83. HEX-AGONE une Guilde francophone est née !
  84. The Free Agent thread
  85. Synergy - A Guild for PvE and PVP. [Oceanic, but all welcome]
  86. English Guild
  87. Multiboxing allowed or not? What do you think?
  88. Guild Leader Seeks Mature Leadership & Members
  89. Some Guild Questions from a first timer!
  90. Hardstyle Gaming
  91. Mindstorm introduces itselt. A german-speaking guild.
  92. Which is the largest guild at the moment?
  93. Vamo' Alla Flamenco Recruiting Mature International Players for PVP/PVE
  94. Guild Wars for Hex! This will be posted on general forum as well.
  95. Alchemy Guild - PVE, PVP for "Serious Casuals"
  96. Infinity Squadron wants you!!!
  97. Hexplorers [Russian speaking community]
  98. Italian Guild...enjoy with us
  99. Team Brodudeski - Community focused gaming
  100. Chopstixz guild - a guild for social introverts.
  101. AWESOME SLACKERS - Pros Elite Guild - PvP / PvE - Dedication to the game!
  102. Danish/Dansk Guild
  103. Guild Concept- A meta-game guild - Wizard Generals
  104. 日本ギルドありますか? 無ければ一緒に作りませんか?
  105. South African Guild
  106. Arizona Guild?
  107. HexTCGPro PvP + PvE Guild
  108. Anomaly - Small PvE and PvP Guild
  109. Ritter and Beepharoni Present: Spicy Brew, the Guild!
  110. Red Yeti Alliance
  111. Wasabiburn is recruiting fun casual players for our gaming community!
  112. Not Guild but Swedish players?
  113. Apex Multi-Gaming forming a HEX division- looking for members and leaders
  114. Ginkgo Gaming Community
  115. Guild etiquette question
  116. [Italian] Creating a new Italian guild
  117. [FR] LanceA, guilde multivers
  118. Casual oceanic guild: Don't be a DECK
  119. Creating British guild
  120. (German guild / deutsche Gilde) Hex,*Drugs*&*Rock'n'Roll
  121. Do any children want to become men?
  122. LF guild of some sorts
  123. Any Brazilian Guild???
  124. Germans Unleashed!
  125. [Recruiting] Chalice of Hues Adventuring Group, Team Ardent Star is LFM!
  126. Utopian Chaos is looking for a guild
  127. Guilde Canadienne Francophone ?
  128. Hexpt . Portuguese speaking guild and community
  129. Leaders of active guilds - please report in for event planning!
  130. House of Cards - Reddit based Guild/Playtest group
  131. LF Guild or Group of people to play with
  132. Looking to start a group or guild
  133. The Lions Share is recruiting!
  134. Team TopDeck
  135. Lords of Lore: A PVE/Roleplaying Guild
  136. The Dragonborn want you!
  137. Seek and Destroy-New Guild
  138. H.A.T. (Hex Alternative Tactics) Looking for members.
  139. Team Clockwork - A New Guild Emerges!
  140. Looking serious players for future testings
  141. Looking for PVP test team
  142. The Collective is now recruiting!
  143. Looking to join/create Guild focusing on sealed events
  144. Strategic Gaming Looking for Quality Players
  145. Looking for Portuguese players - Procuro jogadores portugueses
  146. Looking to either join or... start a serious team to practice with.
  147. Guild Rosters - Share below! (I'll update OP with links to Guild Rosters)
  148. The Research Society (PVE Group)
  149. For italian player
  150. The Chosen - a Competitive PvP Team!