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  1. What is HEX?
  2. Compiled List of Questions from the KS so it is easier to catch up.
  3. Spending money in Hex - Strategy
  4. You missed the Kickstarter, but want to play Hex - What now?
  5. What goes in this forum?
  6. I will be the first to sully this pristine forum...
  7. Spectral Lotus Confusion
  8. The New-TCG-Player's Guide to Hex TCG
  9. Alpha and
  10. How to prepare for HEX (as a new player to TCG's)
  11. Just donated $50 to get the alpha/beta... now what?
  12. PVP/PVE and equipment
  13. Hex on Ipad
  14. Name Reservations?
  15. Q: Where are the Kickstarter accounts?
  16. Getting to Know Everyone
  17. PvP Cards VS. PvE Cards - What's the Diff?
  18. Haven't been following since the kickstarter ended, dates yet?
  19. Hey guys I am a noob.
  20. I got my money back?!
  21. Do I understand this correctly: PVE query?
  22. After donate for the Slacker Backer pack...
  23. What is fishing?
  24. HEX Detailed Rule Book planned?
  25. Brand new - Kickstarter backer - Questions?
  26. KS exclusive cards aren't going to be up for trade?
  27. Purchased Slacker Backer - 0 direction as to what to do next
  28. What is a foil card?
  29. Slacker backer is not enough
  30. Socket thresholds
  31. What is a 'Keep'?
  32. just wondering when i get to play
  33. Pve and Pvp bunch of questions
  34. So you pledged to Slacker Backer/Kickstarter, what now? (FAQ)
  35. Clarification on Rarities
  36. Tablet with Alpha?
  37. Money transactions
  38. A frog is looking for some informations
  39. Purchasing Slacker Backer Alpha for Someone Else
  40. Slacker Backer + Kickstarter Rewards?
  41. Mana-management MTG vs HEX
  42. Unofficial Hex and Video Info Breakdown (FAQ)
  43. HEX Release Concerns...
  44. PvP and PvE symbol?
  45. Identifying PVP/PVE cards
  46. noob questions - general deck themes and counters
  47. Slacker Backer question
  48. Conformation?
  49. In game currency?
  50. Dice Card: GAX The sly roller
  51. A few questions about Hex
  52. pve gear question
  53. The New-to-TCGs Player's Guide to Hex TCG (Guide)
  54. Will PVE Stand Alone?
  55. Will tablet version be available at beta?
  56. Card List?
  57. Exhausting and Summoning Sickness
  58. Real time chat box?
  59. GenCon tickets
  60. Can I buy Platinum through my FLGS?
  61. Multi-card equipment?
  62. Purchasing "Slacker Backer"
  63. Question about "Slacker Backer"
  64. Confused about something, I'm probably just derping hardcore.
  65. Slacker Backer Donation
  66. Questions about the economy
  67. Some questions about the game
  68. Is it wrong
  69. Thanks for the help!
  70. 50$ Mastercard cant buy Slacker Backer
  71. Looking Forward to HEX with Surgery Coming Up
  72. Is getting the kickstarters like "Dungeon Crawler" or "Guild Master" still available?
  73. Question about troop ability "speed"
  74. Streaming during the Alpha?
  75. Does donating the 50$ get you in to alpha
  76. Slacker backer donation
  77. A couple of questions!
  78. just donated to slackerbacker...
  79. Drafts and treasure chests
  80. When in the Fall is Alpha??
  81. Transformed cards and returning to play
  82. Helping a friend donate
  83. Cryptozoic ID Expired
  84. What type of decks will defend your keep?
  85. Is it possible to... (multiple slacker backer and pledges question)
  86. Any VIP info
  87. Alfa
  88. 2 Slacker Backer - Packs --> VIP Programm
  89. silly quesion
  90. Offline casual play?
  91. Pro Player Tier - I May Be Stupid and Need Confirmation
  92. Accidentally Purchased 2 Slacker Backers--Need Support
  93. Buy tier from kickstaters ?
  94. Champion level rate?
  95. Boosters in Draft
  96. 1 million dollar sleeves
  97. Number of cards in set1 pvp
  98. Time Bug/Doppelganger question
  99. what does this mean on cards?
  100. Slacker backer post-Alpha?
  101. Is the game going to be faster in alpha/release?
  102. KS Slacker Backer question
  103. PVE Skill sets?
  104. What exactly is the VIP System?
  105. Can slacker backers push the KS Stretch Goal?
  106. Disconnects
  107. New Player
  108. The top 5 skills a pro player should learn
  109. Purchasing slacker backer help
  110. Claiming Beta Cards upon invite
  111. List of spoiled cards?
  112. Crush=trample?
  113. Draft/Sealed: Champions, Socketable cards
  114. Alpha Test? :)
  115. I donated 50$ now what? how to create my account and download the game?
  116. How much is the fish?
  117. tablet support
  118. Multi-pledgers merging pledges into one account?
  119. Pvp card small question
  120. Any links to full card lists yet?
  121. What does the Champions text [BASIC] mean?
  122. Haven't followed this game AT ALL... need some filling in.
  123. Card information at a glance
  124. Alpha and Paypal backers
  125. Disconnects
  126. Invites?
  127. No Alpha invite.
  128. So, Pay2win? need some clarifying.
  129. Mana resource /threshold confusion
  130. Salve a tutti sono un giocatore italiano
  131. International Paypal Option?
  132. Kickstarter rewards and end date
  133. Slacker Backer
  134. Some general yes/no questions
  135. text based card list...
  136. Comprehensive FAQ?
  137. Exactly what rules are different than in MTGO
  138. Any word if Alpha will be streamable?
  139. Slacker backers and next week's alpha
  140. Where should we post Alpha videos?
  141. payed via Paypal and nothing of inidcation of having access
  142. Which email do KS rewards go to?
  143. Hex Client
  144. Invite for Slacker Backer!
  145. System requirements?
  146. Help, is there anyway i can Still get in to alpha. I have money! (no joke)
  147. Puchasing Boosters in Alpha?
  148. What does "drafting" mean?
  149. Use of HEX graphics
  150. Anyone get their email today for downloading the Alpha?
  151. slacker backer alpha access problem
  152. So what exactly gets merged when you combine pledges?
  153. Spoiled cards are all the Pvp cards for set 1?
  154. Last nights Twitch Stream
  155. What does "Shards 0/0" mean on the spoiled cards just released?
  156. hex donation
  157. rules and abilities?
  158. Action on a card has a resource cost?
  159. Where can i download the game?
  160. Slacker Backer update
  161. Is the alpha out ?
  162. Missing Invite
  163. Delay between slacker backer pledge and getting on the Hex mailing list?
  164. No Alpha invite, but I backed on kickstarter?
  165. How does one "Sacrifice a Troop"?
  166. my alpha invites?
  167. Question regarding alpha donation.
  168. Is gifting of slacker backer allowed?
  169. Alpha Access?
  170. Twitching alpha?
  171. When can I play alpha??
  172. Have slacker backers gotten alpha yet?
  173. ahhhhhhh!!!
  174. alpha invites? pls?
  175. Question about Slacker Backer
  176. Hello some help please
  177. alpha invites
  178. Missing Information Alpha Access for Slacker Backers
  179. Invite Information
  180. Slacker Backer and Stretch Goals
  181. Trying to help a friend
  182. Updates?
  183. Phases Definitions and Descriptions
  184. Are there any rules against multiple accounts?
  185. Weekly Update Request
  186. Champion Tier? Third Wave?
  187. Account Merging?
  188. When does the Slacker Backer Option End?
  189. Invites?
  190. PvE
  191. Keep Name Change
  192. A quick question thanks in advance
  193. General Question from a nOOb
  194. is there a way to check your alpha status?
  195. Guilds - Some Basics?
  196. Invite Waves
  197. Help starting Alpha tests
  198. Multi-backer. I havenít received an access to Alpha to the Kickstarter account.
  199. Friends?
  200. Want to apply to CZE's Apprentice Program?
  201. Stupid Alpha question
  202. New Kickstarter Email
  203. No invite on wednesday?
  204. A question about beta
  205. Donation
  206. Account sharing
  207. Change your email address?
  208. Competitive ladder/leagues?
  209. How do you choose a user name and keep name?
  210. Question about future Slacker Backing~~
  211. AI game not moving - am I doing something wrong?
  212. Crazed Squirrel Titan
  213. Hi everyone, a few quick questions from a newbie!
  214. Question about summoning sickness
  215. IRC Channel?
  216. Windows 8 Help
  217. My Alpha Acess email got deleted how can i get my login info back ???
  218. Question about donating
  219. Battling the AI
  220. Questions on games state, and Beta
  221. Can't play my own made deck
  222. When can i expect Alpha invite?
  223. question
  224. Shard of Fate how to play?
  225. Champion Tier still haven't received an invite?
  226. Log in never appears
  227. Got my invite email with password, where can I download the game from?
  228. How do you play "Shards of Fate" card?
  229. My email is going to go inactive What do I do?
  230. Where to start...
  231. any news on public beta?
  232. Slacker Backer Clarification.
  233. This game looks great but i have a few questions first
  234. F2p?
  235. Log in Failed
  236. Cant login!!! :(
  237. Login Failed!
  238. A few Questions from a new player
  239. Deck builder
  240. question regarding available cards in deck builder
  241. I just read about read game and have one question :(
  242. Weekend Invites
  243. Am I missing something?
  244. What is "ramp"?
  245. reconnect to sealed?
  246. Blocker question
  247. A Few Questions
  248. "Revert" and when to use it
  249. Hello, Kickstarter backer with an issue !
  250. Will this ever have a commander mode/2hg/archenemy?