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  1. READ BEFORE POSTING: Official Guidelines for Bug Reports
  2. Wizard of the Silver Talon card text
  3. Paladin of Naagaan
  4. Quick Strider has an Underworld Tag in the PDF
  5. Surge Mechanism typo
  6. Player Wins Coin Toss - AI Gets First Turn Anyway
  7. AI Clock Gets Reset to 30:00 at the Start of Every Turn
  8. Graphics Bugged on Right Click Enlarge of Cards on the Stack
  9. Targeting Arcs (Attack/Defense) Don't Refresh When Troops "Move" During Combat
  10. Typo in game files
  11. Graphical error on load up screen
  12. Launcher Bugs
  13. Installer error - File contains invalid data
  14. Could not preload global game manager #0
  15. Typo in EULA
  16. Email Bug? Not to hose myself...
  17. Recv Failure: Connection was Aborted
  18. Install runs perfectly, patcher works perfectly, Hex doesn't load.
  19. Minor Installer Graphic Bugs.
  20. Game Login Failure
  21. Failed to load mono. Error = 193.
  22. Patcher fails to launch
  23. Hex just loading up a black screen
  24. Does Hex Alpha not work with Windows 8?
  25. trouble with launcher
  26. Cant Challange poeple
  27. Chain
  28. Deck Editor: Save As Doens't work
  29. Crash of Beasts doesn't put a Rhino into play
  30. Wild Root Dancer trigger doesn't show "Pass Priority" button
  31. Gas Troll - Trigger on resolve not on play and Ruby Resources Triggers
  32. Ragefire Escalation doesn't update text immdiatly
  33. Bug: Video Resolution
  34. The game crashed.
  35. Patcher overheated my computer
  36. "Could not preload global game manager #0"
  37. S1_C304 Missing Extension
  38. Installer File contains over 110k files
  39. Chat spam post game
  40. Cost increase not reflected on card art
  41. AI opponent stops moving
  42. card bounces between zoomed in and zoomed out
  43. Crash of beasts not resolving
  44. Poca can only activate once
  45. GUI, HUD, and Common Functionality.
  46. Deck statistics scroll bar doesn't work
  47. Champion Selection Picture Blank
  48. Right Clicking Cards
  49. DeckBuilding Advanced Filters Rarity Bug
  50. Purple Blank Card in Deckbuilding
  51. Card Abilities
  52. Surge Mechanism Card
  53. Right Clicking Righetous Punch
  54. Elite Battle Tech Ability Activation
  55. Bug: Menacing Gralk
  56. Bug: Living Totem - Lifedrain
  57. Bug: Living Totem - Display/Card Text
  58. Bug: Eternal Guardian - Display/Card Text - Typo
  59. Bug: Wailing Banshee - Display/Card Text - Redundancy
  60. Bug: Eternal Youth
  61. List of Known Bugs (Reference ONLY)
  62. BUG: Game crashes.
  63. Card Typo? Sliver of the Immortal Spear
  64. Crash : Game Doesn't run
  65. Bug: Shadowthorn Witch
  66. Bug - Lifedrain not functioning
  67. Eldritch Dream
  68. Charge Powers
  69. Corrupted Harvester Life drain not working
  70. Bug: Chronic Madness
  71. Bug - Construction Plans: War Hulk
  72. Patcher Percent Complete reports misleading number
  73. Timer Out
  74. Account Creation - picking a name already in use
  75. Chat box position not updating on resolution change
  76. Chat not functional in main screen
  77. No Gems
  78. Deck editor card search slow
  79. Bug: Can cast creatures while come into play ability is still on the stack
  80. Game Login Failed
  81. Bug: Wailing Banshee became statless token(?)
  82. Bug- Mushwocky wont sacrifice a creature, and only an option on ONE creature.
  83. Odd AI moves.
  84. Bug: Neither player has priority
  85. Bug: Nin the Shadow
  86. Bug: Palamedes, the Righteous - Charge Power
  87. Bug: Retaining Information
  88. Missing Screen Resolution
  89. Bug: music cuts out on entering options from title
  90. Bug: no button tooltips visible from Entrath map
  91. UI: cards too small in deck manager
  92. When "Repair Install" disappears, or otherwise hopeless, reinstall.
  93. Bug: faded text illegible in deck manager
  94. No cards in collection
  95. Scrolling Issue With Games in Progress/Players Available
  96. AI Games Don't Work
  97. Account is being created. Please wait.
  98. Cannot login. account is already logged in
  99. Bug: lag detection needed for deck manager UI
  100. Bug - Missing counters
  101. Heavy Welding Bot freeze
  102. TITLE: UI: Navigation icons do not light up for the correct selection
  103. UI: Burn to the Ground cost difficult to read
  104. Bug: Attack/Block lines do not follow Troops
  105. UI: type in Poca's name.
  106. Graphical glitching
  107. UI: Scroll wheel doesn't work in champion selection
  108. Bug: Images missing from champion selection
  109. Bug: sorting of card selection is not stable under adding and removing cards.
  110. Bug: Sorting in deck builder is not stable (in the algorithmic sense)
  111. Bug/UI: Sorting in deck builder only works one way.
  112. Bug: Sorting cards by attack or defense doesn't work.
  113. Bug: Scrolling while a card sort is processing glitches the UI
  114. Bug: Champion Ability can't be cast when it should
  115. BUG: Time Ripple
  116. Similar effects not resolving properly?
  117. Missing resource
  118. Oracle Song Card Count
  119. BUG: Draw New Hand Failure
  120. Deck Editing Removal Bug
  121. Deck Choice Drop Down Doesn't Work When Playing Against Another Human Player
  122. bug:priority pass disappears and game "ends"
  123. Bug 2 Rage Triggers hung game
  124. BUG/UI: Game crash when I click play now.
  125. Multiple Cerebral Fulmination Triggers Cause Priority Bug
  126. UI: Scroll wheel doesn't work properly in the card manager
  127. Goreseeker text
  128. Bug: Legionnaire of Gawaine not dealing enough damage
  129. AI stuck in a pass priority screen
  130. Chat window fills with the last message repeated multiple times
  131. Only 2 Endbringers
  132. Card Didn't Cast
  133. Enter Key during Deck Building
  134. UI: Cannot see chat box during a game
  135. Menacing Grall FTW! The opponents troops never ready.
  136. Deck creation scroll reseting
  137. Patcher or something got rid of my perfectly downloaded files...
  138. Need better targeting indicator
  139. Air Superiority Disappears
  140. Bug - Crash of Beasts
  141. Bug - Mimic + Pack Raptor interaction
  142. Random not random
  143. Login Failing
  144. Repel not destroying
  145. UI: X exit button in the upper right hand corner does not work
  146. Victory Graphics Missing
  147. Escape key to cancel targeting ability bring up concede menu.
  148. Actual game tried but failed to start
  149. card never leaves the stack, game still plays normaly
  150. Bug: Lifedrain not working when damaging players
  151. Bug: Creatures that cannot be blocked except by blood/artifacts have ability twice
  152. BUG: Herczeg has wrong champion picture
  153. BUG: Living Totem activation on stack
  154. Bug: When Fang of the Mountain god ability triggers game gets stuck
  155. Bug: Video Resolution Settings not saving.
  156. Can only use my champion charge power once per game
  157. Bug Reporting Suggestion...(Title)
  158. Buffed a Moon'ariu Sensei with Wild Growth during defense priority.
  159. Rune Ear Commander getting buffed from non-troops
  160. Can't add friends
  161. Suppressive Fire won't trigger
  162. BUG: Rune Ear Commander wrong stats
  163. Bug: Replicator's Gambit Not Working
  164. BUG: Chat Log, Available Player's List, Cards Not Showing Text
  165. Bug - Replicator's Gambit + Ancestral Specter
  166. Multiple bugs, cards randomy disapering, playing resources didnt give me resources
  167. BUG: Opponent QA crashes match, Game Continues to Run (AI Opp)
  168. Blood bearers life gain
  169. Poca, The Conflagrater Charge Bug
  170. List of bugs I have found so far
  171. Wailing Banshee Text after playing it
  172. Card Ability: Succulent Roostasaur
  173. Bug: Howling Brave
  174. Can't play 2 Runts of the litter at the same time
  175. Never win coin toss
  176. Bug: Deck selection drop down is transparent in the Quick Match screen
  177. Game Login Failed
  178. Bug: White light on Hex meteor graphic too bright on the finding player screen
  179. Visual Graphics Bug
  180. Client Not showing text of any kind(low priority)
  181. Cards Disappeared out of my Collection
  182. Card Library not showing any card art.
  183. Chat flooded with duplicate messages when entering or exiting games and Card Manager
  184. Cannot Start any match with AI
  185. Unresponsive Accept button when prompted with another player's challenge.
  186. Bug: Blood Cauldron Ritualist ability does not activate more than once per turn.
  187. Stack errors / Reverting Errors
  188. AI Buffed my troop with Diamond Aura
  189. Sacrifice = Dies?
  190. cerebral fulmination
  191. Uzumi/Bucktooth Commander Bug
  192. AI: Priority for blockers/spells
  193. Bug: AI played two copies of Field of Poppies back to back
  194. Deckbuilder bugs
  195. List of Bugs
  196. Processor and GPU overheating
  197. Bug - Freeze after playing 15th Pack Raptor
  198. BUG: In the play now tab - Available players scroll down
  199. Inspire doesn't save troop
  200. Chimera guard outrider broken or text is incorrect.
  201. Dingler affecting Evolution potentially Spirit Walk.
  202. Prep phase: Is it needed?
  203. Bug - Replicator's Gambit
  204. Quick Strider keyword typo
  205. Blessing the Fallen Broken
  206. Champion Monika'Shin not working
  207. Swift Strike issue
  208. Unable to launch except in capatibility mode on windows 7
  209. Text error: Corrupt Harvester
  210. Sometimes all phases of first turn skipped for Player 1
  211. Call the grave bug
  212. Bug: I have no cards, and no decks
  213. Drag and Drop Issue in Deckbuilder
  214. Bug: AI controlled Howling Brave will use tap ability instead of attacking to win.
  215. Gas Troll Heat Wave Interaction
  216. Non Full Card Sets / Broken Deck Building
  217. Argus = defeat
  218. Legionnaire of Gawaine- 1 dmg X times OR X dmg 1 time?
  219. Bug: Guard Dog; AI ignores defense ability.
  220. Elite Battle Tech Bug
  221. Giant Corpse Fly - Zoom In Artwork
  222. Wizard of Silver Talon and Silver Talon Senator
  223. Emberspire Witch Bug
  224. BUG: Activate Volcannon by exhausting blocking troops
  225. Options->Sound->Master Volume is not always master
  226. Lost sound,screen size in login
  227. Bug: Switching filters glitch sort button graphic
  228. Bug: Veteran Gladiator - Attack target indicator disappears after zoom/unzoom
  229. Lyel Cross - Report(s)
  230. Phoenix Guard Aeronaut's lifedrain doesn't work
  231. Surge Mechanism not a quick action
  232. Lifedrain on Champion death
  233. Rune Ear Commander + Uzume, Grand Concubunny
  234. Argus void power crashed the client
  235. Weird "spot" on social window...
  236. [BUG] Game Frozen
  237. "Phase stops" tool has no effect
  238. Bug: Lixil, the Deathless Gem
  239. Bug: Lifegain in combat not working
  240. Power/Toughness not displayed correctly after inspecting
  241. Living Totem's abilities can't be used more than once per turn
  242. Graphics setting resets to default when client launches
  243. Game did nothing after clicking play now
  244. Responce to on attack actavated abilities
  245. 2 activated powers on the chain stops the game processing
  246. Deck List in Challenge/Accept a Player not showing custom decks.
  247. [BUG] Must click in chat window before chat is allowed in text box
  248. [BUG] Cannot see other players in lobby
  249. Bug: Succulant roostersaur sacrificing itself
  250. Adding Ruby Aura to Pterobot - Ability is added, but keyword not added to the card