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  1. Alpha Q&A
  2. Download Limit
  3. What is the "Alpha Discussion" Forum for?
  4. Lets set up a google doc for bug reporting?
  5. Alpha Notes
  6. What is actually available in Alpha?
  7. Bug reporting
  8. Features planned for somewhere during alpha?
  9. Read Before Posting
  10. Alpha Notes Update?
  11. Most Important Feature - Priority Passing
  12. Quick Start Guide
  13. Mimic flavor text suggestion
  14. Username change?
  15. I wonder if the .ability files will stay in plain text
  16. Multiple pledges, which is which?
  17. Alpha Terms of Service
  18. How to set your hero
  19. File hosting will need to be beefed up eventually.
  20. That moment you realise...
  21. Can someone please make a torrent or something with the game folder zipped up?
  22. For those having issues: Actual Advice (also, some bonus advice for Crypto, etc.)
  23. Getting an error when I click play now
  24. Play Now?
  25. (finally) Enjoyed my first game.
  26. First day stability?
  27. Common Fixes (Depracated)
  28. Who is moderating this forum?
  29. Experience cross-check (i.e. is this what other people are experiencing?)
  30. Alpha won't download
  31. How I Successfully Downloaded the Alpha Files
  32. Any way to change your account's password?
  33. Patching Complete, Repair does nothing, game doesn't start?
  34. Is the patcher supposed to run a core at 100%
  35. Alpha Issues
  36. Downloader feedback
  37. Play Now??
  38. Alpha Check-In
  39. Is the server down?
  40. Proposal: card view on deck building
  41. Stuck at Loading Data...
  42. Alpha suggestions/wishlist thread
  43. Enhancement: Enable pasting of text into login/password fields
  44. UI: Deck filters should be inclusive rather than exclusive
  45. No Card collection
  46. "Shard Asteroid" animation on find opponent
  47. UI: Champion selection should be disabled in deck manager with advanced filters open
  48. Easier way of making suggestion
  49. UI: should be able to sort cards from picture view
  50. Lost/Forgot Password Option?
  51. Are the naming rules known yet? E.g. spaces, letter case, etc.
  52. Alpha bug PSA - Don't sit on the home screen in game.
  53. Suggestion: Alpha Twitter Account
  54. Game login failed.
  55. Can't see magnified version of cards
  56. Lord vs Lady, name changes, etc.
  57. Is Hex as ingame name only available to people from crypto?
  58. Stuck creating account
  59. Suggestion: Tutorial
  60. Issue I am having
  61. Ideas for attempting to find bugs
  62. Is there a list somewhere of what every ability does?
  63. Where'd my Repair Install button go?
  64. UI Suggestions
  65. Install trouble -- filelist.txt
  66. Errors, bugs & interface suggestions
  67. Determining who goes first...
  68. UI: Challenge pop-up suggestion(swap accept and decline bottoms)
  69. Pass chain option
  70. netem: Test tool for simulating bad networks
  71. Suggestion: Reversed Pass priority
  72. Mulligan
  73. Enhancement - Alpha account passwords should not contain easy to confuse letters/#s
  74. Alpha Specs/Mac Client Information Please
  75. Custom Flavor Text
  76. Rule Question: Exhausting Troops after they are declared attackers
  77. UI: suggest Chat Window minimize button
  78. Graveyard interaction
  79. Suggestion: pass priorty/continue
  80. How to deal with Loading Data problems?
  81. Server capacity improvement
  82. Permanent buffs
  83. Cards in graveyard
  84. having trouble loading my created deck.
  85. Multiple Alpha Accounts
  86. Spelling Error: Synching
  87. Veteran Gladiator ability blocked by spellshield
  88. Anyone noticing freezing on longer games?
  89. Update from CZE?
  90. Search filter by ability
  91. is champions ability working?
  92. "Lore Text" just a bit difficult to read...
  93. Stuck at Account Creation
  94. [Suggestion] AI Turn Timers
  95. Question for CZE Team
  96. UI SUGGESTION: Keywords are not explained in UI
  97. Card was not cast; dissapeared from hand and used resources
  98. Mimic Copy Original Form of Troop or Current Form?
  99. Suggestion: When server down for upgrade or whatever
  100. Didnt see in known bugs: Blessings of the Fallen
  101. Server eating dirt
  102. Maximize Window
  103. Repel ( the card)
  104. Staking Damage Sound
  105. Suggestion: Road Map
  106. Deleting Decks by accident
  107. Concern: Demented Demolisher
  108. Are the servers down?
  109. Escalation Decks Are Ridiclous
  110. New Cards
  111. Alpha Changes?
  112. Shard Symbol Distinction, Deck Editor...
  113. Has anyone played on XP yet?
  114. Should shard cards be counted as the gem they represent?
  115. A simple change suggestion for the deck editor (search lag)
  116. Only basic resources, fixed for some?
  117. Alpha servers down?
  118. Forgot my email password
  119. We're back in business!
  120. Can't login
  121. Ports to open?
  122. Syncing after each turn
  123. Alpha on Mac questions
  124. Mouse Over = card magnification
  125. How does "Immortality" interact with non life-effecting losses and multiple losses?
  126. Name filters
  127. going first or second
  128. Lost my password (HELP!)
  129. This is probably a terrible idea but.....
  130. Well playedCZE Diggler
  131. Number of players on??? / Server issues.
  132. Life Siphon doesn't cap on opponent's life total?
  133. server stability?
  134. A suggestion for attack/defend phase priority
  135. Status Update
  136. Request: Decks to play test
  137. Call to Arms - AI Server Stress Test: CANCELLED
  138. Midnight Shepard still in ???
  139. Alpha note #19 Discussion
  140. Purple post by Cory
  141. Lost Keep Name
  142. New hardware!!!!
  143. Chosing a Keepname in the new enviroment, what if that name is taken in the Old one?
  144. HEX Launcher RAM
  145. Pass Priority To Everything on the Chain/Stack
  146. Can't Get Past "Account is being created. Please wait."
  147. UI suggestion
  148. Keep name
  149. New Hardware, Please Don't Go Back!
  150. Suggestion: Pass Priority Button
  151. tap effects...
  152. Suggestion: Add a way to seee what was your next draws after the game
  153. Is there any way to restore missing cards?
  154. Old enviroment back up?
  155. Call to Arms - AI Server Stress Test: Monday October 21st 5 PM to 5:30 PM Pacific
  156. An Observation About The Game Freezing From Someone On The Outside Looking In
  157. Alpha Progression, Outside Looking In...
  158. Question about a mechanic
  159. Censoring Stakeholders?
  160. Renaming your keep
  161. stuck at content.ggpk
  162. Suggestions forum?
  163. "Account is being created. Please wait." mean name is taken?
  164. List of Alpha cards?
  165. "Account is being created. Please wait."
  166. Crash Logs
  167. Blessing of Fallen still doesnt work
  168. HexPatch only showing retry
  169. concerned about mic broadcasting
  170. Is the priority loss bug just primarily vs the AI?
  171. Request: Server status indicator
  172. Can't create games today.
  173. Pass Priority Indicator Suggestion
  174. Im excited about gems in todays alpha patch!
  175. Alpha Patch Notes: 812-B
  176. Gems different from list on main page?
  177. Can not log in.
  178. Note about gems
  179. Instance/Spell/Ability Indicator Assistance Icons/Messages
  180. Buccaneer MUST target a troop
  181. Can't View Game
  182. Suggestion: Default Deck is last played Deck
  183. Suggestion Thread/Folder
  184. Are Lord/Lady names case sensitive?
  185. concerned that patcher requires administrative rights every time
  186. Password Recovery
  187. Suggestion: Multimode abilities/cards, triggered abilities, and the stack
  188. Patch Numbering request
  189. What does "Void"ing do in this game??
  190. Pass Priority Issue (How to "deter" from occuring)
  191. Undo / Revert choice / "do not accept" / button?
  192. Request: re-enable illegal deck size
  193. Bug tracking software
  194. Can you cancel the Blood Cauldron Ritualist's Sacrifice Ability?
  195. Decks
  196. Fix for missing cards
  197. Ideas and suggestions so far.
  198. general impressions from alpha so far
  199. Despite bugs performance is A+
  200. Email Username Change?
  201. Long beep (microwave sound) in hex music
  202. Unable to Login to Alpha
  203. An idea with the Deck Builder.
  204. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 813
  205. Suggestion for in game chat/friend list
  206. My first Hex griefing
  207. Demo Deck Lists
  208. How does the Stack work in HEX exactly?
  209. game login problem after account e-mail changed
  210. Multiple Bug Posting
  211. Ressource Flood and Screw
  212. bug or feature? targeted spell still works if target leaves battlefield
  213. The Blood Major -1/-1 gem stands out as underpowered
  214. UI Suggestion: 20+ troops are tough to see
  215. no update today?
  216. Dual Color Draw Test! (test results only)
  217. name change
  218. Simultaneous mandatory effect triggers
  219. Is there anywhere to go to check server status?
  220. Suggestion: Don't have the Enter key accept priority.
  221. Feature Request: Text Combat Logs
  222. 3 Letter Names?
  223. Slow Playing
  224. Vista 2GB Ram 2.4 GHZ
  225. HEX Alpha Wineskin Mac (Working)
  226. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 814
  227. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 813B
  228. Bug with reversion?
  229. Alpha installed on 2 machines
  230. Alpha 813B - New "Hidden" Card: Doppelgadget
  231. Did I hear new wave today?
  232. Recommendation: Bindable Keyboard Shortcuts
  233. Who's Online Counter?
  234. "Keep Name taken" bug
  235. "Your Account is Being Created" Bug/Delay
  236. no mac alpha client
  237. How will the in-game client know you are a kickstarter backer?
  238. How do I maximize screen?
  239. Full Screen Windowed mode?
  240. 2 seconds in and I already screwed it up...
  241. Is it possible to change your keep name
  242. Every game getting the priority bug within first two turns
  243. Shadowgrove witch reveal : 3 times the same card (from my hands)
  244. Corrupt harvester : a invulnerable block? -same for flight?
  245. Password Change
  246. Name Change?
  247. Loading Data and Other Errors
  248. Installer of Updater 'This has been created with a free version of...'
  249. Personalized deck vs AI?
  250. Save Deck feature not working (?)