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  1. Beta!
  2. Beta starting economy
  3. So whats coming?
  4. Unsure if you're in beta?
  5. Beta Information Thread
  6. To uninstall or not uininstall Alpha client?
  7. stuck at loading (and still loading alpha?)
  8. 2 accounts
  9. To keep our minds off BETA for a bit.... What is your favorite card?
  10. Beta Download available for Cory!
  11. Kicking off with some hot Beta!
  12. Closed Beta Patch Notes v0.9.1.001 (Uzume) 4/23/14
  13. Promotional Codes now redeemable in Beta?
  14. Treasure Chests
  15. Keep + Starter Deck
  16. Swiss Draft missing?
  17. ErrrMrrrGrrrdddd I got my KS codes
  18. Will the KS reward codes last forever?
  19. Weekly Drafts for a Year
  20. How many primals did you get!
  21. Gen con rewards
  22. Free Drafts - do they stack now?
  23. changing keep names?
  24. After trying multiple times, can't finish a single game
  25. Missing Rewards
  26. KS rewards - mercenaries
  27. Whats the best Starter Deck?
  28. code invalid
  29. DoubleBack stats
  30. Password Change
  31. The free year of drafts. 1 year from date redeemed?
  32. Using free draft tickets for sealed
  33. Missing email for backer rewards
  34. Logging In problem
  35. In Game Platinum
  36. Chests require gold to open?
  37. Trying to login to website - still need beta key?
  38. Proxy support?
  39. Can't even log in
  40. Question regarding the Reward Codes
  41. Trade using the mail system?
  42. Keep naming conventions
  43. Minor nitpick
  44. no email yet
  45. When is 11 GMT in EST time?
  46. FAQ: Angel of Dawn outdated?
  47. Choosing server?
  48. Request: Server Status
  49. Will our cards/status be wiped from here on?
  50. [Kickstarters Backers:] Will we have a beta key to give to a friend?
  51. What is the entry cost for each tournament type?
  52. How to change name?
  53. When will 1440p get some love?
  54. Kickstarter Reward Codes Sent to the Wrong Email Address
  55. As someone who is colorblind...
  56. What DOESN'T stack?
  57. Beta Features added?
  58. Ticket Turn Around For Changing Account Emails?
  59. Can not log in in Beta
  60. Why were all the prizes in Euro?
  61. Cant even log in
  62. Any unwanted Free Lifetime Draft or Free One Year Draft code?
  63. 3-letters for keep name no longer valid?
  64. Keep (Family) name taken?
  65. Guildmaster boosters
  66. The synch bug is back
  67. Unopened Boosters for tournaments?
  68. Did the policy on Keep names change?? Unable to use alpha name
  69. Where is the config file for display/resolution settings located?
  70. Can't change password.
  71. Entered Familyname, now it is both my keepname and familyname?
  72. so i was gonna draft with my 25 packs....
  73. WARNING!!! Care when opening booster packs!
  74. Beta FAQ
  75. Kudo's to HexRex!
  76. Request - Support pasting in the game client
  77. Draft and Primal Packs
  78. [Workaround Guide] Borderless Fullscreen Windowed Mode
  79. Will we ever be able to choose the number of packs we open in bulk?
  80. Absolutely baffled.
  81. Same cards in the a pack
  82. Streaming! Come watch me open all my packs!
  83. Guess Hex Not Ready for Beta...
  84. Primal packs and Wheels of fate
  85. Missing KickStarter Cards
  86. still no email with backer codes
  87. no Kickstarter Rewards codes
  88. Are you using the store during Beta?
  89. Can't connect to Beta
  90. Starter Decks from Backers missing?
  91. there will be no wipes going forward
  92. I still can't access Beta
  93. Dollar = Euro when buying Platinum?
  94. Can anyone log in right now, or do I have an issue at my end?
  95. More resolution options needed
  96. Problem with 2nd Account
  97. Your primal pack content
  98. Treasure chest
  99. How to buy platinum in dollars
  100. Known Issues?
  101. Graphics not showing - Unplayable
  102. Multiple pledges and multiple accounts
  103. Can't send support ticket?
  104. 30x booster code gave me Grand King reward
  105. Cannot login - anyone else?
  106. Multiple Pledges, Multiple Problems
  107. Support System is Awful
  108. Are current wins/losses being recorded right now?
  109. Hoping For Confirmation
  110. Questio to my slacker backer packed
  111. Technical Genius clarification
  112. Drafts!
  113. 8 Extinctions!? AA And Regular Cards Don't Count As The Same
  114. Only 1 starter deck for SB's?
  115. Booster Pack opening bug
  116. Am I missing something?
  117. I just want to play PVE, any reason I shouldn't redeem my code yet?
  118. Newbie questions - anyone waiting on the Beta and what to do with all those packs?
  119. Anyone have to priced in $?
  120. Will we get closed-Beta invites to invite 1 or more friends?
  121. petition to get hexrex a raise
  122. Beta Key NEEDED!!!!
  123. ETA on tournaments?
  124. Selling Guildmaster Extra Packs
  125. Primal Pack % rate
  126. Consolidated FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide for Beta
  127. Are thursdays still patch day?
  128. Servers
  129. Couple Suggestions for VIP Program
  130. Beta Wheels Of Fate spin results!
  131. looking for verification before redeeming KS code
  132. Gold from tourneys
  133. Days/weeks or weeks/months before we can trade stuff?
  134. Store in the UK more expensive the more platinum you buy
  135. Deadline to use free weekly draft
  136. Actual card collection count discrepancy
  137. Unable to log in
  138. Upgrade Free Weekly Booster Draft
  139. Beta suggestions
  140. Guild Master 30 pack codes
  141. Anyone redeemed GenCon codes?
  142. Should I use my KS codes? have been waiting 9 days for emails to be changed
  143. Boosters for gold!!!
  144. Connection lost issuse
  145. Criticisms of the sounds so far.
  146. Compensation for bootsers & plat lost in bugged tournaments
  147. Mercs stacks or not? Need "purple" response.
  148. Changing passwords of an alternate account
  149. Troop regeneration/healing
  150. Starter Packs
  151. Bug: Daring Swordsman and Crush
  152. Missing Spectral Lotus
  153. i understand this is a beta....
  154. Too Late to Back the Game?
  155. Why can't the client auto-pass when no action is even possible?
  156. Couple of possible bugs with Replicator's Gambit
  157. Shin'Hare overwhelming screen
  158. So w/e..I'm bored..KS backers, how many packs do you have left unopened?
  159. Trades
  160. PSA : Temp fix for opened pack cards not flipping.
  161. Client suggestions: proxy and settings
  162. Some stats after opening 290 Normal Packs and 16 Primal Packs
  163. Client Not Working
  164. Suggestion: Increasing Primal Pack Chance For Streaks Without One
  165. Suggestion: Socket All Button
  166. common tourneys
  167. Spinning Chests Now or Post-PVE Content?
  168. How can I see that Im a Pro player?
  169. Unsolved ticket since Thursday 24
  170. Sandbox / Fish Bowl / Casual - Phantom Drafts?
  171. Thank you for the prompt compensation to draft issues
  172. Is there another reset planned, or were they trolling...
  173. Is Hex still down atm?
  174. Vip
  175. Feedback/suggestion for the VIP program(PvP oriented)
  176. VIP with Paypal
  177. Fuchsia screen of death.
  178. Collection tracking...
  179. Proving Grounds Incentive
  180. I created my own Match Start sound effect/atmosphere
  181. VIP signup problem
  182. Can we get a borderless windowed setting?
  183. Its Beta but no PvE?
  184. Tickets Expiring This Week
  185. "Getting to Know You" Casual Beta Tournament
  186. Checklist please
  187. Beta down?
  188. Should we just get a wipe/rollback and start fresh?
  189. no chance to change the email add
  190. Has anyone started tracking chest distribution (especially initial packs)?
  191. CZE: an urgent and desperate cry for help!
  192. Feature for the Card Manager
  193. Have you opened a bunch of packs? Let's break it down.
  194. Would you play a ''hex cube'' tournament ?
  195. Pause Button for AI Battles. Or the option to remove the timer all together.
  196. Spinning Chests - You Guys Got It Right
  197. What feature most excites you about Hex? Why? What would you add to it?
  198. Auction house eta?
  199. Stacking 'Raid Leader' buffs
  200. Stuck on loading data
  201. That fresh, pack opening experience
  202. Anyone else think that UI needs serious rework?
  203. Question About 1 Year of Free Drafts
  204. More sounds in-game
  205. Can I just delay using my weekly drafts?
  206. your most amazing play so far
  207. Trade or AH first?
  208. Hex not active window = challenge denied
  209. A real Patch this week ?
  210. Background Music - Not Continuous, Abrupt Stops Critique
  211. Deck Manager Should Show All the Cards in All Sets
  212. Any plans to allow proxy cards?
  213. Slak bkr starter deck?
  214. I Would LOVE to see Friend Codes
  215. Foiled-card feeling
  216. Is there a noobfriendly constructed play?
  217. An innovative way to deal with bugs
  218. Oops, i have two beta invites and i have no friends!
  219. Streaming
  220. Ignore List
  221. So... Memory leak
  222. Suggestion: Font Size
  223. Compiling Stats: How many packs have you opened?
  224. SUGGESTION - New Cards filter in Card Manager
  225. Game mechanics: proposal for a slight change
  226. Where can I find every card in the set with current information?
  227. Tournaments and AH on the same day?
  228. Has anyone successfully played Hex on a Linux setup with Wine?
  229. Primals : open or sell?
  230. Time Ripple bug/template issue
  231. Auction House
  232. Consolidating Cards from Multiple Pledges (Trading ETA ?)
  233. Would you like to have a ''export collection'' option?
  234. VIP Inquiry
  235. Expiring Tickets
  236. Anyone ever had a Wild Growth re-draw?
  237. Tournaments are up
  238. brand new??
  239. Guilds in PvE
  240. key
  241. $1 Million Sleeves
  242. quick question about triggers
  243. Compiling stats
  244. Inspire is broken
  245. Deck Shuffling
  246. Resending Beta Invite Email
  247. Understanding chests and the wheel of fate
  248. So, the obligatory...Patch this week? thread.
  249. Is there a way to know whether tournaments are up without logging in?
  250. Beta Key