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  1. Consolidated list of bugs that should be squashed asap
  2. OSX/Mac Client Bug Reports
  3. I was watching file names fly by as I downloaded beta...
  4. Patch Details
  5. Typo in rewards we are getting.
  6. Hex Beta Installer not working on Vista?
  7. Beta Login Issues
  8. Loading Data Screen
  9. Cannot Open Any Packs (Details Inside)
  10. Multiple bugs
  11. Missing other 3 Starter packs from King Level, Can't open packs
  12. Only 5 cards for opening hand
  13. Display error
  14. AI Kranok just used Persecute
  15. Australian payments go to Europe/Euro, not America/USD?
  16. Ruby Aura & broadcast message display issues
  17. Title/Character Naming
  18. Can't Activate my Beta account - "Invalid code"
  19. stuck on downloading filelist
  20. Not given selection of starter decks
  21. Hangs after login (Mac)
  22. Dwavern Librarian bugged?
  23. Data folder not found issue
  24. Stuck on "Loading Data"
  25. Connection Lost for Windows XP
  26. Skipping music during splash screen load
  27. Backer cards missing? Close the client and relog
  28. Pack numbers in Stash / Open Packs screen
  29. two AI challenge hangs at "synching"
  30. Missing 1 starter deck from slacker backer
  31. Still cant log in
  32. Bug Report Guidelines
  33. Can include more than four Pack Raptors in a single deck.
  34. Cannot play resources / AI Match
  35. Games are not completing, stuck at synching
  36. Failing to draw cards
  37. BUG: PackOpening_ErrorTitle_NoPacks
  38. Bug or Intent? AA pack raptors
  39. Infinite game start loop / infinite reconnect with AI
  40. Got only 5 cards after first mulligan
  41. Mac client is pretty much unusable
  42. Swiftstrike during battle
  43. Constant freezing in game
  44. Pack opening semi bugged
  45. Chat Text Entry and non-standard characters
  46. Client: user list automatically scrolls to top whenever a new person enters/leaves
  47. Inventory Stash increasing by base amount
  48. Broken Chat
  49. Broken Chat
  50. Missing card portraits
  51. Card Portrait Missing
  52. Game not load after press Play
  53. King sleeves contrast too high
  54. Deck manager sorting wrong - cavern commando
  55. No Decks!
  56. Alternate art card dont count towards 4 card max limit
  57. Forced to Discard Incorrectly
  58. Game Froze when 'Hero of Adamanth' was played
  59. Multiple copies of the same sleeves
  60. Hex Engine
  61. Stacking pledges not working
  62. Bug: Skipped Draws
  63. Endbringer not working
  64. Inginuity Engine creates Heavy Welding Bot, can't target an artifact in my graveyard
  65. Received 2 of the same uncommon in 1 booster
  66. Onslaught - Card Picture shows table
  67. [Feature] Time runs out vs. AI
  68. Princess Victoria in starting hand bug
  69. Polonius Bot Bug
  70. Games against Ai freez after turn 3 or 4
  71. Vampire king transforming bounced honeycap into fat vampire
  72. Bug: Menacing Gralk doesnt keep cards exhausted
  73. Return of the Priority Bug?
  74. Stuttering Audio
  75. Cards sometimes don't flip when opening packs
  76. Missing Slacker Backer rewards
  77. Couldn't Play Lands or Use Charge Power (Charge Bot related?)
  78. Eldrich Dreamer - Combine burried wrong amount
  79. Buy Platinum not working
  80. 4/25/14 Inventory Showed Incorrect Amount of Packs
  81. Enter Step sound not covered by Sound settings
  82. AI server - requires reset?
  83. White screen at pack opening pool
  84. Missing Sleeves
  85. Can note create character / Choose starting deck
  86. Everything is Pink
  87. 30 Booster -> Grand King redeemers still left over?
  88. Bug? Righteous Paladin + Droo's Collosal Walker w/ Lifegain
  89. Merc flagged as equipment in stash
  90. Bird of Plenty: Not stopping crush
  91. AI Match Game freezes
  92. Fight with Daring Swordsman and multiple blockers ends strangely
  93. Spinning Chests - Not Awarding New Spin
  94. Uruunaz Ability Glitch
  95. Graphical Bugs
  96. Wheels of Fate: rewarded extra card
  97. Adamanthian Scrivener + Replica...Bugged? Or working as intended?
  98. Bug: Mystic Spiritwalker - Ability Indicator
  99. Negative Minion Health Bug?
  100. Cavern Commando Priority Prompt says "resolve militia"
  101. Pack opening bug: cards never flip over
  102. Platinum purchase link not SSL
  103. Inquisitor Disappears (instead of going back to hand).
  104. Master Theorycrafter doesnt void the minion
  105. Bug: interaction between The Mushwocky sacrifice mechanic and other cards/ effects.
  106. Entering Draft using a Draft Queue ticket gives you 0 chests
  107. Murder not resolving correctly in combat?
  108. Bug Deck Validation
  109. Flying constant
  110. Shadowgrove witch - Kills AI when AI on 2 health, and no cards in player hand
  111. Can't spin a chest for 1200g when I have exactly 1200g remaining
  112. Graphic glitches and cant get into the game
  113. Eternal Guardian overprotection
  114. Platinum Store - Currency CHF "bug"
  115. Public access to html code
  116. Bug // Gameplay // Replicator's Gambit vs. Unique Characters
  117. Hexing Shard obscures linked cards
  118. Sapper's Charge - no priority window quick action allowed in response
  119. Somtimes can't play cards in 2nd main phase after drawing with Lord Benjamin
  120. Ragefire escalates when played on illegal target
  121. Unable to send messages to general chat during a game
  122. Trying to install Beta...
  123. Te'talca bugs (Lifedrain not giving correct amount, transforming after death)
  124. Peek and Angel of Dawn
  125. Made my opponent deck out and game froze
  126. Bug or Intended with Lord Benjamin?
  127. Bug: Gold rewards from chests
  128. blocking a troop with drain life with multiple targets + on gain life triggers
  129. Duplicate cards in a pack still...
  130. Black Screen
  131. Unable to play cards
  132. Crimson Clarity not gaining the ruby resource
  133. ESC out of card action locked up game
  134. Murder Bug when targeting during Block Phase
  135. Not sure if bug but it seems broken (Plants: Ingenuity Engine)
  136. Deleting people from friendslist not possible
  137. AI won't cast Savage Raider
  138. Lifedrain drains more HP than is present
  139. Hex Patcher - Patch Details button not working
  140. Client freeze up with Soul Marble + Resign happen at same time
  141. Missing Sleeve from wheels of fate (had 2 sleeves now only 1)
  142. Can't scroll with mouse-wheel in sleeve selector
  143. Client Stuck at 'Loading Data'
  144. Same friends with different accounts
  145. code not working
  146. Bug: Lixil the Deathless DIED
  147. Bug: Cards not displaying properly list in text
  148. Prep phase bug : against Coyotle hero AI
  149. Alt-Tab Graphic Corruption
  150. Minor bug: Alternate art Pack raptor creates normal art Pack Raptors when triggered.
  151. Minor (visual) - Spirit Dance effect not shown on Jadiim in hand
  152. Rules Bugs
  153. Menacing Gralk bugged
  154. Survival of the Fittest + Troop with Gem SwiftStrike bugged
  155. Command Tower bug
  156. Trial of Faith + Protectorate Clergyman
  157. [CLIENT] Download Loop/Repeat
  158. Bug; inquisition time
  159. Minor Bug: Gore Feast priority button
  160. A couple small Wheels of Fate bugs
  161. Bug: Mesmerize text
  162. Display bug from Bucktooth Commander
  163. Socketed flight not working
  164. Menacing Gralk + Eye of Creation
  165. Targeting cards in Graveyards - Odd behavior
  166. Possible memory leak in most recent patch?
  167. Trial of Faith with Protectorate Clergyman
  168. Incorrect damage dealt to High Tomb Lord
  169. Princess Victorias cost is not reduced to 0 when in my starting hand.
  170. Loading bar stuck at 100% after losing connection during game
  171. Graphical Resolution and Crash Bug
  172. Graphical Error in Test Draw in Card Manager
  173. Bug with the Chain
  174. AI Logic: Poca's Special Ability
  175. Angelic Ascension targeting wrathseeker during 2nd combat phase (gore feast)
  176. Corrupted Afterlife Bug
  177. Internal Conflict can't be deselceted if you click it by mistake during your turn
  178. Stoneskin doens't work on Sappers Charge
  179. Shadow Rend bug
  180. Darkspire Priestess Bug
  181. extremely laggy
  182. System restart about 1 in 3 times I start Hex
  183. Blurry fonts
  184. Frost Wizard + Ancestor's Chosen
  185. Replicators Gambit and The Kraken
  186. Endlessly repeating "draw hand"
  187. Transcended and Angel
  188. Elimination specialist
  189. Timing out an opponent by making a card gain 55 1/1 a round
  190. Stuck on Loading Data
  191. Spiritwalker buffing from the grave
  192. Flock of Seagulls vs Crush
  193. Survival of the Fittest + Blocking
  194. Accidentally bought a Starter deck, because of no purchase confirmation
  195. Cant See Who Mystic Spiritwalker Targets On Busy Board
  196. Bug during draft.
  197. Mimic card not altering threshold until next turn.
  198. Troop at the extreme right cannot respond to effects
  199. Pterabot and Bertram
  200. Ozawa - Lifedrain/Defense Change in Combat
  201. AI cannot sense negative permanent effects on their own troops
  202. Game password and support portal issues
  203. [Bug Report] Angel of Dawn
  204. Bug: See through cards... And strange display bug. Hard to explain (Mac)
  205. Infinite Mulligan Loop
  206. Soul Armaments (Spellshield) removing Inner Conflict
  207. Angel of Dawn Bug
  208. Can't see target in discard pile
  209. Not able to play cards/use powers after I played Pact of Pain's ability.
  210. Client lags out when joining the tournament queue
  211. constructed tournament deck selection
  212. Draft bug
  213. Draft Picking Bug
  214. Connection Lost
  215. Unending drafting bug
  216. Disconnected on a draft and stuck on synching
  217. Strange characters in chat.
  218. Runic Monolith Bug
  219. Chest rolling 3x red symbol
  220. Got same pack twice
  221. Post-Draft Double Inventory Bug
  222. Bugs encountered during tournament.
  223. Draft frozen after first pack
  224. Princess Victoria and Inferno Elementals
  225. Eldon imprisoned doesn't gain Cerulean Grand strategist's inspire effect
  226. Draft Bug: Forgetting To Save Original Deck
  227. Possible Bug in Draft Tournaments
  228. tourney stuck
  229. No steadfast troop attack animation
  230. Gem goes infinite (Prime sapphire of Subterfuge)
  231. Hex Client causing my laptop to crash
  232. Oakhenge Ceremony uses Opponent's Timer when choosing card
  233. Can't play cards from hand.
  234. Bug: Monkey of the Nine Tails Runs on Opponent's Clock
  235. Heavy Welding Bot
  236. Unable to start the match. Please try again.
  237. Spin Chest 3 times same symbol and color
  238. Pheromones Locked up Draft Match
  239. Too many packs in my stash.
  240. Draft Tournament game hangs, player has to forfeit for the tournament to continue
  241. Some cards display impropperly in the draft
  242. Failed to Start game in draft tournament
  243. Draft deck saves champion even if you don't hit save
  244. Sleeve Disappear
  245. Cannot respond to own sniper of gawaine trigger
  246. Seagulls/Mazat Ranger Block
  247. Draft tournament round stuck
  248. Potential Bug: Can't Play Cards From Hand (Eldon The Liberated)
  249. Tourney Bugs
  250. Display bug - Shadowgrove Witch