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  1. HEX Test Server Discussions - READ ME FIRST
  2. Post your awesome Equipment Combo/Deck
  3. Mac Client?
  4. Test server updatable?
  5. PVE opponents should have custom sleeves
  6. Arena Client Download very slow
  7. Chat Avatars
  8. Command Tower
  9. FLIGHT too Stronk!
  10. Test Server Question
  11. puns
  12. Why is there no Mac client?
  13. rotation in the arena background
  14. Server Latency Issues
  15. Test Server Status - CLOSED
  16. MacOSX testing info
  17. Some bugs on test server
  18. New chat (testserver) over the top
  19. 15 to 30 mins per phase
  20. Equipment? After redeeming code - still no equipment
  21. Which Equipment actually work?
  22. Tournament times
  23. Official bug ticket tracking?
  24. Arena too Easy?
  25. Feedback after clearing arena
  26. 3 Wins and ...
  27. AI misplays
  28. Equipment Spelling mistake
  29. Had me on the ropes
  30. How does loot work?
  31. Multiple Saves
  32. Simple fix for a lot of pve equip? -
  33. Rewards In Arena
  34. Banned Cards in PvE?
  35. Tourney
  36. Mercenaries?
  37. How to check if equipment works!
  38. Wealth on test server! lets find out the primal rate!
  39. Minotaur Mercenary equipment
  40. question about tournament prizes in the test server
  41. PvE cards Working
  42. Moon'airu too strong or everyone else too weak?
  43. Suggestion: AI
  44. 1 more suggestion
  45. Aggro favored
  46. Full arena clear - gold win seems excessive
  47. Chat suggestion: Do away with the tabs
  48. Lets play Devils Advocate!
  49. Not Connected
  50. Keep Test Server Up
  51. Equipment rewards not showing in inventory
  52. Test Server Closure Time
  53. Request: Equipment bin for deckbuilding
  54. How you could make Arena more interesting
  55. The Sealed Event is happening?
  56. how to block?
  57. Holiday card ability supposed to survive Princess Cory's special ability transform?
  58. Cannot login
  59. Thanks for the opportunity to play Arena
  60. Suggestion: Seperate auction house mail.
  61. Can't log in
  62. Test Server Status - OPEN
  63. AI Misplays (Feb 12-14)
  64. Test patcher keeps crashing
  65. What is going on, unable to log in?
  66. New draw phase animation vs Streamer Card Blocking
  67. Numerous Draft Bugs
  68. Challenger Info
  69. Cards "popping" when drawn / played
  70. unable to patch
  71. Test Server Update Announcement
  72. Reserves in Arena
  73. Two bugs and a known bug that works for me
  74. Impossible Challenge
  75. Can't login - Test server incorrect password
  76. New Basic sleeves.
  77. Equipment
  78. Eurig is still bugged?
  79. Endless game start
  80. New Test Server issues
  81. Broken Card(s)
  82. Autogrant account codes missing?
  83. Moon'ariu too OP
  84. Princess Cory has Ingenuity Engines in his deck?
  85. Are cards played by the Arena commander guy supposed to be owned by your opponent?
  86. Arena Disconnects
  87. Should the bonus from Silver Talon Senator carry through a transformation?
  88. princess cory stuck
  89. Chat not working?
  90. i can't equip anything
  91. sealed tournament
  92. Valentine's Weekend Frost Arena Always Freezing/Black Scren on Load?
  93. Tournament and Arena?
  94. Thanks for free tournament on testrealm
  95. Loading Data forever.. hope I can get in the tourney
  96. Massive Tournaments Question
  97. Unable to log in to test...
  98. Tourney question
  99. AI Hero of Adamanth
  100. HEX Test Server Tournament News.
  101. Test Server Debug Hook Request
  102. Nobles, Please Look at Monstropolis/Ratticus Game in The Sealed Event
  103. Tournament issues
  104. What is the situation with the tournament on the test server? It could start?
  105. Test Server and Large-Scale Tournament
  106. Equipment on the next test server?
  107. Arena request
  108. AI Misplays (20-22 Feb)
  109. Test server up?
  110. Primal Draft Info?
  111. Weird Emberspire bug on test realm
  112. Challenge Experiences
  113. Arena stuck during AI's synching phase
  114. Can't log in
  115. Hardest Arena matchups?
  116. Arena results don't consider extra chances granted by challenges
  117. Sniper of Gawain not actually random?
  118. Wrenlocke's Chestplate: final arena matchup only reward?
  119. AI Misplays Feb 24-28
  120. Game Lag
  121. Tiny Annoyances?
  122. Informational: Perfect on Tier 2 / 3 / 4 rewards
  123. Xarlox in latest build (2/27/2015)... a little too much mill power?
  124. Is Arena 'PvE' or something else? Kickstarter rewards applicable?
  125. Hero of Adamanth Passive
  126. Primal Drafting Special Event
  127. Auction House Prices
  128. AI Powerplays
  129. Hi Devs, hope you guys can implement spectator mode!
  130. Holiday and reality rift.. So much fun
  131. Hardest Challenge
  132. Cory Jones Vanity Cards
  133. Sly Huntress Equipment too good?
  134. AI Misplays March 7-10
  135. Princess Cory Ability Backfire
  136. Large Tournament Stress Test with Prizes - Saturday, March 7 12PM Pacific
  137. RIP Jon the server hamster
  138. Best Test Arena Decks
  139. Uruunaz Sleeve
  140. suggestion: cancel search on AH
  141. Question re: Test Tournament
  142. Test Server Status - Closed
  143. Set 3 WoF Spin Results
  144. Has anyone lost connection to the server?
  145. legendary drop rate artificially high?
  146. PVE Equipment and changes
  147. Weirdness with the open multiple pack UI
  148. Multi-Shard Card Borders
  149. What happened to Socketed Actions?
  150. Unable to get past Checking Patcher
  151. Test server Primal Packs rate
  152. [Suggestion] Search/Sort/Show cards that have the "Unique" attribute
  153. Solution to get past patcher issues (from Reddit user Soumis)
  154. Well... I logged on last night... but now??
  155. Thanks to the team.
  156. Stuck on accepting the terms and agreements.
  157. another small nice change
  158. Mac: Downloading sharedassets0.assets loop
  159. Stress Tournament results / notes
  160. 1.6 GB of Ram being used by Hex during free tournament
  161. Stress Test Tournament - LIVE UPDATE
  162. Any other cards with voice acting now? (Buccaneer)
  163. Large Scale Tournament Suggestion
  164. How Tournaments could run smoother in Future
  165. Stress Test Data Question
  167. Test Round 2
  168. Brown Fox Scout text confusing/redundant
  169. Dungeon Crawler Bonus
  170. still cant cancel a challenge