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  1. Bug Report Guidelines - READ ME FIRST
  2. Hex - Do you want typos and card text errors submitted as bugs?
  3. Some kinda Wall
  4. Test Server Known Issues - Armies of Myth
  5. Lost Platinum in store
  6. Apprently Blood Sacrifice Shin'Hare Deck not playable literally
  7. Stars sky are beautiful
  8. Loading Data... Interminably
  9. Creating Channel with Space
  10. minor UI bugs
  11. Wrenlocke's Card Draw Ability Bugged
  12. Missing over 80% of cards
  13. Gas troll getting buffed by shards
  14. Sleight of Hands - Replicator's Gambit gloves don't work
  15. [Confirmed] Stink Troll giving +1 +0
  16. Game Stalls in Prep Phase
  17. Air Elemental not Playable?
  18. Hogarth Intro
  19. Love the new chat but....
  20. Storm Cloud power does not target
  21. Mass Polymorph Dingler doesn't do anything
  22. Wrenlocke + Mastery of Time
  23. Skipped Boss fight, Awarded Loss for win
  24. Living Totem not working with Helm of Many Faces
  25. Helm of the Fallen & Grips of the End not working
  26. Item sorting not working properly
  27. Wheel of fate not stopping one symbol at a time
  28. War Bot and Bertram's charge power
  29. Experiencing latency issues?
  30. Hophiro stops Shards.
  31. Kindling Skarn not getting pumped
  32. Mass Polymorph Dingler
  33. Can not login to test server
  34. Equipment dissapears while changing screens
  35. War Bot champion, void all none-artefacts
  36. Chimes of the Zodiac not working
  37. Discarding phase
  38. Gas Troll gaining +1/+1 off any card played including shards
  39. Jadiim
  40. Jags+legionaire of gawaine
  41. Eternal Drifter
  42. Additional Starting Resource buff not working.
  43. Voided troop returns to field in strange orientations [Solitary Exile, Headless Exec]
  44. Tiaanost bug post combat with 0 troops to target.
  45. Kismet's Luck challenge bags have no effect
  46. Mastery of Time visual error
  47. Hero of Adamanth + Shrine of Prosperity Challenge
  48. Fissuresmith
  49. Can't Select Cards in Hand
  50. Stuck at loading screen in Arena
  51. Equipment Doesn't Work With Alternate Art
  52. Responding to Whispers PM's yourself
  53. Ghost effect wrong way when stormcall played
  54. Uzume, Grand Concubunny Boss - Will create unique troops with their charge power
  55. Inferno Challenge
  56. Solitary Exile
  57. Alwyn
  58. Unable to log in
  59. Gas Troll bug
  60. Arena Froze. <insert joke here>
  61. Booby Trap equipment non-functional
  62. AI Living Totem broken
  63. Eye of the Soul Leecher equipment
  64. Patience does not reduce King Gabriel's cost
  65. Angel of Dawn didnt play for free
  66. Boulder toss on Daring Swordsman does not do double damage
  67. Genesis Cube
  68. Seaweed Behemoth Bugs
  69. Ivory Pawn Challenge Failure
  70. Wrong Hogarth buff dialog
  71. Eurig the Robomancer Champion
  72. Wrathwood Mossling Not Transforming into Master Moss
  73. Deck Validation doesn't report when you use more than 4 of a gem
  74. Boulder Toss during Combat - After blockers have been assigned.
  75. Search for Equipment bug
  76. Zooming in and out of cards breaks game
  77. Falcons did not receive buff after reconnect
  78. AI Issues [Compiled experiences]
  79. Deck validation doesn´t report that you have equipment without the proper card
  80. Xentoth's Inquisitor and Psychotic Anarchist Static Power
  81. Dragon Guard Stalwart: Incantation of Righteousness (Missing linked images)
  82. disappearing temp resources?
  83. Sappers Charge: Not Showing its Target
  84. Game Auto-Started Match- Gave Me Deck I Don't Own
  85. Eye of Creation Equipment not working
  86. Midsummer Cloak [Puck equipment] not working
  87. Goremaster - Spoils of War - Does Not Work
  88. Challenge: Mastery of Time
  89. Replicator's Gambit Doesn't with with AA cards
  90. Choosing target to block bug and cards in the middle
  91. Custom Chat Channel : Number Indicator Bug(?)
  92. AI Lethal swiftstrike troop wont block
  93. Jadim + Eye of Creation
  94. Blessing the fallen misses text works fine
  95. Ballistics expert uses charge power wrong
  96. Gorefeast bug + Wild root dancer AI bug
  97. Gladiator Helm [ Arena Regular equipment] not working
  98. Self buffing creatures not self buffing
  99. Reward-Buffs do not work
  100. Heat Wave + Sultry Shell
  101. Azurefate Sorceress + Staff does not work
  102. Good Ol' Boulder [Boulder Toss Equipment] is not working
  103. Bugs I noticed, with 1st try.
  104. Stink Boots buff [Stink Troll] is granted from wild shards
  105. Wild Root Dance Selected Cards Going Into Wrong Deck
  106. Blood Sphinx' equipment is misleading
  107. Phantom, stuck effects on the chain + ALL phases require release of priority
  108. Eurig, the robomaster: Construction plans: Crank Rocket spam
  109. Gem socket bug
  110. Paladin of Naagaan: Incantation of Righteousness & Lightbringer Gloves
  111. bonus resource received from Tier 1 challenge not functioning correctly
  112. Rose Lion - Thorned Chestplate
  113. Briar Legion - Blossom Leaf
  114. Autoplayed 4th Puck
  115. [BUG] Giant corpse fly played auto on turn one draw phase
  116. Game starting on star background
  117. Wild Root Dancer charge power failed to resolve
  118. Can't get past the loading screen before match 1 of the arena.
  119. Xarlox the broodlord,Apparantly mana cost is a myth
  120. Xarlox the broodlord,Apparantly mana cost is a myth
  121. Echo of Mastery of time
  122. PvE card loot not clickable - equipment is
  123. AI uses Wild Growth ... on my troop
  124. Game loop on Eurig fight
  125. Serpentine Armguards don't work
  126. Solitary Exile not voiding cards?
  127. Avakanche Giant fight
  128. War bot removal did destroy my troops
  129. P/T display error
  130. I perfected the first 5 - Then Arena Ended
  131. Stuck at Malice Demon fight
  132. Fissuresmith resolved twice
  133. Games not starting
  134. Arena Battle not starting properly (frozen at coin flip)
  135. Chat not functioning
  136. Funny Bug - Ingenious Engineer - with Random "Plan"s goes in hand
  137. Hero of Adamanth passive closer to 100%
  138. AI still casting mesmerize on its own troops
  139. Argus, Herold of Doom's void ability
  140. boarder highlight doesn't rotate
  141. Daily Sealed Ticket not refunded
  142. Resuming Arena, with modified decks / save as decks / deleted decks
  143. Veteran Gladiator - Can;t Block Equip Not Working
  144. Missing button Graphic
  145. Draft Picks go Super Fast
  146. Colin Doesn't Inspire When Randomly Given Alwyn's Inspire
  147. Sniper of Gawaine sniping himself
  148. Genesis Cube
  149. Oakhenge Ceremony equipment Ceremonial Helm not working
  150. Verdant Wyldeboar equipment Veteran's Lance not working
  151. Bug: Fertile Engorger
  152. Won but lost then won
  153. Bug: Tectonic Megahulk Tunneling Counters
  154. Bug: Pulse Reactor Targeting
  155. Bug: Boots of the Hopeheart Martyr
  156. Uzume's charge power creates unique troops
  157. Ghost Troops
  158. Bug: Making gem and AA modifications to an arena locked deck invalidates deck
  159. Bug report, Hero Of Adamanth passive
  160. Bunjitsu card voids itself
  161. Eurig Champ - Construction plans: Hornet bot
  162. Visual bug with solitary exile voided troops
  163. Bunjitsu gitch
  164. Uzume Champion Power Bug
  165. Vine Trap equipment Boots of Unyielding Strength not working
  166. Strength of the Redwood equipment Sequoia Bulwark not working
  167. No Victory Screen or Priority
  168. Survival of the Fittest equipment Durable Hammer not working
  169. Blood Sphinx Passive ability, copy of Time Ripple not adding cost +1
  170. Relentless Corruption equipment Harbinger of Pestilence not working
  171. Malice Demon Champ
  172. Emberspire Witch Encounter doesn't complete when winning with exact damage
  173. Game stuck on Eternal Guardian fight
  174. Game slows down with many troops in play
  175. Artifacts created with ingenuity engine have their items applied
  176. Ushul always creates spider
  177. Second Boss Infinite Loop
  178. Fertile Engorger is invalid for PvE
  179. Starfire Totemist life drain equipment not functioning.
  180. Visual Issues!?
  181. Archmage Wrenlocke
  182. Not Working Equipment (short list)
  183. AI champion's have no target lines for thier powers.
  184. Brutal Commander and Bracers of Brutality.
  185. War Bot fight - reactor bot does not gain buffs
  186. [Confirmed] Fahrny bug (ai card)
  187. Bugs found after playing in the arena
  188. Highlands Magus
  189. Opposing champion, deck, and troops do not load on reconnect after computer freezes
  190. living totem equipment bug
  191. Master of Time Challenge
  192. Opponent didn't die with 0 life
  193. Cannot Enter Arena - Stuck on Loading
  194. UI does not load
  195. Some Bugs
  196. Free Win
  197. Moon'airu fight is very messed up for me
  198. Wild Root Dancer Passive
  199. Equipment that don't work
  200. Archmage Wrenlock
  201. Baelnorn`s bug reports
  202. Chimes of the zodiac
  203. Zoom on cards
  204. Stuck loading when launching arena.
  205. Lost on Test Server
  206. Gift of Yakuzan
  207. no chat in arena
  208. Weird problem against Uzume
  209. [Visual bug] a card back from void thinks its ready state is "exhausted"
  210. Multiple Shrine of Prosperity negative cost effect actually gives you resources
  211. Seaweed Behemoth
  212. Solitary exile equipment
  213. Icon visual bug
  214. Bug: Eldritch Dreamer won't start match
  215. Princess Cory thinks Plant Garden costs 2
  216. A short compilation of bugs i found.
  217. Royal Falconer missing text when played by AI
  218. Got locked out of game
  219. Account/Password
  220. Can't login
  221. Hero of Adamanth
  222. Gas Troll buffed by ruby shards
  223. Booster Draft Pick Timer is bugged
  224. Conceding didn't award loss in Arena
  225. Mastery of Time + Pass All Priorities
  226. Asked to reconnect to a game which I left.
  227. Placeholder text in "choice zone"
  228. "Flame" visual on board displaying strangely
  229. Dragon Guard Stalwart stuck on Turn 2
  230. Incantation of Savagery
  231. Massiv Pass Priority
  232. Deck with no champ considered valid [1/2]
  233. [Confirmed] No champion = arena lockout
  234. Incantation of Fear - No Card Text
  235. Ready Phase is common location of freezing game
  236. Foreststalker Glove Equipment (Sly Huntress) - All Pets leave play at end of turn
  237. Forge of Cadoc not working properly
  238. Bold text, when clicked, doesn't show linked card.
  239. Princess Cory passive power only applying to him
  240. Genesis Cube has no text
  241. Surge Mechanism doesn't increase max resources
  242. Wrathwood Mossling doesn't transform back into Wrathwood Master Moss
  243. Nelebrin Scout Arena encounter passive power bugged
  244. Latency, or something else?
  245. Battleborn Boots: Living Totem
  246. Ruby Enchantress Doesn't lose with 0 health or less
  247. Incantation of Savagery not working
  248. HEX # chests in loot
  249. Failed to Start --> Counts as a loss
  250. Uzume's passive ability