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  1. QOL improvements - Quick Observations - Fast fixes
  2. I want my collection back, and some other observations.
  3. My Thoughts On Hex PvE
  4. Campaign Card Manager Feature Requests
  5. Specific PvE feedback: Class and race comparison
  6. (Dwarf) Cleric Feedback
  7. Feedback: Card resolution and battle damage sound effects
  8. [Suggestion] Gareth Kay Sound Effect
  9. Suggestion: Gold Shops
  10. PvE Suggestion: Minor xp award for losing
  11. Idea for the mushroom houses
  12. Tournament lobby quality of life improvement: your matches highlighted & on top
  13. Suggestion: Let us use spaces in PvE character names (I mean why not?)
  14. Feedback: Unflexible and limited character naming allowed in the campaign
  15. Suggestion: Reserves in Dungeons
  16. [Campaing] General Writing Criticism
  17. Revisit Campaign Tutorial Difficulty?
  18. Text size during the Campaign too small
  19. Suggestion: Let us EA cards while playing
  20. Class sub forums
  21. Wormoids are really bad design
  22. Auction House Music
  23. Quick QOl suggestions
  24. Thoughts about the game in general
  25. Loot List for Dungeons
  26. Hex: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  27. New Player Feedback on Campaign and Game (LONG)
  28. Recommend UI Changes for chests/spins/fate thingy
  29. Suggestion for Shroomkin Houses
  30. No in-game recognizon of the Ardor-day event...?
  31. Let us change game boards
  32. More Avatars/Character pics
  33. PVP Board not appealing for new player
  34. Change the locations/colours of the different buttons in the middle of the screen
  35. PvE suggestion: More interactions between the race of the champion and troops.
  36. Some really needed feature requests
  37. Add auto-cast option for charge powers
  38. First impressions of Chronicles of Entrath. By Stormchyld
  39. Suggestion for the Chained Goliath encounter
  40. Recent downtime issues
  41. [SUGGESTION] PvE Deck Managing QoL improvement
  42. Add character name in character deletion window
  43. Really enjoying PvE
  44. First Impressions of the New Campaign mode
  45. [Suggestion] Fix Primal Shard description (please)
  46. Multiple preset decks for Campaign
  47. Filter Card Manager by Date
  48. Ardent/Necrotic Recruiter
  49. Card mouseover at shroomkin hauss
  50. Option to skip conversations in dungeons
  51. UI and navigation
  52. [Suggestion] Avoiding resource screw through biased shuffling
  53. Need More Character Slots
  54. Blocking/Attacking With Multiple Troops
  55. Blocking/Attacking UI
  56. 6 Cards per dungeon has some issues
  57. Another PvE experience/perspective with thoughts.
  58. Repeat names, and a BUNCH of character slots
  59. Shroomhut tooltips
  60. Really annoying AH Noise uncategorised
  61. When you clear a dungeon, you should get a dungeon reward summary of your spoils
  62. Strategy and Decklists should be subforum?
  63. cancel button
  64. Hex PVE, Mulligans and Coin Flip
  65. [Suggestion] Extended Art Preview
  66. New ideas for Hex - for developers. by Evilmark
  67. Black Screen Mode
  68. A few Auction and Card Manager improvements
  69. Minipets, or just playing fields with animated creatures
  70. Multisleeves
  71. Stardust Refining or Stronghold Stardust Refinery building
  72. I detest the screen shake
  73. Let me customize my deck in dungeon in the 1st run.
  74. A Prompt for Priority After Swiftstrike Damage
  75. Chat Tabs & AI Trash Talk
  76. Yea, a hotkey for the hero ability
  77. Traits that may need a second look!
  78. HEX end-game is SUPER HARDMODE
  79. Decoration for AI only cards
  80. Message character limit
  81. Better equipment filter
  82. Tournament queue wait
  83. Ideas for campaign
  84. Deep Resonance with Hex ART
  85. The state of the Hex competitive scene, suggestions, and much more.
  86. Ignite Plz
  87. nerf winter moon
  88. Some suggestions: Some new ways of card interaction, more uses of this being online
  89. IQ Coverage
  90. Quality of Life improvement that I would love to have
  91. Feedback on Campaign Champions
  92. Generic Equipment (please?)
  93. QOL AZ1 pack opening
  94. Suggestion: Mutliple Builds
  95. Suggestion: Choosing What Colors You Level Into
  96. Use Draft Tickets for Gauntlet
  97. Feedback on the Invitational
  98. Gauntlet idea
  99. A Couple Months In (Shorter than the Last One)
  100. [Suggestion] Hex Gift.
  101. PVE Feedback from someone who's played the campaign too much
  102. Show accepted cod cost
  103. Leaderboard / Point system & AAs
  104. Option to Revert Extended Art Cards
  105. Hex Review
  106. Suggestion: Non-Competitive, Free, No-Prize Constructed Queues
  107. Player Card Designs
  108. Art's Highlight could be better
  109. !Suggestion! Introducing the HEX Box One!
  110. Feedback from a casual PvE player
  111. PvE campaign story and dialogue feedback (Spoilers)
  112. [Suggestion] New Card to give the Shin'Hare that extra little omph.
  113. [Suggestion] Deck Stats: Mana Curve
  114. Low on the list of priorities, but...
  115. [Suggestion] Auction house sorting of items
  116. Suggestion: First Strike & Ambushed 'coin flips'
  117. Improvements for the deck editor (Load deck from HD, let me add cards I do not own)
  118. [Suggestion] Increase PVE Difficulity
  119. Feedback and Suggestion
  120. (Suggestion) Elf Warlocks
  121. [Suggestion] PVE Oriented VIP Programs
  122. [Suggestion] Make Scheduled Sealeds/Constructeds Start
  123. [Question] Why is Hex not published via Steam?
  124. Feedback Patch - very bad french translation tournament rules
  125. New campaign deck editor - "new deck" function
  126. [Suggestion] let us tab to the Authenticator area
  127. UI Improvements (Bring Back Buttons For Everything at Top of Screen!)
  128. [Question/Feedback] Why show the first X listing upon immediately entering the AH?
  129. A filter to not show AA cards.
  130. AA Suggestion for Shards of Fate
  131. Suggestion: Max Level Characters get 2x gold, no EXP
  132. Hex Kickstarter Backer
  133. Platinum / Gold Exchange
  134. Suggestion: improving PVE
  135. Suggestion: Remove Starter Decks from Store
  136. PvE Gameplay mechanic making it frustrating to play with Suggestion
  137. Cards listed as "New"
  138. Client zoomed in
  139. [Suggestion] Allow reprocessing of equipment into stardust/gold