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08-14-2012, 01:06 PM
Since there is no rule book to look at on the crypto site here is a brief overview for you all.


180 blue “Theoretical” cards.
4 blue “Bazinga” cards.
75 red “Experimental” cards.
12 blank cards
60 point chips (12 each of numbers 1 to 5)
6 cardboard envelopes

The cards are decent quality if a bit thin. They have quote from the show and the blue cards have a picture from the show as well. The point chips are thick glossy cardboard with the numbers on both sides.

Each player starts with seven of the blue cards. One player is the judge and turns over a red card.

Examples of red cards:

Needs a spanking
Handy in case of apocalypse
Bad at Sports

The other players then select a blue card they think matches what is on the red card.

Examples of the blue cards:
Personal Robot
Sexy Vampire
Wonder Woman

After playing a card the players draw back up to seven blue cards.

The judge then assigns a point chip to each answer. For example in a five player game the judge would give one answer a four, one a three, then a two, and finally a one. The player of each answer then takes the chip assigned to their answer.

The judge then rotates to the left and another round is played. The game lasts 12 rounds and whoever has the most points wins.

There are two types of cards that mix the game up a bit.

Some of the red cards are called “Experimental Formula” cards and have a green face. These require the other players to play two cards. The two cards are placed in a cardboard envelope so they stay together when the judge shuffles them.

Examples of the “Experimental Formula” cards:
“The brain of a ____ and the body of a ____”
Super awkward
Weird fantasy

Four of the blue cards are “Bazinga” cards. After all players have chosen their blue card(s) one of the players can play a “Bazinga” card which forces the judge to discard the red card he drew and draw a new card. This can be useful if you had no good cards for the first red card or to make everyone else's answers funny.