View Full Version : Other kickstart rewards?

05-10-2013, 06:36 AM
Would the devs consider ever adding other special things for kickstarters?

Right now it is already amazing, I am not really asking for more, this is mostly curiosity.

Something in my hands - maybe the dev team could make postcards and sign them and send them to kickstarters? The digital perks are awesome, but I would love to have something I could frame and put on a wall.

Titles/special colours for player names, etc? We have deck sleeves, but some kickstarters might not like any of them, and those are the only surefire way to tell them apart from non-kickstarters. Maybe a title you can equip, or a special colour for your name (different to the dev colour, if they have one)...

Could be nice to have smaller things like this, even though they aren't really needed to enjoy the game. I would love a permanent badge of honour to show my support.