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05-12-2013, 11:22 PM
Rewarding Guilds for being awesome!

In a digital TCG, we no longer have the sense of community created by a local games shop and clearly Cryptozoic intends for Guilds to take over this role of community building and support – I think that Guilds should therefore be given perks traditionally associated with local games shops like promo cards to enable them to fill this role and encourage players to join guilds.

Further, while I think that it is awesome that pro players can break even or make a profit from TCG’s by playing well and giving us all something to aspire to, shouldn’t the contributions of guild leaders and active members to the community entitle them to at least a few free boosters? Unlike real game shops, they are not reselling cards and get no profit (but also have no overheads) but I think they deserve some rewards for recruiting new players, converting players to PvP and organizing tournaments etc that involve their members buying new boosters. These rewards should be some for themselves and some that must be distributed as rewards within their guilds.

Lets not have all the guilds be carbon copies though!
When I think of guilds, I immediately think of joining the thief or mages guild in an RPG where you have requirements to meet, bonuses for membership and progression through the ranks. Lets have guilds with different focuses, requirements and benefits to make things interesting:

Brotherhood of the Meek
Aim: To educate the uneducated
Requirement: Any Starter Deck
Benefits: Helpful advice from senior members, free common cards as tournament rewards donated by senior members etc
Benefits for Senior members: bonuses for good reviews from new members, bonuses for number of members joining PvP etc

Society for the preservation of bunnies
Aim: Promote Shin’Hare Decks
Requirements: win 10 matches with a Shin’Hare Deck
Benefits: Benefits to the guild if Shin’Hare are victorious in PvE worldwide events
Benefits: Shin’Hare Champions level 10% faster

Cult of the Mountain God
As above but for Orks

Pro Player Guild
Aim: To win
Req: PvP Standing
Benefits: Guild Decks and Tournament Practice
Benefits: Bonus prize if guild member wins a Tournament

The Drunken Dwarf
Aim: Casual Weekly Play
Req: Invite only or Open or anything the founder wants
Benefits: bonuses for regular playing ie 10 weeks in a row = promo card for members

Let players join more than one guild but loose rank (and thus any bonuses) if they become inactive.

Guilds can be chapters of any of these guild archetypes with the special bonuses or just vanilla guilds based on location etc

Discretionary bonuses for guilds that do stuff outside the game like youtube videos, articles etc

Maybe calling them all guilds is wrong and some should be called holy orders, Groups, Societies etc as you can belong to more than one group of friends but joining two sides of a holy war would be ill advised…

What do you guys think? Any other awesome guild ideas? Maybe a legit theif's guild in PvE that has a chance of stealing a card from the opponents deck?

05-12-2013, 11:38 PM
Not sure adding more free rewards is the way to go.
Although I'm all for perks, nice ones


05-12-2013, 11:46 PM
Fair enough, but i figured that it would be cool to reward people for building the community not just for winning. I would make most of the rewards be directly related to the cost of running a guild like guild tournament rewards, cards for the guild bank, free practice drafts (dont get to keep the cards) etc rather than lots of free stuff just for the greedy guild-master's personal use..

05-13-2013, 03:24 AM
Maybe have guild rankings, and the top X amount get to host tournaments within the guild for alt art promos once a month.

Static perks would be nice too.