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05-15-2013, 02:57 AM
As a long time paper tcg player and someone who also plays on MTGO I'm definitely intrigued by Hex and right now am just trying to decide what level I want to pledge on KS.

One thing MTG players have going for them is that their cards (whether they are digital or physical) have value in terms of real world currency. One large factor, but not the only, in any tcg's lifespan is that the cards retain some modicum of value over time. Sure as soon as a "ultra-red-dragon" is printed, your "plain-red-dragon" won't be worth nearly as much, but that is to be expected...

What I don't see yet with Hex is any answer to card supply inflation (if in fact it's an issue that warrants and answer may be up for discussion still). As more and more packs are opened, the quantity of specific cards floating around will increase... and their value (tangible or not) will go down.

Do you, fellow forum goers feel this is something that warrants a counterbalance or no?

-Mtgo has set redemptions which many players don't realize plays an enormous role in the stable prices of the digital copies of cards. If you understand the nuances of set redemption influence on the market you're in the very very small minority of players, most don't care since it is fairly invisible.
-Crafting is definitely an option where cards could be 'melted' into packs / completely random new card / materials for traditional mmo style crafting...
-Very few games / hobbies will ever hold any value after they've been enjoyed. Why should this one? Should they just make it the best game possible and not worry about the secondary market? What if worrying about the secondary market has a direct relation to the success of the game?

05-15-2013, 03:08 AM
The value will come from the rarity and the incentive to buy the cards (either cause they're fun or cause you need them to play in the competitive prize supported OP)


05-15-2013, 03:12 AM
The thing is, and I've stated this elsewhere, there isn't a finite amount of cards available. with it being 100% digital, you don't have a limited supply of each card, you aren't restricted by how many packs a shop has in stock, so people can buy however many packs they want off the shop. This, of course, will affect card prices, but only in relation to this game itself.

However, this isn't always a bad thing, considering outside of third party transaction there isn't really a way to resell for your money back. Because of this, the low prices mean it'll be easier for free players to purchase cards through Gold, as well as making it easier to buy the singles you are after for your deck.

Of course, large supply of cards or not, there will always be Chase cards that increase in price because they're in high demand, and as new sets come out, people will stop buying the older sets as much, and the supply of these cards will remain roughly the same. When new players join the game, they will be after these cards as well, and therefor demand will go up.

Sure, prices probably won't reach MtG levels, but that's because of the first point I brought up, that there isn't a finite amount of cards available like a physical TCG would have. People are just blowing this whole thing out of proportion. Sure for the first set there will be a lot of cards in circulation because of the large number of packs that will be handed out, but this means at the same time, there will be cards out there so people don't have to wait to start trading.

Really, there isn't any way to tell what the state of prices and such will be until the game actually releases and people have it to see, and even then it should not be a problem.

05-15-2013, 03:12 AM
Crafting system has already been confirmed, unsure if it will be usable with PvP cards, but I assume it will.

05-15-2013, 03:17 AM
Re: Kalius, agree 100% just think it's an interesting topic for discussion and warrants a more in depth one.
Re: Pat, so far they've announced it only usable with pve cards, though adding for pvp cards as well would make sense on some level.

Unless they release a truly groundbreaking game, which isn't likely (though the game has me interested enough to play it don't get me wrong). I don't see cards ever passing their peak price 1-2 months after a set is released. A strictly digital game has it's cons in that regards.

Though for me the pro's outweigh those cons by and large.

05-15-2013, 03:19 AM
Re: Pat, so far they've announced it only usable with pve cards, though adding for pvp cards as well would make sense on some level.

As far as I can read, they've said it only confers benefits for PvE, I couldn't see anywhere that you can not use PvP cards as reasources for it. PvP cards CAN be used in PvE, so one could assume it works...

(the question if anyone wants that is something entirely different)