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05-15-2013, 09:35 AM
Since we have awhile before Hex comes out and a tight community is important to the game. Tell us about yourself and what other games do you play?

Im 27, married and have 2 boys (age 5 and 2) with my first baby girl on the way and will be here next month. I'm a car salesman.

I dabble in multiple MMO's but I do not have one I would call "home". I also like Starcraft 2 but I seem to like watching the pro matches more then actually playing. I also am wanting to start playing DOTA 2 when I have the time.

Im 27, married and have 2 boys (age 5 and 2) with my first baby girl on the way and will be here next month.

05-15-2013, 09:44 AM
I'm 27, engaged, no lil'un.

I play a lot of table top RPG, I played MTG from ice age - Ravnica(sp?) although never really competitively just with friends.
I also own Fantasy Flight LCG base sets for GoT and Cthulhu, but only really play those with friends on occasion.

So I'm mostly casual when it comes to gaming.

Video game wise i like to watch a lot, SCII, LoL, Dota2 now. And i play all those very poorly. MMO wise I played WoW from Beta but haven't had a subscription in ages and it never much kept my interest enough to play the expansion. I like Star Trek Online, and i'm playing the new Neverwinter MMO!

I love writing and reading too, so I'm really excited about the lore side of this.

05-15-2013, 11:13 AM
Hey i'm 20 year old college student.

I've played a lot of online video games moving from Dota, to wow, to starcraft 2, and then to league of legends.

Haven't played a TCG in quite some time and am looking forward to playing competitively through PvP and hopefully PvE.

I'm so excited for Hex I check the website daily just to read more about the game and talk to my friends about it non stop haha.

Looking forward to playing with you guys in September!


05-15-2013, 11:20 AM
32 - software test engineer

Currently WoW is occupying my video game time... but I do enjoy the occasional console game as well.

I enjoy WoWTCG, my first exposure to a TCG, but just dont have the time to trek out to shops and find games these days. Still play it with friends occassionally.

Otherwise I prefer quick "sit down"/party type games... several of CZE's products (Penny-Arcade, Food Fight, Epic Battle Wizards) and some others like Cards Against Humanity :D

05-15-2013, 11:42 AM
I'm a 32 y/o Peri-Operative Nurse in the US Army. I have 3 kids with the two oldest boys at 8 and 5 and a 3 y/o girl.

I play a wide range of video games, currently including Minecraft, Defiance, Trials Evolution, and Heroes of Might and Magic 6. I also play D&D and Pathfinder online using RPTools and Roll20 with friends from all over.

I played Magic from revised to 6th edition. I haven't touched TCG much since, just Pokemon which I play with my 8 y/o son.

05-15-2013, 11:42 AM
36 year old Operations Manager for a small town garbage business.

6 kids (5 girls, 1 boy) just celebrated my 14th anniversary. The oldest girl and maybe the next one down will be dragged into Hex too if past games I've played are any indicator...

I played Magic off and on since Fallen Empires (Some of my fondest memories of college were sitting at a table with 4-6 of my friends and a deck that had 150-200 cards...until my friend's 60 card deck showed us better). Each time I get back into TCG's (Magic specifically) I raise my level of play towards serious competitive play. My first serious tournament with Magic I took a Psychatog deck that was 'obviously the best' as it had just won some major pro tour event. I ended up last place in a field of 63. Yeah, I was that bad. I've dabbled with other TCG's, but nothing stuck like Magic.

I've been a gamer for my whole life. Tabletop RPG's (GURPS, West End's Star Wars, Shadowrun, Robotech, etc.), Video games (the Final Fantasy franchise, Starcraft, SC2, everything from Archon to Torchlight 2, etc.), MMO's (WoW was a staple in my home for a few years, a number of f2p here and there), regular board games (ANYTHING strategic in nature, Risk, Axis and Allies, Fortress America, chess of course), Tabletop miniatures (Warhammer 40k mostly). Yeah, sometimes I feel it's easier to name the games I HAVEN'T touched at some point or another. Pitting my brain against another human being is one of my great thrills in life. Seriously.

Hex blew my mind the moment I saw it. Sucked over here by an ad on...some website, can't remember. 45 seconds into the 'how to play' video and I was desperately trying to figure out how to reach in and pull that game into my world. I haven't been this excited about the release of a product in years. September can't get here fast enough! My friends WILL and HAVE heard about this. They may stop answering my calls if they don't pledge quick. Good luck Crypto!

05-15-2013, 11:44 AM
I'm 28, father of a 3.5 yrs old girl and a 5 months old boy. I work as a marketing manager.
Playing MTG since Odyssey block (2001-ish), but played MTG based computer games even before.
I was never a huge fan of MTG. I used to say, that quitting MTG is easy, I done it like ten times. :)
But I'm on a constant lookout for a new/better/fresh TCG. I was hoping Carte will be that one.
I was really dedicated to it. I became VIP of the Closed Beta (that title was given to 2 players including me), than community helper after the english release, admin of the Carte wiki (http://carte-tcg.com/) and was also quite pro. I grinded myself into top10 worldwide (6th IIRC) at the very beginning. Then the non-asian Carte community started to dwindle, and people started to quit the game, due to some reasons I don't wish to discuss in here… Long story short: even if I'm theoretically a community helper still, I play very little Carte, I did not start the client in the last 3 months. I definitely hope, that HEX will not follow Carte into the oblivion.

05-15-2013, 04:07 PM
Its funny how many of the Hex fans are ex-MTG players ;) I still really enjoy Magic, I just do not have time to go to a local game shop and play. Oh and MTGO is horrible and super clunky/difficult to deal with.

I cant wait for Hex!

05-15-2013, 04:49 PM
Hi, I'm a 21 year old Package Investigator for an international athletic apparel store. I am not married, but will be engaged soon (hoping she says yes!). Oh and I have a cat. She's nuts.

Currently my job takes up a lot of my time, but I do meet up with my friends to play MtG now and again. When I have free time, I am usually playing a console/handheld game, writing or reading. I mainly play RPGs, but I do occasionally like shooters or puzzle games.

I played Magic when I was first in elementary school, but my young self just did not get into it that much. After I graduated from high school, a buddy of mine introduced it to me again and something in me just clicked. I've wanted to play DnD or Pathfinder for ages now, but I can't seem to find players for it, even when I say I'd DM/GM.

What drew me into Hex was the fact that I can't play MtG as much as I'd like. I know I can certainly play MTGO, but frankly, the client it terrible. I would rather take two of my decks and play myself (which I've done. Really hard keeping certain knowledge from myself at that point). Everything I've seen so far about Hex just blows me away. An engaging storyline, single-player support, and it's something new. Something that hasn't been done before. I used to play Shadow Era, a TCG for mobile devices, and I liked it, a bit, but it felt like it was just missing something. That something, I believe, was just taking advantage of it being a digital game. I believe Hex is going to revolutionize how TCG's are done.

September, you had better hurry up and get here so we can all play this!!

05-15-2013, 04:50 PM
32, Sr Web Dev/Team Lead. I played Magic for many a year until I just didn't have the time and my other friends who played dropped out of the scene. Played MtgO for a good long time, but it never really aged well.

05-15-2013, 05:48 PM
I play TONS of games, console/PC/card.
Right now my main obsession is yet another play through of Final Fantasy X-2 and playing Legendary (cant wait for Dark City)

Oh ETA: Im an old man, lll be 40 this year....ugg

05-15-2013, 07:47 PM
Hello, I am 23 and married, no kids just a cat that we call Pretzel legs. I work at Mcdonalds while my wife gets her career off the ground, once she is settled in and we get a bit of a nest egg I will be cutting back/quitting so I can focus more of my time on my writing.

I play Dnd (4.0) with a small group of friends and heroclix. I have always wanted to get into TCG's but the only TCG in town is Yu-gi-oh. When my friend tried to play he lost his first match and the guy yelled at him to leave. When me and another friend tried we were told unless someone vouched for us we couldn't play. So... No TCG's for me. When i heard about Hex my eyes lit up, and after watching the gameplay video I backed the King tier.

I own a PS3, 360, and a decent PC. I mostly play games on my PS3 but my Pc handles all the games I feel work best on it (skyrim, Indie games). I like.. umm.. anything that is fun, no preferences really, racing, shooter, rpg, strategic operations simulator.

Like I said most of my tabletop gaming experience comes from playing heroclix, its like, superheros that punch each other really hard. They make this delightful clicking noise when you click them, though that means your guy is dying. It's plus fun because it means you can have Superman beating the tar out of innocent people.

While I am not terribly interested in the PvE of hex so far I am really excited for the PvP. Everything i see from it looks like so much fun and I can't wait to build an orc deck and look forward to you all stomping me.

05-15-2013, 07:58 PM
Well..I turn 32 Y/O This year. Happily married for 9 Yrs to a women that puts up with all my gaming habits. I have 2 boys (3yrs and 1yr). I am a Combat Engineer (Army & Demolitions), recently transferred to be a numbers junky (operational Research and Systems analysis or ORSA).
I have played magic forever, though I still enjoy casual games, I am not a hardcore player anymore.
Ran a guild in WoW for a while, then got out of that to become a hardcore raider. THen quit all together to have a family.
Current obsessions are Defiance (PS3 - Versod), Rifts, D3(Kevashi#1381), and daily reads over the HEX and Destiny websites.

05-15-2013, 08:33 PM
Well this is Awkward ahah! I have just create a thread for introduction because I could not find one.

For my part you can call me Walk, I play several game at an high level and I used to be a Competitive Player on the Local Scene on Yu-Gi-Oh!, I also contribute a lot to the online community. I love all kind of game scoring from FPS to RTS passing by Combat games and obviously TCG.In real life I am attending art school and I'll take a major in Game Design when I graduate.My main objective in my career would be to lead or even only take part on a large scale mmorpg, I already have few strong idea and project idea on paper.I am currently writing a book and I have written several theater play and helped by a few friend I'll aim the making of a small amateur movie.

In Hex TCG I have several goal, first I will pledge 250$ to obtain the Pro Player ks reward. I want to go big on the scene and I will be making game analysis and share deck strategy on my Youtube Account, a video is already in the making to introduce my channel and share my view on kick starter and show few cards that already have been spoiled that I have interest in. Obviously I will mostly play PvP but depending on the difficulty of Raid and Dungeon I might end up building deck and showing how to defeat every boss and dungeon. Few people, mostly old team mates on my local scene , ask me If I wanted to host a clan.. my answer for the moment is no. I don't have the time , mostly because I commit load of time on project and if I end up being the Guild Master of an Important guild I will not have the time to build a forum, host event for the guild, set-up a ventrilo and I will not be able to actively take part in daily talk with my clannies. It look strange that on one part I will invest time in the game by making video but a 5-10 minute video per day will take me an average of about 30 minute to planned/record and edit, also I always dreamed to have a Youtube channel and sometime I even catch my self talking alone to an imaginary audience about specific League of Legend Champion or certain build order in Starcraft 2.. maybe I need help but in my opinion it only show that I have the tool to sit in front of my computer and give free tips to my monitor.I'll keep the community update on my Channel Status on an other thread in the following week when I have a little more to speak about!

On the Deck part, I am looking forward to play a Coyolte deck. Its the first race that catch my eyes and I loved the lore. I also have some love for the Shin'Hare but I dislike to play Agro deck because I am more of an Anti-Meta/Control player.If Coyolte end up being a let down or if the play style do not appeal to me I'll go with the most consistent deck that will provide me with the best Hand Advantage while keeping an healthy field.

05-15-2013, 10:00 PM
36, happily married, 3 children, 2 dogs, and a gerbal/hamster/rodent thing that squeaks a lot. I work as en electrical engineer and am an ex MTG / MTGO player. What I may lack in playing skills :eek: I make up in collecting--I'm a collector and trader at heart.

I've been waiting for a game like this ever since Duels of the Planewalkers came out in the late 90s. I really enjoyed that game and am really Stok3d about the PVE end of this more than anything. I find this a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an MMO as I'm currently knee deep in WoW atm. I'm crossing my fingers that Hex becomes everything I'm hoping it will be.

My first threads on this site may have caused controversy. Just smack me a little if I seem "too serious". I oftentimes find myself over analyzing things and different scenarios--especially when it has a pricetag attached to it. My intentions though are always honorable though. :)

05-16-2013, 12:29 AM
I am a well-heeled adult with a family and interests. My disposable income is pretty high but I limit myself to a monthly allowance which makes me come off as "cheap" or "overly-analytical" at times. My PC has become the primary entertainment platform where I am enjoying playing LoL on the SEA servers as an alternate S/J for a Ranked team. I enjoy games where the devil is in the details and my hours away can be spent endlessly theorycrafting my next deck/game.

TCGs are a money sink but I do like the format and competitive culture. My decks tend to gravitate towards "pauper" "peasant" or "hobo" formats since a well designed game is fun at any tier, but I do purchase singles to round out "competitive" decks. I hope to be a friendly addition to the social rooms and to forge friendships with people interested in deckbuilding and just having fun.