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06-16-2013, 10:00 AM
Hi everyone,

We would like to form the first dutch-speaking guild in hex. And are searching for members to join our community.

About Tangodown

www.tangodown.nl is the home of Dutch gaming community Tangodown who play mainly ARMA and other simulations but we also have a fairly active group of LoL players (mainly ARAM). The community mainly exists of Belgian and Dutch members (but you probably guessed that already :) ). As you can see on the website we have a forum, where we will add a Hex section and also have a teamspeak 3 server (server details on www.tangodown.nl on the right side of the screen) which already has a Hex-channel.

5 of us on Tangdown have backed the kickstarter of Hex (2 pro players, 3 kings and 2 squires).

About us

Mainly me and jourikdv will be responsible for the hex part of the tangodown community. We are both around 30 and from Belgium. We both used to play magic, and are avid board- and computer game players. We mainly play league of legends (ARAM mode) nowadays, but we have an eclectic taste. We are very passionate about Hex, and were waiting a long time for such a game to come to life.

About you

We don't have any real requirements to join. We want friendly, mature (in the mind, not actual age) and positive players. I don't want the hex-guild to be too big, so maybe at around 20-30 members I will have to review this, but for now all are welcome.

Our goals

Most of us on Tangdown are interested in the PvE part of hex, but we also love to draft. I hope we can have a thriving guild where we help each other with decks and raids and information about dungeons. Depending on what kind of guild versus guild modes exist in the game, we will most likely also participate in those.

Most importantly we want to have fun and have a guild where friendships can be formed. If our guild will be more casual or more competitive, will mainly depend on which direction you as members want it to go. Personally I'm fine with both and have experience in both.

How to contact / join us

-You can reply in this thread
-Contact me (or jourikdv) with a PM
-Join the tangodown teamspeak server and talk to us (our nicknames there are the same as here, LordJuzam and jourikdv), we will probably be on the ARAM channel of the league of legends section.

06-16-2013, 10:03 AM
Hello, I am jourikdv and I approve of this post! looking forward to meeting new people :)

06-16-2013, 10:07 AM
Although i've already committed myself to another guild, i do hope enough belgian/dutch people play, it's always great for national competition ^^

06-17-2013, 11:48 AM
Although i've already committed myself to another guild, i do hope enough belgian/dutch people play, it's always great for national competition ^^

Yeah hopefully :) Also if things don't work out in the other guild you are always welcome.

05-28-2014, 05:21 AM
I'm from Belgium myself, 25 yo and new to TCG's and even MMO's. So HEX is even more mind boggling to me than to many of you ;)

I've been thinking about founding a HEX Benelux community myself. I wasn't so much thinking about a 'digital' guild in particular but more like a 'real life' community (although they don't need to exclude one another) that organizes actual events to play HEX together (drafts, raids, ...), get to know and learn from eachother along the way. Those events don't have to be big organized LAN parties, but can just be casual meetups in a central location, especially when the tablet version of HEX is released.

Currently it's just an idea, and I've only been gathering a list of people so far that I come across on the forums that are either from Belgium or the Netherlands. I'm actually looking for like-minded people that might want to help think about and cooporate in getting such a thing on tracks.

06-22-2014, 12:01 PM
Hola, another dutchie here. As my sigblock shows I'm already in a guild, but if you ever need a friendly chat you can definitely hit me up!

Je weet me te vinden ;)