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too bad there won't be any official english transaltion and i'm interested in the interview :)


thanks in advance

EDIT: hopefully a manual translation as it will be a lot better than to feed the text to an automatic translation system

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Nothing special was mentioned there. Other than potential for Japanese localization.

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This work not been exhibited in a big way in E3 2013, but pre-α version was exhibited in the main meeting hall outside. This time, the Cryptozoic Entertainment Cory Jones said because me to introduce this work to (President / Chief Creative Officer), and try to tell immediately.

Cory Jones Mr. Cryptozoic Entertainment. I asked about the funding in Kickstarter, himself, it seems to have thought "We will not converge absolutely," Before you can start recruiting

 Was showing me the first time, it's planet as a stage of this work. One year from launch, the story is expanded in some areas of the planet, it is likely to continue to update the image while adding the other areas, like go to fill the planet after that. Plans already, will continue to implement the other regions over seven years seems to stand in the development plan.

Planet as a stage. Terminate the implementation of all regions such as a seven years later
http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/TN/003.jpg (http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/screenshot.html?num=003)

 Become a major selling of this work, elements of MMO that would be covered in TCG. For example, elements such as take the treasure and attacked Reidobosu to fight and auction house that can buy and sell cards and other players, guild between opponents to make a guild, players multiple people to cooperate, the castle of the other players It is planning to be implemented.  In addition, some elements and to nurture the champions divided into six classes, will be learning the skills, elements productive to produce the card to collect the material, and elements to strengthen it with a gem in the card . By the way, the development of the MMO part, staff who had designed the class system in the "World of Warcraft" in the past is likely to have done.  On the other hand, single player mode is also available, of course, is that you can or fighting AI, or even go complete the story by doing the quest.  After a rough introduction, it is in the development version, but was also showing me a scene to play actually. Instead of the AI opponent, and so is the other staff in the office, it's opponents in real time.  I do not know a detailed game rules, but as long as I have seen, basically : "Magic The Gathering" I think if you have the image (below, MTG), and the suspect that is more or less correct. The stored resource point using a "Resource" card, to use the card by consuming it. While or use it or put in place does not become a creature "Troop", resulting in a variety of effects the "Action" card, it's going to cut the life of the enemy champion.  Champion, can also continue to advantage the game with has a strong effect "Hero Power", around here, is served in Japan " CARTE (http://www.4gamer.net/games/132/G013202/) there may be part close to ".  Thus, considering that it is a title card game portion that is completed the MTG-like, MMO elements as described above are combined, this is attractive. The service after the start of this work, It will not be if you do not try to touch at any price. I want to tell, that I the student, was Ri Dohama in MTG is, it seemed the game rules to be led to think that so.  By the way, (the "white" I simplify things in MTG basis) made ​​up Troop center of the human system "Diamond" deck, opponent is incorporated and small Troop low-cost, the Troop of high heat low Durable Mr. Jones was, it was against run-and-gun type "Ruby" in the deck ("red" in short).  Mr. Jones carved a life in a moment in front of the thermal and trouble of Ruby deck, the early game is a bearish remark "This is ...... might lose" he said. However, If you turn off stand resource points to accumulate, Troop with the effect "attack power but 0, can be added to the offensive power a number of defense force at the time of the attack would normally" and, resources point the defense power of the Troop of "target The success that the combo that combines Hero Power that "to recover the life by the amount of damage that gave" and Action, called "+1 by the amount of, while giving great damage to the enemy, to all recover damage that has received so far to. Opponent Fortify then, but continues to damage with the Troop attack is not blocked, Jones said the come-from-behind victory.

Became a key card as "Chimera Guard Outrider", "Radiant Armor". The converted to attack power well Defense increase effect of the latter, had given a large damage
http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/TN/004.jpg (http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/screenshot.html?num=004)
http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/TN/005.jpg (http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/screenshot.html?num=005)

Ruby's deck was a rush Mr. Jones "Rampaging Tarasque". It appears that described in MTG terms because it does not know the rules of this work, perhaps it's a Troop "8/1 haste trample" basis. It ass doctor
http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/TN/006.jpg (http://www.4gamer.net/games/215/G021529/20130613093/screenshot.html?num=006)

 Well, for the future development of this work, be directed to the investor in Kickstarter in September test alpha, beta test is to be carried out later. The launch later, I was talking on the plan to continue to focus on tournament and draft a wide seat, I want to also organized tournaments bet the prize.
 In addition, Jones said recognizes the importance of Japan with a large TCG market, there is also a plan to do the localization of Japan had said. In fact, of the TCG World of Warcraft that Cryptozoic Entertainment has released the Japanese version as it may not come out, and I just want to great expectations. Shokei Shoshi the TCG like'll keep attention by all means to future development of this work.

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@Gwaer: thanks

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Yeah nothing much from the article.

On a personal note, I hope if they do translate into Japanese they use a different translator than what they used for the WoW TCG. (Although the comprehensive rules were well done).