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06-28-2013, 10:25 AM
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To me, the interface- ease, accessibility, and fluid pace of gameplay is a pretty big factor. It's one of the reasons it's been so hard to find a different multi-player game than LoL to play with my friends who have spread to all corners of the US. and why we seldom play any of the amazing Tower Games or other mods for Warcraft III. We just find it nearly impossible to get a game together. I for one was not computer literate enough to create my own games. As far as gameplay, seeing those lines and the efficiency of turns for the games shown looked awesome. Way more preferable than the play of MM: Dual of Champions and other card games that require players to choice each cards action every turn click by annoyingly, slow click. Just wanted to know others' thoughts on the important of interface from choosing game modes, to deck construction, to playing, and to communication system.

For more on this, I found an interesting article on the issue with a simple google search:

06-28-2013, 10:52 AM
The courses on human interface I took during my degree would have me believe they are incredibly important.

I think one of the major issues is balancing: attractiveness, ease of use, and advance user functionality.

If something looks really beautiful that's how you bring someone in.
If something is easy to use that's why they stick around to learn it.
Then it has to offer short cuts, advanced functionality etc. or they get annoyed with how long it takes to do things.

Of course all of these things can conflict, you have to find harmony that works for your target audience.

For instance, the 3d angled view of the play field in Duels of the planes walker looks way nicer and slicker than MTGO's 2d table look. But i find MTGO's way more functional because it's a lot easier to see information about what's going on all at once.

However, before you have played the game i would bet a large majority would prefer the look of DoTP.

I think hex has gone somewhere in the middle, it looks a less 3d, but is a lot more useable than DoTP.

On thing thought that the current Hex interface does poorly for ease of use is use of symbols. This looks cooler, and for advanced players is fine but MTGO clearly in words labels the phases.

From what i've seen it looks like hex uses symbols in the middle of the board. For new players, especially people still getting used to the idea of a main phase vs a combat phase, i think this will be harder to remember.

I think it would be best to include some windows with written information that take up screen real-estate but are useful for n00bs that can then be toggled off in a menu. Best of both worlds.

They may even have this as all we've seen is experienced users in an alpha

06-28-2013, 12:10 PM
I want complete customization on all user interfaces (card battle screen, deck building screen, draft screen, AH screen, etc).

Here is a good example (time mark 2:35~3:20): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taRJkbnEgK4

If I want to change angle of the tabletop, let me.
If I don't want to see my champion's life, let me turn it off.
If I want different ways to see my mana threshold and resource, give me other options.
If I do not want to see card errata, give me thumbnail option.

Complete customization for user interface! Cory, I bet all these are already in the work, right? You sly dog.