View Full Version : Infinity Squadron wants you!!!

07-14-2013, 03:51 PM
So the polls are closed now and Infinity squadron is the name that has emerged victorious.

We are in open recruiting right now. What that means is that in order to join us all you need to do is post on this thread or the one that I've started in our new guild forum on Reddit. Preferably post at least your in game handle but you can include more if you like. An example is at the bottom of this thread.


Our guild will be a place for PVP, PVE, and casual gamers. We will have a voice server.

If you're going to Gen Con I'd be happy to meet you out there.

Hope to see you soon!


Name/Handle - Errantsquire

Age - 31

TCG Experience - Magic the Gathering off and on since 5th edition, Star Wars the CCG (Decipher), Pokémon, WoW TCG.

Goals - Competitive constructed tournaments, and PVE

Other Experience - WOW GM, Computer Guy, some programming, Warhammer Fantasy/40K, many non-mainstream board games, and a lot of old school video games.