View Full Version : [HEXMetrics] Mouseover Hover for fan sites, database updates.

08-10-2013, 05:33 PM
Not sure if this is the place to do it - looks like though - I've been away and they've mixed up the forums on me :).

So, I've synced up the database to today's Hex Wiki (http://hextcg.gamepedia.com/Hex_Wiki) content - so the mouseovers will be as up to date as the wiki is.

Because I was away, so it's been a little delayed (I've been trying to run the update after I see each card revealed go into the wiki) - it's a manual thing at the moment, because post-release (in fact, probably post-alpha); cards won't change much except when there's a set release.

Very keen to get feedback on the around the how-tos, etc. - if you've plugged it into your site, please let me know where my instructions were bad, wrong, etc.; since I haven't had chance to test on a huge range of platforms.