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10-27-2013, 06:35 PM
Hi guys,

Here it is. I'll say that I did not search the entire forums to check if all this was reported or suggested, so please don't flame. I just didn't have that time ahead, but still wanted to help a bit if possible. I do think some of those are supposed to be implemented as well. This is my very first impression of the game so far in this Alpha and some ideas I would like to see in this marvelous game :

Bug - When searching for an opponent, when accepting a match, I can't see if there is a text under the big shard. I would assume it is the deck selection screen, because I always get the wrong deck to play with. It doesn't do that when challenging directly a player.

Bug - Sometimes, when trying to make a deck, I just can't see cards at all. I can see I have my cards, but pictures don't show. If I change the view mode to list, and then to pictures again, it seems to work almost everytime.

Bug - Text overlaping in the chat bos when writing big sentences. The text goes on the space that we use to write.. Happens when the chat bos is filled with text. Also, kind of hard to know when you can actually write something in it since there's no indicator to do so.

Bug - Wasn't able to get my games finish 75% of the time because of this priority thing. I know this is a well-known bug though. BTW, 100% of the time I can't finish a versus AI match.

Bug - Searching cards by keywords or ability does not work for most. I've search for stuff like Inspire and didn't find anything.

Bug - Champions ability of the Dwarf deck do not work. I just can't use it at all.

And now for the ideas :

- Would like to get the ability to see my graveyard content. Could be useful to plan ahead some moves.

- Would like to get the ability to get in-game menus to be able to play with sound, key-bind (if this is implemented) and stuff like that.

- Would be great to get the real-time hour somewhere in the UI, when playing or not. Yay, I kinda love the fact to know when I should stop without bringing my phone/clock with me.. lazzy guy :)

- It would be nice to get the possibility of zooming in cards when building a deck. Either the library or the deck itself. Would be nice to get the choice of how many card per row to show and the like.

- Could be nice to get ''quick stats'' when making a deck at the bottom right like ressources curve and creatures ratio for example. Simple graphic view. I would probably take the search and refine options to the top and put thoses stats in replacement.

- I would make the priority button smaller and I think I would up it a bit because it's getting to the point I can click my cards instead of pressing it if I don't want to use the spacebar.

- I would like to get the option to get the cards magnification when passing on them for newbies like me. (Kind of the Hearthstone style). I would make it an option just to make advanced people uncheck it when bored of this. :P

- It would be cool to have the option to yields certain steps or until triggers.

- I would like to get the possibility of having a fullscreen windowed mode without borders. Much easier for 2 screens configs.

That's about all I can get with my time for now. Hope this helps!

Thanks for letting us in! :D

10-31-2013, 07:19 PM
- I would like to be able to see what card is summoned by a specific card without having to check on wikis. For exemple, I think it could be benificial to see what exactly are booby traps when clicking on Sabotage. Could be a clickable link on the summoned card's name.