View Full Version : Draft Tournament game hangs, player has to forfeit for the tournament to continue

05-09-2014, 02:19 AM
Your Display Name: Hibbernathy

Bug Description: Last night, in Draft Tournament 10391 (IIRC), in the second game of my first round match vs. Lusitania (?) the game hung up midway into the game (unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot). I was just looking forward to see what Uzume would produced once my opponent had finished his turn.

Eventually his time counter counted down 20 minutes to 0, and then into subzero without the game ending.

At -0:30 I used escaped and "reported the game as bugged".

Back in the tournament screen I saw that that game was still listed as "in progress" - holding up the entire tournament.

I asked HEXRex online what to do, and he told me he had passed the information on. Then, after about 15 minutes, when I hadn't heard back from HEXRex (or rather - the only thing he could do was that he hadn't heard anything, he did a really good job in the chat!), I had to forfeit the tournament so the others could at least continue (it was getting late for me).

A while later I received a message that the tournament had ended, and I was awarded 5.000 gp.

Steps to Reproduce:
Frequency: Once
Additional Information: The most recent card played was Uzume on my side.