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05-11-2014, 09:44 PM
I have three issues with Mystic Spiritwalker.

1. The tooltip it gives to other troops is incorrect. I read the tooltip it gave some 1/2 flier later in the game (I don't play this much yet, so I wasn't 100% on Spiritwalkers wording) - I go to cast Terrible Transfer on it because the tooltip said "prevent the next combat damage" not "prevent the next damage source". I go to report a bugged game because I didn't gain life after reading the incorrect tooltip and not knowing what Spiritwalker did for sure.

2. It doesn't always give a tooltip. I tried to block it in game two because I saw the line but it disappeared too quickly. Not seeing a tooltip on either blockable troop, I tried to kill it. No go. Prevent all of the damage, which leads to my third issue.

3. It blocks too much damage. The way it reads is very awkward. I blocked it with 6 damage. a 1/1, a 2/4 and a 3/3. I figured I would be trading my 3/3 for his damage shield because that was the most favorable block (I had shrunk it to a 3/3). Instead with my 6 damage gangblock, I lose my 3/3 and it's still on the board. MY JAW DROPS. What the heck? The way I assume it should work is whatever troop blocked it first has its damage blocked, then the next creatures to deal it damage should be able to damage it. However, unfortunately and understandably, it says the next "TIME" it's dealt damage, prevent it. Since combat damage is all dealt at the same time then the "time" is all the same damage basically. But this is SO unintuitive! I really think it shouldn't block all damage from all sources in one combat because it doesn't feel right to me the way it's worded.

If you want it to work that way, you should reword it to say it prevents *all* combat damage or something. Or the shield goes away after combat.. something so people will understand how it's working now if that's how you want it. It really sounds like it will only block one damage source, then it should die making room for counterplay.

Thanks for reading!

05-12-2014, 12:28 AM
kind of hard to read...
combat damage is dealt at once (at least that makes the most sense), unfortunately it does not which can be seen with immortality (still working that way?)
i guess if you would block the shielded 3/3 with a 1/1 swiftstrike and a 3/3 without swiftstrike, the shield would break and the 3/3's would trade.
preventing all damage is a huge problem if not stated correctly on the cards!