View Full Version : I drafted what looked like a Wild Growth, but got a Gear Smith.

05-27-2014, 08:32 AM
Affected accounts/characters: Darkrose

When did the bug appear?: Drafting during 13613.

Detailed description of the problem: I drafted what looked like a Wild Growth, but got a Gear Smith.

05-27-2014, 09:00 AM
Occasionally I've noticed that there is a graphics bug will display the art from an adjacent card. If you mouse scroll in the card window it usually fixes it. You can also hover over it an the correct card info will be displayed in the description popup and in the preview card window.

05-27-2014, 11:18 AM
I get many graphical bugs. It happens to me a lot because I think I alt tab a lot or have other games in the background because drafting takes so damn long.
The worst is no card image at all, that tends to happen a lot ironically with the rare or legendary card in the pack. (Maybe cards that I do not have a single copy of yet in my collection because the image does not load?).

The only way to really tell before you make a pick is to hover over each card to get its name, and then right click (for me I always go to the first black spot to the right of the last card I see and hover there as well. Check the image viewer on the bottom right to confirm as well when hovering.