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06-03-2014, 09:41 AM
Theezer's Freezer

There once was a dwarf named Theezer

Who wanted a great, giant freezer,

For if his meat grew hot

It would quickly rot

and Theezer liked to eat at his leisure.

“Why is snow on mountains?”, he began to wonder,

“Surely that is some ancient blunder.”

For Theezer lived underground

And way, way down…

He needed to take the top of the mountain and make it the under.

Theezer asked advice of his dimwitted brother

Who said that one could not trade the top half of the mountain for the other,

But in a dream

Theezer saw a machine

That would switch the temperature of one place for that of another.

Theezer built his unique teleporter.

It was a Hot/Cold-Import/Exporter™

Aimed at Kog’Tepetl’s physique,

Quash’s highest peak,

Figuring taller mountains were colder than the shorter.

On went the machine and its lights began to race,

Anticipation glowed on Theezer’s stony face,

But the altitude dials

Were off a million miles

So the machine snatched the cold of deep space.

The steamy heat of the Underworld, the dwarven bliss,

Was instantly traded for the chill of the abyss.

Theezer froze solid inside his estate,

Along with most of the surrounding city-state.

No one the wiser it had all gone amiss.

06-09-2014, 08:10 AM
Nicely done :)