View Full Version : The Dragonborn want you!

03-22-2015, 05:39 PM
Hello folks and fellow Hexers! We are the Dragonborn, a collection of some the game's finest players, as well as many others just trying to learn and appreciate the game. You can find us all over this game, and in many time zones. In a matter of weeks, we are also sponsoring the next tournament in the www.fiveshards.com shard cup series, the Wild Cup!

Our ranks include many people you have seen in tournament play, as well as many people who specialize in the PvE side of Hex. If you want to join our ranks, we would love to give you a chance to get to know us, show us some of yourself, and have an awesome time. Please contact myself (cabalpapa), JuzamJedi, or Strife in game, or message cabalpapa, juzamjedi, or theghost via Skype. We use Skype heavily to communicate within the guild, so this will be a needed resource for you to interact with us. We also have a forum space with which to share long term thoughts and ideas.

As a further note, the guild may change its name at some point to honor a fallen friend. Last year, one of our cherished friends and guildmates tragically perished in an auto accident. His name lives on within our guild, and we may change our guild name to honor him further. This is noted here in case that change happens so there is previous note to those interested.

So, please come join the Dragonborn if you feel you have what it takes! Enjoy the Wild Cup, stay calm, and Hex on!