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06-16-2015, 07:57 PM
Abominations from the void have made their presence known in Entrath, and in each coming set, they grow stronger , or at least, more diverse.

I can only be happy to see how much Cory and the Hex team respect the lovecraftian universe, granting fans of the mythos amazing illustrations and a fun way to play with omniscient and nihilistic abominations alike.

I have been a Lovecraft reader and Call of Cthulhu rpg player for quite some time, and if i don't claim to have extensive knowledge I would be happy to introduce some of you who could be curious to this mythology, acknowledged at least to the extent of giving them a whole tribe and hopefully a solid part of the pve campaign by the creators of our beloved TCG

For those interrested to learn a bit more about the eldritch horrors I can only recommend to try and read some of H.P Lovecraft work.

But I'd like to explicit the lovecraftian aspect of the chaostouched cards lore.

Obviously I don't claim to write the story of these beings in Hex, I totaly trust the Hex team on this. The mythos itself have been adapted countless times and became as wide only thanks to all that extended it.

So I'm only going to make some remarks and give a bit more knowledge on the cards we have so far.

But first just an introduction to some basic lovecraftian principles :

There are ancient and powerfull beings that created, molded, and still rule this universe. Some are far away in other planets, some live in the world of dreams, at least one of them is one with the Void, as he is all and everything but what is not him.

We know nothing about them , or so little, and they care not about us. The loneliness of manking in an universe it can't hope to comprehend ( at the risk or death or pure madness ) is a core theme of H.P work.

Some of them are Great Old Ones, powerful alien beings of godly stature, mostly asleep/ imprisoned in a deep part of the world, awaiting to be awakened by their servants to rule again.

Some are truly omniscient, the Outer Gods, residing far away, sometime in alternate planes. And really they would have nothing to do with humans if some people could stop to try and summon them in our reality.

In any case we can't judge them by ourstandards. They know not of our ethics, good and evil are values determining the prism of the human mind, not the mind of millenium ancient alien gods.

The complete amorality of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods compared to the human standards is another core principle. We can not hope to judge and comprehend them with our biaised perspective, as they dont share any of our needs, aspirations, ambitions or fears.


so let's look at chaostouched cards in HEX :

- The Eldritch dreamer : The most competitively played of the lovecraftian horrors yet. The dreamer has been contacted, repeatedly in his sleep by the chants, murmurs, and prophecies of a Great Old One. Slowly, the dreamer discovers it is increasingly difficult to awake everyday, to escape the alien voice urging him to abandon humanity and to serve his godly master. When his sanity breaks, the dreamer becomes a puppet for the monstrous creature, to use around telepathically.

And the illustration of this metamorphosis is brilliant. kudos to whoever is the artist.

- Servant of Shathak : Shathak is depicted as the wife of Tsathogguav (" the Sleeper of N'kai"/ " The Whisperer in the dark " ) and the mother of Zvilpogghua, their "son".

Not much is known of Shathak herself, a bit more of her "husband" Tsathogguav, who is a toad like abomination of very large proportions, with a tentacle covered face and served by formless spawns of black sentient goo.

- Murmurs from the void : See the Eldritch dreamer ^^

- Demensia daisies : Never heard of them in the lovecraftian universe, but there are quite a few plants that try to kill you / get you crazy, either by their perfume, their branches/tentacles, or sometimes that plant seeds into your body to use as a host.

So why not laughing/mocking flowers with almost human like faces ? I love the idea.

- Spawn of Othuyeg / Ogth , GreatSpawn of Othuyeg : Now this is interresting to me, because I had never heard of Ogth. If he's an entity created by the Hex team, props, he looks amazing and the effects are on point.

But who is Othuyeg ? Othuyeg, the Doom Walker, is a Great Old One hidden deep beneath the earth, said to be a huge myriad of tentacles agglomerated to a single colossal eye. From the few foolish enough to worship him, he claims human sacrifices to sustain his thirst for life and knowledge. Appart from that, he releases his spawns by opening the ground from his subteranean lair, they pour on the surface and grab victims to bring back as a snack for their master.

Again, I can only give kudos for the illustrations of Ogth and the spawn, as the characteristic cyclopean eye of the doom walker is ever present in their portraits.

- Oculus of Azathoth /Splinter of Azathoth : " Azathoth, hideous name" once wrote lovecraft on a piece of paper, before going back to it later and giving it an unique place in the universe. Azatoth is the Stupid Blind God, he is One With the Void, The Great Daemon Sultan, the one who created the univere without thinking, or even caring.

A mass of incohated flesh, at galactic dimensions, living in another plane at the soothing sound of an alien feast where lesser Outer Gods dance and chant to keep him entertained and peacefull, he simply exists, absent minded, without a single trace of intelligence, ruling and maintaining the universe as it i by his sole existence. Should he disappear, no more void to oppose the matter and all should become chaos. Should he be moved from the Outer planes to our world, he would grow, and grow, and grow again, devouring everthing by its mass, until he is all again, and so until he is void again.

His avatar, servant and guardian, the dreaded Nyarlathotep, the Outer God with a Thousand Masks, on the other hand, is all knowing, manipulative and vastly intelligent. He is contemptfull of Azatoth and his other Outer Gods masters but will serve their every urge. An idiot blind god kept happy is a good thing for the cosmic balance it seems...

What to say about the splinter ? He looks great. Not as I would have imagined one, but great nontheless and the Oculus is a brilliant servant for the blind idiot god.

- Shoggoth : Now that's interresting. For obvious gameplay reasons, Shoggoth is unique in HEX.

But Shoggoth is not a Great Old One, or an Outer God, there are in fact countless Shoggoths, and these " shapeless assemblages of dread " are each unique in their own horrible distorded ways.

Shoggoths are minor entities ( yeah, 7/6 unblockable , 8 cost, is a minor entity... ) created by the Old Ones ( beings lesser in power than Great Old Ones, but they were up there. ) to be obedient slaves. The savage Shoggoths rebelled and exterminated most of the Old Ones before becoming suspiciously placid and obedient again without apparent reasons.

The art, again, i'm repeating myself. The rule text is awsome lore wise, because it really fits the everchanging nature of those creatures. Escaping from your hands to interrupt a card, at the cost of card disadvantage ( the shoggoth rebellion ) , then coming back anew, with reduced cost.

- The Harbinger of Hastur, the Unspeakable, Him Who Is Not To Be Named.

Hastur is the perfect exemple of how the Cthulhu mythos extended far beyong HP Lovecraft own work. From a mention in his work where Hastur could have been, a person, or maybe a town because he liked the word in Ambroise Pierce work, he became one of the most inconic entities of the mythos by the hands of following writters of the mytho.

Hastur, also called the Yellow King by his servants, is a Great Old One reverred by cults who dare not speak his name, like a really really tentacly boogeman, he could very well show up if you were to call him 3 times ( no mirror needed, agony garanteed).

Also he is presented as the rival, the half brother, as well as the arch-enemy of Greath Cthulhu himself.


Finally I guess I should, even quickly , mention the Great Cthulhu , the prominent figure of the mythos, asleep in the pacific ocean, large like a mountain, certain to drive anyone to madness by its sheer appearance, and by far the more powerfull, influant, and worshiped Great Old One on Earth.

So here we are for now. I love the subtile analogy Hex makes between the mill strategy ( not eggs, mill ) and insanity.

Chronic madness, murmurs form the void, twisted fate, fate rack... are all delicously eldritch flavored.

The chaotic and ever-evolving nature of theses creatures is totally respected in the current cards.

Spawns of Othuyeg and Ogth gain in power as madness progresses.

Murmurs of the void send back a troop on the top of the deck , the Dreamlands, before resuming it's mindwashing.

The dreamer is not really in our world anymore, trapped in said Dreamland ( which is more of a nightmare than anything else ) thus, can not be blocked.

The harbinger of Hastur is such an atrocity to confront, that your 5 best blocker with ran away tail between their legs when he'll attack.

A final time, I can only give props to the HEX team for their respect and admirable adaptation of the Cthulhu mythos in their own universe.

By the way, if any of you is more of a connaisseur that I am on the topic, please don't hesistate to point out an eventual mistake, to provide more detail on the lore and don't forget that there is not one version of the mythos, as it has been enriched so much by generations of various authors and aficionados alike.

finally, I apologize for the typo if there are some, i'm trying to correct them but I am not a native speaker so please be comprehensive

Peace :)

06-17-2015, 01:11 PM
Nicely done putting all of that in one place! Whether you know about the Cthulhu Mythos or not, this is a good summary for what's available in Hex right now. Can't wait until we get enough to make viable mill decks of just the Lovecraftian cards; can't wait for that forthcoming dungeon either. :D

06-17-2015, 02:12 PM
Thanks, I plan on updating it with each new chaostouched card coming.

Yeah, and considering how nice of a work Hex team has done making the mythos part of their own, it's bound to be awsome :D

06-21-2015, 10:44 AM
New Chaostouched this set !

Let's look at the 5th book of D'Harsis and the Chaostouched legendary :

- The Fifth Book of D'Harsis : D'Harsis is said to be one of the most powerful mages that has ever lived in the Dreamlands ;

this plane of existence where the conscience of the Great Old Ones and the subconscient of us mortals asleep in the Waking World collide. It is a realm of wonders and nightmares alike, mostly depending on the strength of the dream wanderer's mind.

In his books D'Harsis shared his secrets and forbiden spells, his knowledge of the dreamland and its inhabitants. Only one is known to still exist in the waking world, but as the card lore text says, he shall not remain alone too too long...

- Psychic Torment/Lunacy : The cyclopean eye of lunacy has me thinking it's linked to Othuyeg the Doom Wlaker again, but then, tentacles and eyes and quite the common thing for lovecraftian horrors. The relentless torment one endures when made prey by an eldritch abomination is well transcripted here, molding his mind into a sorrowfull mixture of despair and panic.

- Bastard-Spawn of Bokrug : Bokrug is a powerful Great Old One, also known as the Great Water Lizard.

He used to sleep in the depths of the Ib Lake, that bordered the human city of Sarnath.

The city inhabitants slaugthered the lake amphibian population , the Thuum'ha - servants of Bokrug- ,out of fear and disgust, and vandalized the idol of Bokrug himself.

Each year following the event, ripples at the surface of the lake indicated an evergrowing activity in the depths, until a thousand year later, for the millenium anniversary of the massacre, Bokrug finally and brutally awoke from his torpor, rose up from the water and utterly destroyed the city of Sarnath, so much as to not leave even ruins after his passage.

06-22-2015, 09:18 AM
I have a hard time figuring out when you're talking Hex and when you're inserting stuff from elsewhere.

06-22-2015, 10:15 AM
My bad, I guess I haven't made the topic self-explanatory enough.

The idea of this topic is simply to give a bit more food for thought about the chaostouched.

They are obviously inspired by the lovecratian mythology, and so I only bring in these cultural references.

So as to not confuse anyone, I precise it again: I am NOT claiming to write any part of the chaostouched HEX lore canon.

I simply have a passion for Lovecratian litterature and am very happy HEX team shares this interrest, and figured some might be curious about the chaostouched and where their inpiration came from.

So I try to give insight on the Cthulhu mythology each of the chaostouched cards of the game have been inspired by, to the extend of my knowledge.

So all decriptions and insight I give in this topic are not to be taken as HEX canon but as "where the concept of this creature originated from".

I hope this is less confusing now. :)

06-22-2015, 06:03 PM
That didn't help me. :(

I already knew you were bringing in outside stuff. I just don't know what's Hex official and what's from outside. You have no formatting or anything to help me follow. You can't assume your reader knows the Hex part.

06-22-2015, 07:16 PM
I'm sorry that it did not help you.

I said that litterally all the references made in this topic are from outside like you say.

None of the references made in the above posts are part of the HEX canon. This is the work of HEx writters and they will surely enrich this part of entrath lore when they will have the time to do so.

In the mean time I only give cultural references that are all foreign to the HEX universe (Entrath and its story), but clearly an inspiration for the creators of the game.

Like I could have said the Ijunis are clearly inspired by Ganesh, the Elephant god of the Hindu mythology for exemple.

The official HEX part for now unless I missed some more official lore-related articles from hex are the cards themselves, the lore article about the void society on HEX website and the knowledge that at some point there should be a Chaos key dungeon of some sort.

My apologies for the lack of formatting I guess.

06-23-2015, 09:39 PM
I'm not sure why Yoss is confused honestly. I mean the information that we know of the Hex versions is ON the cards, and that's very little, so most of this is straight up origin and where the cards' inspiration came from. It doesn't seem difficult to understand to ME, though perhaps I'm slightly biased as I know some basic Lovecraft myself. Still, there's some stuff here I didn't know that still seems fairly straightforward to me, so I'm not really sure what the issue is.

Yoss, until we actually get more information on Hex's Chaostouched lore, just assume this is all referencing the original Lovecraft stuff.

06-24-2015, 01:34 PM
Yeah, I have zero experience with this author's stuff, and I don't usually look too closely at the Hex lore except when threads like this summarize it.

06-25-2015, 12:56 PM
I too have been a big fan of lovecraftian mythos for as long as I can remember. Some of my fondest tabletop memories are from the call of Cthulhu role playing game. I love what hex is doing with it so far, this is why I have the eldritch dreamer art hanging on the wall over my bed. http://t.co/v48ZPVpbVo

06-30-2015, 10:19 AM
Kin of Olkoth : Olkoth, Outer God, is the God of Celestial Arcs, as far as I know, originated in a scenario of Cthulhu RPG but I could be mistaken.

He has the power to possess the body of mortals when stars are aligned in a certain fashion. Somewhat of an "antechrist" like entity, he uses divine idols, statues and other representations of faith ( be it christian, jewish, muslim, etc) to completely cross the frontier of our dimension and materialize in our world, by corrupting them ( statues will cry blood, holy books will suddenly burn, glass work in churches and the like with melt and illustrate abominations rather than the usual imagery of the faith ).

07-31-2015, 11:16 PM
Thank you Olfff for putting this together. As a lesser Lovecraft fan it's really neat seeing how the cards tie into the lore beyond the most obvious ones that I recognized. You should edit the set 3 (and future set) cards into the first post for easy reading as more accumulate.

08-07-2015, 09:09 PM
This is honestly my third time trying to write this post, with its message getting smaller and smaller each time. What I will say is that while I may not be versed in the Cthulhu mythos or a reader of Lovecraft's work (though I wouldn't mind doing some research or reading a few of his novels), I found this to be a fairly interesting read which, at the time of starting this post one hour ago, was an unexpected find at 11 PM. I will also say, though I'm starting to think some will wonder how I even managed to make any possible connections at this point, that the part about Othuyeg made me start thinking about the Elder God from the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver games.

Above all else, I might start looking at the Chaostouched with more curiosity and fascination due to this thread.