View Full Version : Shards of Fate chest rolls do not reward mercenary for three white stars

06-26-2015, 08:09 AM
Your Display Name: Malekith
Bug Description: Shards of Fate chest rolls for mercenary do not reward mercenary for three white stars
Steps to Reproduce: Roll three white stars with a shards of fate chest
Frequency: Happens 100% of the time (at least twice in my chest rolls so far.)
Additional Information:I rolled three white stars and received only a paid spin as a reward. No mercenary. I checked inventory to confirm mercenary was not rewarded. This happens with Shards of Fate chests, not Armies of Myth chests. Seems to be working for Shattered Destiny as well, I received a merc for three red stars.

Update: Three gold stars did reward Puck, so seems to be happening for white stars perhaps only. Attempting to roll more to hit three red for Shards of Fate and then will attempt to get three white for Shattered Destiny chests.

Update 2: Three white stars are rewarding Slamvolt for Shattered Destiny chests.

06-26-2015, 09:58 AM
I assume all this is on the public test realm, since you're talking about armies of myth chests? If so, you're posting in the wrong forums, and it's actually only a display issue (the items are in the database, but not being shown on the accounts right now, and it's known about by CZE). The icons and display notifications for the Wheels of Fate are still being worked on and updated on the test server, it will be displaying everything correctly both on the reward screen and in your stash when the Armies of Myth patch is released to the live servers.