View Full Version : Jankbot Tournament Question

08-26-2015, 07:39 AM
Lately I've been wondering how many people would be interested in a Jankbot tournament. I just think it would be fun to see a tournament where everybody has 150+ card decks and to study the "Jankbot Meta" to see how things go. Some of the requirements I was thinking of for the tournament is having so many of the cards be "tribal or have the same class" and also for those that don't have Jankbot it being okay if they had less than 4 jankbots in the deck as long as their cards were still 150+

Obviously such a tournament would be best if it was at least a month down the road due to Rock League and Tribal Club going on right now.

08-26-2015, 08:55 AM
If you are gonna try and host a jankbot tourney (which would be awesome) there is no reason to add additional restrictions to it. At that point you are only driving people away. It might sound cool to do jankbot 5-shard tribal league but in practice not so much.

08-26-2015, 08:58 AM
Do it! :d

08-26-2015, 09:10 AM
Good luck! I tried to run something like this one. Couldn't generate enough people, and I made some mistakes in how it was timed/structured/restricted. If you can successfully run it, I'll play.