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05-09-2016, 11:07 AM
So while lamenting the lack of a jogger ghost in the GB2 game, I thought I'd come up with my own version where you could use a proxy mini. I'm going to take a quicksilver heroclix I got for $1 and paint him up to look like the jogger.
Hopefully we'll see him in an official capacity at some point per the final KS update, though I don't think he would fit in to any other kickstarter, he was really only relevant to GB2 and would seem out of place elsewhere.

Anyways- here's my first *run* for a Jogger Ghost, I'll probably tweak things here and there once I get to playtest him. The point of him is to "herd" him in the direction you want to get him to run over an open trap.

Jogger Ghost- Class 2

To hit: 3+ / Cannot be hit with proton stream.
When hit: Jogger will move two spaces towards Ghostbuster. Movement will not continue in this direction until redirected again.
When missed: Jogger will move two spaces in random direction. Movement will continue in this direction until redirected again.
To Trap: Designate spot within LOS and place trap marker. Roll combat die. 4+ will open trap. 3- will malfunction, remove token. If jogger passes over open trap, place on character card.
Special: After placing in scenario, roll movement die to determine starting direction. Jogger will move 2 spaces in that direction after each GB turn, until re-directed by stream fire.
Push: If jogger passes through GB space, move GB 1 space away to side of path. -1 Movement slime given. (-1 Action slime if playing with GB1)
When jogger leaves map he will emerge from opposite side.

05-09-2016, 07:07 PM