View Full Version : DISCUSSION: Just watched “Red Son”

03-04-2020, 08:29 AM
I thought it was fantastic, For me certainly a multi re-watch.

I only remember skimming through the comic a few times but I never picked it up, I was never into reading Superman comics (more into Batman detective comics and JL comics) but I was always super curious. Glad they did an animated adaptation.

Political history has always been a low-key deep interest of mine as well as psychology and symbolism and this story goes far Into those rabbit holes.shareit (https://shareit.onl/) appvn (https://appvn.onl/)

I’m interested to know - How many of you guys have read the “Gulag Archipelago”? its a dark gripping read and this alternate Superman story has got me wanting to read it again and rewatch the movie. There’s a lot to pick apart and unpack, my favorite being the way extreme ideological possessions on either side can lead to astounding malevolence and Despair and how WonderWoman is used as an archetypal symbol of balance and true justice. It’s such a rich story!

I’m sure there’s things to dislike or criticize about the movie but I’m much more overwhelmed by its story telling accomplishments.

Anyone else feel this one was quite the gem of a movie?