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    Starshield doesnt prevent lethal

    Sealed tournament.

    I attacked with mecha-filk ape and my opponent blocked with the 3/3 necrotic with lethal.

    I cast starshield on my ape and the ape still died.

    Since no damage was dealt why...
  2. Expiring Auctions Causing Client Freezing

    I should preface this by saying that I'm playing Hex on a borderline-powered laptop because I've been traveling.

    However, I have no problems playing hearthstone with all its bells and whistles so...
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    Direct Currency Trading on the AH

    Is there any way we could directly list/purchase bundles of gold/plat for the other currency?

    This would streamline the process especially for f2p who wont then have to purchase a card for...
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    Fix the swiss pairings already

    Just did a swiss tournament where nobody dropped during the three rounds, so there are no excuses for this.

    I had a weak draft, and lost the first 2 rounds and got paired with someone on the 3rd...
  5. Client freezing at the end of draft before deckbuilding

    I've done a bunch of drafts since the gencon promotion has been in effect.

    At the end of each of those drafts, my client has frozen in between the last card pick and the deckbuilding phase.

  6. Suggestion/Complaint: Game must tell player of failed login more quickly

    I just did a draft tournament where the game hung right after the draft phase was over.

    I thought no problem, plenty of time to log back in and build my deck.

    I reset the client and the...
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    The price of the dukes will also depend on...

    The price of the dukes will also depend on whether or not someone can make a good deck out of them.

    Filk apes never played a role in any T1 decks.
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    They need better gold faucets for sure. My...

    They need better gold faucets for sure.

    My main complaint with rolling legendary chests is that assuming a normal 6000g/ 1 hour arena run, it takes 5 hours to acquire the gold to roll a 30,000g...
  9. Complaint: Prevent next damage this game not displayed in text

    I just lost a game where my oppoent used the coyotle hero that prevents the next instance of damage.

    Once the hero uses this ability, it does not appear on the card text unlike other temporary...
  10. Sent back to deckbuilder after 3rd game of round

    I was playing a swiss draft.

    won the first game, lost the second, then won the third game of round 1.

    Instead of being sent to the lobby, I was sent back to the deckbuilder/reserves screen. ...
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    I "KNOW" i had 7 tickets earlier this week, now...

    I "KNOW" i had 7 tickets earlier this week, now 9.

    So yeah, there is still 1 missing.
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    Question concerning legacy VIP tickets

    I purchased a year of VIP at the start of October when it was available for purchase with platinum. My VIP token in the inventory says that the program is good from 10/1/14/ to 9/26/15.

    Prior to...
  13. It is correct

    It is correct
  14. This change makes it impossible to respond to a...

    This change makes it impossible to respond to a troop summon before they sac it.

    Before I knew of the ctrl option, I once lost to a Bunoshi deck where my opponent had a spellshielded troop on...
  15. I didnt keep any statistics to back this up, but...

    I didnt keep any statistics to back this up, but my set 1 rare chests have been giving me complete garbage, like the same exact stuff I get from set 1 common chests.
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    Authenticators and Client Stablility

    Now that Authenticators are going to be available, I find myself wanting to use them but not really.

    The reason for my hesitation at using it, is the sheer number of times I am forced to restart...
  17. Brown Fox Scout text confusing/redundant

    The second sentence seems completely unnecessary and redundant with the first sentence.

    I havent played around with this so I'm not sure if there is some other...
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    Vampire Princess was also nerfed. All the...

    Vampire Princess was also nerfed.

    All the text was removed (turning actions into vampire kisses)

    A 2/3 flier with lifedrain seems pretty lame for a rare.
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    Multi-Shard Card Borders

    I find the current multi-shard card borders rather ugly mainly because they all use the same border and they do not match the actual colors of the card.

    The multi-shard cards use the same...
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    Deck Building not Proceeding

    Did a draft and after the last card of the last pack was selected, the timer on the draft stuck at 0:00.

    I reset the client and got to the deck building screen. ALL the cards from the bin were...
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    So why aren't the elves bards too?

    Now that the Bard class has been added to the game, the question that immediately comes to mind is why are all the other natural bards classified as rangers?

    The ones in particular that I am...
  22. Sadistic Castigator + Major Ruby of Intensity + Damage Effects, End of Game

    I was experimenting with a card interaction that creates a semi-infinite combo.

    I used Azurefate Sorceress gemmed with the Major Ruby of Intensity to inspire the Castigator.

    This creates the...
  23. Hero of Adamanth Gains Health on Damage

    I really have no explanation for this.

    I was playing a dwarf robot deck and every time he took damage, he instead gained tons of health. A 3/3 warbot would cause him to gain 400+ health, but a...
  24. Windows Taskbar Notifications Useless and Annoying in Full Screen

    I play in full screen mode on my small laptop, otherwise it looks terrible.

    Windowed mode is not an option on this machine.

    When I alt-tab out any previous alerts (tournament starting)...
  25. Not starting 2nd game after freeze/disconnect.

    I was playing in a swiss tournament and at the start of the first game of round 2, the game apparently froze.

    I hit alt-f4 and tried to relog.

    Initially I got a screen that said "waiting for...
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