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    Difficulty redeeming Nightsaber Cub code.


    I recently got an unscratched nightsaber cub card. I tried redeeming it using the promotion page but I keep getting an error message saying that the code is invalid. How do I go about resolving this so that I may recieve a nightsaber cub?


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    Is there no way to redeem my nightsaber cub card? I've not heard anything yet.

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    Odds are you're inputing the number incorrect. When you put the number in, are there four digits in the last box?

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    yes, there are 4 digits in the last box

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    I know from redeeming and selling a few Cubs that the 6's and 8's can sometimes look really similar, too, especially if the scratch didn't come off cleanly.

    Are you getting an error that says the code was redeemed already, or is it simply saying invalid code?

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    Luke - Fill out the request form here -> with details on the issues you've noted in this thread and we will look into it. Thanks.

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