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    Question Trying to take the L1 test


    Yesterday I signed up to take the L1 test, and I registered and it said I would recieve an e-mail immediately. I've been waiting patiently untill now and so far haven't recieved an e-mail. When I try to log in it says that an email should have been sent to my email adress, and I checked it several times, it is the correct email adress. I need this e-mail to complete my registration in order to take the L1 test. Is there a bug or do I have to wait longer? Not sure who to contact for this so I'm asking here instead.


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    Considering it is a holiday weekend you will likely have to wait a bit longer than usual.
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    Still haven't recieved anything yet, anyone that could help out? Thanks in advanced.

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    I know I had some issues with my mail client not recieving it.
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    PM me your name, the username you registered with, and your CZE number please
    Jennifer Dery

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    I m having the same problem , i haven`t recieved the confirmation mail and i cant login with a friendīs account .
    Is there any other way to make the L1 test , cause my friend just oppened a store an we need a judge to play officialy.

    Thank you
    Pd: I am from argentina.

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    PM me your name, the username you registered with on the test site, and your CZE number please

    Please never, ever, ever log into the test site with someone else's account.
    Jennifer Dery

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