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    I've created a VASSAL module for Gamers vs. Evil. Are there any spoilers you'd like me to blank on the cards before I post it, to make it harder to play for people without a copy?

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    Dude, get it online ASAP! lol I have been planning to make one myself, but I couldn't find JPEGs of all the cards, I don't own the game yet myself, the friend I have that DOES own it didn't want to scan that many cards for me, and the moderators on here told me there's no visual spoiler anywhere (again because of the huge number of cards).

    In other words, Kudos to you to getting done what I was unable to accomplish (assuming you're using the ACTUAL cards in the module and not just crappy text/msPaint art like the Quarriors module).

    I want to play Penny Arcade on Vassal. Upload it sooooooooooooooooooon! lol (I'm leaving for work in a couple minutes, I expect to play this when I get home this evening! lol)

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    I'm not uploading anything without Crypto approval, sorry :\

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    have you sent them a message directly yet, or only this thread? I'd suggest sending them a private message to ask permission.

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    ok, what gives?! Right now, this very second, on Vassal under the "server Status" setting, I see "Penny Arcade: Gamers VS Evil" with one person logged in to play... (Austin Sumigray)... but on I can't find it listed anywhere to download....

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    Now there are THREE people logged into the Penny Arcade module, but I STILL don't see it for download anywhere! Is this your module, Nodal? I desperately want to play it!

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    It is his module. He's distributed it only to three close friends, all of whom bought the game at PAX and live far apart from each other, so we can continue to play. Since there has been no word from Cryptozoic, I wouldn't count on him releasing it in public.

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