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    Valid Play? Natural Twenty Questions.

    Hey all. First I just want to say that I'm loving this game so far. I purchased it this week, and my friends and I can't get enough of it. But I'm hoping to get some insight on whether this game-ending play I made was valid. This was during a 4-player game

    On my turn I had a hand of 7 cards (had Kreazie, so I got the bonus for buying one of each red/green the previous hand). My hand consisted of the Heat-seeking Missile-toe boss loot, 2 merch's, and 4 Natural Twenties.

    So I play HSMT first. Roll a 15, each opponent randomly revealed a card, all 3 of which were red cards. Since HSMT gives me +3 tokens per red card, that gave me +9. So I decided to play all 4 Natural Twenty cards. 9x2 = 18x2 = 36x2 = 72x2 = 144 tokens. Add the merch's, 148. This let me buy the remaining 7 green boss cards, plus the lvl 3 card, ending the game. With the rest of my victory points I ended up winning with 84 points, the next highest player having around 42.

    So I'm wondering if this play was valid? We had some questions about how the card reveals would be done randomly. Ultimately we agreed that the other 3 players would shuffle their current hands, and randomly select a face-down card from their hand. This, fortunately enough for me, gave me the 9 tokens. This led us all to believe that the HSMT card was ultimately worth 9.

    So was this done correctly? If so then this was EXTREMELY lucky of me, and definitely earned me the rightful scorn of my friends for the remainder of the night.

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    A one in a million hand deserves a one in a million turn. Natural Twenty will keep doubling the effects, so you did it right.

    Also, that is the correct method of randomly revealing cards.
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    HA! Thats amazing. Love it.

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