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    Couple of Questions please!!!

    Ok so i bought this game about a week ago along with Food Fight and Walking Dead and must say I'm in love with these games , can't wait for the WoW deck building game.

    1) "If the blue challenge is overcome and none of your opponents played any blue cards,you also earn the second place reward" - so what happens if I play this card per say on a black challenge?

    2)"If this is the only 1 played on this ( ) challenge , score the top card of the strength deck" - could you clarify this card for me please?

    3) On The Money Combo - after revealing the cards and i have fulfilled the requirements for this card how do we go about when i steal the key? I.E. I'm the last player ( starting from the player with the lock )

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    1. Nothing, as it says that the effect happens "during a Blue Challenge." The rule to remember is that cards that don't match the color of the current Challenge are blank.

    2. Say you play this 1 value card face down during the appropriate color Challenge. Your opponents play a 3 and a 4-4-4. When the cards are revealed, you played the only card with a value of 1, so you add the top card of the Strength deck to your score pile.

    3. You resolve combos, score the Challenge and 2nd Place, and any other post-Challenge effects in player order from the Lock. So if you are last in the initiative, you steal someone's key after everyone else has resolved all of their effects.

    Glad you like the games!
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