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    promos for sale?

    Any plans to put Penny Arcade promos (Fruit f***er, the pax geek or whatever it was called, and the little kids that get to go first) up for sale in the online shop? I know Ascension sells all their promos on their website several months after each promo comes out. Was wondering if you guys will be doing the same sort of thing, or if my chance to get those promos is now gone.

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    In the Champion forum it was indicated that they want to come up with a way for players who have already bought the game to get the promo cards rather than buy an entirely new copy from the store. The particulars are not yet ironed out.

    The Younglings card, though, is gone. All of those were given out already and you'd need to track down someone who attended that convention to sell/trade you that one.
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    Not to be facetious, but how is it possible for a card to be "gone"? What's stopping them from printing more of all of the above and selling them in a booster pack type of thing?

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    +1 to Clavaat.

    That's what Ascension does. When they run out of a promo card, they print more to be sold on their site.

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    You're functioning under the assumption that they want to sell said promotion, rather than use them as incentives to come to their events.

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    But that's kind of the point, why can't they do both? As sivartalappes stated, Ascension does it, and I'm fairly certain most other TCG's make them available somehow. They should understand people cannot attend every event. I live on the East Coast, so going to PAX Prime is just not worth the money for 1 promo card. Besides, Mike and Jerry are very knowledgeable of their fan-base. I'm fairly certain they would want people who simply can't make it to every event to have access to these cards. Otherwise, it feels like we're missing out on the full game.

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    Yeah... The way Gary Games does it for Ascension, is that they have the exclusive promos at events that you can only get at the event. Then, the post those promos online for sale like 3-6 months later.

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    Since this is a house game if you sleeve your cards could you not put a proxy of those promo cards in the mix? Maybe this sounds shady but if it was a give away at an event to get people to thier booth I think it's reasonable for those people already so on board with thier game/games to use stuff to help enjoy thier product more so if there is on option to get the cards from the company the self.

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    Not a bad idea, but 2 problems:
    1. At least 3 promo cards are Heroes, which are jumbo-sized cards. As far as I know, they do not make backed sleeves for those (maybe I'm wrong).

    2. I do not believe anyone has put up pics of all the boss loots for FFP (trust me, I've looked XD).

    I would totally do this though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clavaat View Post
    2. I do not believe anyone has put up pics of all the boss loots for FFP (trust me, I've looked XD).

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