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    First Turn Choices: Line-Up #3

    Your opening hand contains 5 Punches. This hand produces 5 Power this turn. Depending on the Super Hero that you are, what would you take from the Line-up? #3

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    Swamp Thing.

    While 5VP can get out of hand with green arrow, things escalate quickly with swamp and locations and it's important to gamble on a +5 power on turn 1 if you can do it.

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    Batman - Bat Signal all day
    GL - Probably High Tech hero and Two-Face
    Flash - Same as GL
    Go Fish

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    I'm going with Green Arrow since I'll likely be buying plenty of heroes during the course of the game.

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    Depends. Am I sitting to the left or right of Nathaniel ?
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    The bat Signal is a great card, there are so many different heroes to help all the decks, getting the bat Signal will consistently help out long down the road, as well as your odds of getting a hero next time around is good.

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    I'll go with Green arrow, because it's amazingly cheap for the vp it's worth. (compared to buying super villians) and the +2 will help you buy those other 5 cost cards sooner then buying a bat signal would. Even though I really like bat signal. This is one of those where I would sign and just buy the green arrow. Hoping noone else has 5 power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by houjix View Post
    Batman - Bat Signal all day
    GL - Probably High Tech hero and Two-Face
    Flash - Same as GL
    These were my exact choices as well, but Bat Signal is very tempting. I like Swamp Thing, but there's too much other good stuff for me to go for him.
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    What character are you? Who else is playing? What is their character and where are they sitting in relation to you?

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    Nine times out of ten, regardless of the character I'm playing, I'll go with Green Arrow. Those 5 VP cards often determine the winner and snagging one early can allow you time to fill your Hero quota. Plus, even if you are a Villain or Equipment focused character, some of those Heroes are dead useful for maximizing your deck's effectiveness.

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