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    Where's the Martian Manhunter?

    I have been badgering my local game store for over a month about my copy of the DC deck-building game. I finally got a Manhunter. They said they didn't know about any promotion. Is there another way I can get one?

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    I think stores only got the promotions if they (and their Champ) signed up for the promos/demos.

    Best bet would be to find out where the nearest store with a Champ is to you and hope they're not out of them.

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    My local shop didn't get them in with the initial shipment either, but eventually received a few. They were intended to be given out with Game Day events on the release. Neither the game, nor our promos, arrived for the day that was supposed to occur thanks to the delivery company.

    Promos like these are always a problem for game shops when they're sent through distributors. If you've ever been to a warehouse I'm sure you can imagine why. Either they put the promos in a small box on the shelf where the picker knows to grab them (which doesn't always happen) or the fellow in the office has them and has to somehow know what goes where once the boxes have already been picked and loaded with packing peanuts.

    I wish I had a better answer, but at the moment the best way to find the promos is to check local shops and possibly keep pestering the shop in which you bought it? I've been able to get promo cards for other games by asking nicely and making another purchase as I'd already bought the game they expanded.
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    I called every store in the Great Vancouver area and none received any of the promotional cards and the website has been sold out so I had to get the game without. Sucks!

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    We have extended the DC Game Day events. Here's how your local hobby store can sign up to host one and receive the Martian Manhunter Promo Cards:

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